Do you take PIO *and* Estrogen during 2WW?

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  1. This is what I do:

    4 vivelle patches(change every 3 days)

    2mg oral estrace twice a day

    400mg progesterone suppositories twice a day

    1cc pio in evening

    1 baby aspirin as well as a shot of lovenox , folgard 2x a day, calcium 2x a day and a prenatal.



  2. Couldn't really answer the poll properly since it was not multiple choice and there was no option for BOTH.

    I take progesterone suppositories AND estrace pills.

  3. prog. suppos, prog. shot (IM)and estrace pill for me.

  4. 4 Vivelle patches every other day
    2 mL PIO nightly
    81 mg baby asprin daily
    Prenantal vitamin daily

  5. The poll does not provide for two or more:

    2mg estrace three times per day
    prometrium 100mg three times per day
    81mg Aspirin
    folic acid
    prenatal vitamins
    calcium 1000mg

  6. where is the BOTH answer? I had PIO and E supps.

  7. Where is the all answer? lol

    pio 1ml
    endometrin 100mg twice a day
    estrace 2mg twice a day
    vivelle dots 2 every two days
    baby asprin once a day
    metformin 1500mg a day
    prenatal vitamins

  8. yes, I take both prometrium + estrogen vaginal suppositories AND PIO shots until the beta.

  9. There was no option for both in the poll... I am on PIO and estrogen during 2ww

  10. I'm on Crinone 8% once in the morning and 2mg of Estrace twice a day.

    Someone mentioned earlier, and I agree, that when estrogen lowers drastically after we stop taking stim meds, it's not that good on uterus. Due to this issue I always spot and get af 3-4 days before beta. This time I demanded Estrace because while I did my estrogen priming on it, it was the first time that I did not have pre-af spotting.

    Now I'm just wondering if Crinone once a day is enough?

  11. I'm on both Crinone 8% and Estrace during 2ww. I'm also taking baby aspirin and prenatals.

    today, (1DP5dt) was my last day of medrol.

  12. i am taking a special compounded form of prog in oil every 3rd day along with endometrin 3x/day.

  13. I take progesterone supps twice a day and estrace 6mg, once a day.

  14. i take 1cc of pio daily along with 2mg estrace twice a day.

  15. no option for both in the poll

    I\'m on 1.5cc of PIO and 2mg of estrace 3x/day

  16. No option in poll for FET vs Fresh

    For FET, est patches and PIO.

    For Fresh, have done both PIO only and estrace/prog suppositories

  17. this is the first time I have taken both PIO and an estrogen suppository during 2ww (in the past it's been PIO only). I am now 6dp3dt and just started having hot flashes - last night and today.

    anyone have similar experience?
    is this from estrogen?

  18. I did Natural FET. I haven`t done fresh before because of OHSS I had. I was taking HCG 5000 shot in two days interval for three times starting from the first day of transfered and am pregnant for 6 weeks now.

  19. Lina 123- Congrats! Can I ask you a question? I did natural FET too. Fresh cycle was canceled due to concern of OHSS. So did you have any symptoms during the 2ww? I don't really have anything. kind of nervous now. test date is 5/2. Counting...

    Thank you!

  20. Hello ahk07,

    So sorry for not been able to reply in time, I have not been here since, I am sorry my dear .
    Well in brief, I have done twice FET. The first one was 3dt (4cell)1 embryo-BFN.
    I didnt wait for long and did the second one on my next circle since I ovulate every month and also believed that at least my uterus has sensed something not long ago so it might not reject it again.<br /><br />The first one, I had cramping just like AF from the first day of the transfer and stopped at three days time. Started again in two days later as on and off. spotting pink at 3dpt, headache, No swollen breast,- BFN. <br /><br />The second one, they thawed the embies a day bofore the transfered to extend the cells. 8 to 16 cells at the time of transfered, 2 embies. <br />I felt nothing from the begining, no cramping, no spotting pink. I started feeling symptoms at 8dpt. Stomachache, Swollen breast with vains and pain, spotting small brown at 12dpt, bloated and weak. BFP. <br /><br />Please dont rely on this and hurt yourselve since everybody is different. I was worried too when I was not getting any sign in the begining comparing to my first one. I know is hard but think positive and figures accross. The God who put laughter on my mouth surely will do the same to you Amen. Hug you!

  21. Thank you so much NAHDAENG!!! I really appreciate all those details. This is my first FET. They transfered 1x8cells and 1x 6 cells. Tomorrow is beta day. Still no signs. I only got slightly inflated breast and nothing else. I feel pretty calm and happy though. Are you on any meds with the natural FET? My RE put me on some pills after transfer just trying to be on the safe side. Thank you for your blessings. BIG Hug!

  22. ahk07 - I was given HCG 5000 shot x 3. In all I took 15000 HCG shot.

    HCG 5000 shot - first day after the transfered
    HCG 5000 shot - three days later after the transfered
    HCG 5000 shot - five days later after the transfered

    I don't know why but I have right ovarian cyst.

    Good luck of dust

  23. I took all 4 of the above for this FET cycle. Estrogen patches the month leading up to transfer. Then PIO only at first, twice a day. Then suppository in the am and PIO pm. Then estrogen pills added day of transfer due to low estrogen levels.

  24. I'm doing 1 ml PIO every night. + 0.2 ml Estradiol valerate every 3rd day. Plus 1 progesterone suppository nightly.

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