Do You Vacum??

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  1. Sorry for the random question. I continued to vacum throughout my singleton pregnancy with no issues, but keep hearing that its really bad. I'm 17 weeks with twins and wondered what all of your are doing or have done. I'm going to ask at my next OB appt on Tuesday.


  2. I am 22 weeks and still vacuuming. Let's face it,,,,,the thing doesn't run itself over the floors. I think when we are told to restrict certain movements that will be one of them but for now, I take it pretty easy when vacuuming. I too should ask though just in case. I did it right up until the night I went into labor with my singleton. Actually, that day I scrubbed all the floors in my house by hand.


  3. I'm 19 weeks, and I haven't vacuumed since the transfer day. My DH or my Dad do it for me I have a really heavy Kirby vacuum cleaner, and I don't think the fact that all men see dust differently than us is worth enough to make me risk my pregnancy

  4. I stopped doing pretty much everything like that the day of my tx too. I just act like I'm on light duty. Terrified of what could happen since I have gone through so many m/c.

  5. Oh no, I vacuum all the time; I didn't realize it was a no-no! I do vacuum really lightly though and I take my sweet time and don't stretch myself too much! We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I work from home, so I can't see me stopping. We also have a central vac, so it's not like I'm lugging a big machine around...just the hose and sometimes the front part.

  6. Hi kalerante~ ha, I have you beat,,,,,,,,5 cats and 1 130 lb dog who sheds like a S.O.B. I'll cry if they tell me I can't vaccuum. I will say though, if I had any complications this pg or past, I'd do NOTHING questionable.

  7. last dog we had shed like mad, chow mix so when he passed away and we were ready for another dog we got a goldendoodle. no shedding. the only hair I ever find of his is if my ds has stepped on his tail by accident and a strand or two has been pulled out as he escapes from under my sons shoe. For now my DH vacuums. jane

  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. We are a pet household too - 4 cats! Vacuming is just one of those things that makes me feel like I'm somewhat in control of how my house looks. Dusting and other stuff I don't care about, but I need to have the place vacumed. I'll follow up after I ask my OB on Tuesday. I have a pretty heavy Dyson, but DH carries it around for me - up and down stairs, etc. I usually just do one room at a time and then take a break. We'll see -


  9. Vacuuming is absolutely fine. You should be wary of lifting heavy items when pregnant.

    I have a dyson too and vacuum every week since we have 2 dogs. I do not have an stairs so no need to lift the vacuum up and down any stairs.

  10. lol looks like you guys are all pet lovers too! We have a golden retriever and a lab and they shed like crazy! Thinking of getting a Furminator (sp?) before the babies come!

  11. okay, asked my dr about this today and his thought was as long as there isn't any heavy lifting involved and I take it easy, this should be no problem. Just slow down the pace for sure. He also advised against sex. He said first to avoid ptl that if we were having intercourse to make it quick and easy. I told him my dh won't think of coming near me since he saw the babies on u/s. He told me I have a very wise husband and the sacrafice is little compared to the end result.

    Just some info,

  12. Thanks for sharing the info Susan. My OB told me today that my only restriction at this point is not to lift over 25 pounds and to take it easy if I feel uncomfortable with anything. She said I will naturally feel when I need to slow down over the coming weeks/months, but in the meantime vacuming in and of itself shouldn't be a problem.


  13. I haven't vaccumed since before starting this cycle but I have had a lot of problems for the 20 weeks so far of my pregnancy: spotting, SCH, high blood pressure, and severe early iugr with one baby.

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