Do you take PIO *and* Estrogen during 2WW?

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  1. I am on all of the above so I didn't vote since my answer isn't there. I thought I would just post it.

    estrogen patches - 4 switching to new patches every other day
    estrogen pill - 1 at night as a suppository
    progesterone suppositories - 3 x per day
    PIO - 1cc/day (at night)

    6dpfet (5dt)

  2. I'm on PIO, once a day in the morning (1cc) and starting tomorrow i'll be starting the estrace, 2mg twice a day.

  3. oh my stars ladies you are freaking me out. I'm taking neither.

    I'm in Japan, got a shot in the arm the day of the transfer, assuming it was PIO but actually, now that I think about it, I just assumed and didn't ask.

    Since then I'm on pills, but I have very little clue as to what they do:

    So, really freaked out here. I know every women/clinic is different but sometimes I wish I weren't in Japan but somewhere where I could at least relate to other people's treatment.

    NEWS: I looked up my drugs online and one is a kind of progesterone: lutoral. So, maybe my protocol isn't so bizarre. Will I always be this crazy, or is it just the 2ww?

  4. i am taking pio daily injections 1.5
    delestrogen injections twice per week .3
    progesterone suppositories 200 mg, twice per day
    folic acid, baby aspirin and pre natal vitamins

  5. isabel,
    I lived in Japan for 10 years and I share your thoughts.
    They do things (from medical to education to whatever) so differently it really freaked me out. I never got used to it.
    Hope you have a good dictionary on hand!

    Thankfully I'm doing IVF in NYC. RE prescribed me 1cc PIO shots every day.

  6. I take 1.5 cc PIO every night and 2 mg Estrace three times a day.

  7. I'm taking both PIO 1cc and estradiol .5mg I've heard about side effects but so far I've only experienced bloating.

  8. I do PIO 1cc each day and estrace 2mg twice per day by mouth.

  9. I can't reply to the poll because there are not any options for my meds!

    I take 1 CC of Progesterone in Oil injections nightly, and 1 CC of Delestrogen injections TWICE per week.

    If this pregnancy sticks, I will be on both meds through most of the first trimester.

    Oh, and I also take daily Lovenox injections, and low dose 81 mg aspirin.

  10. I agree with intsemba there is no option for both estogen and pio. I take PIO shots twice a week and also I take PIO pills and one pill of estrogen daily.

  11. I only take PIO - 1cc every night. If I am tested BFP, I will have to continue this til I am 12 weeks preg.

  12. I also do PIO 1cc every evening.

  13. I can't respond to poll either...I do both

    I take 1 cc PIO and estrace 2 times daily vaginally (TMI)

  14. I take 2cc PIO every night and 2 estrogen patches(Vivelle Dots) every other day

  15. I do crinone gel 2 times a day and 2 Vivelle patches every other day.

  16. I take PIO shots and Estrace 6x per day.

  17. My 2ww...and after my beta...protocol is/was:

    Estrogen patch every 3 days
    PIO every morning (1cc)
    Prog. supp. every night

  18. I take 1cc of PIO and 2mgs of Estrace 2x a day.

  19. I take pio 1 cc nightly
    prometrium supp 2 in am; 2 in pm
    estrace supp 1 pm
    viville patches 2 every other day

  20. I did a FET

    vivelle patch change 2x a week
    2mg estrace 3x a day
    100mg pio 1x a day
    200mg prog supps 3 x a day

  21. I started PIo 1cc nightly and 3 patches every 72 hours

  22. Didn't know how to answer the poll....I take the following:

    Vaginal Estrace - 2mg 2xday
    PIO - 1.5 units daily
    Patches (Climara) - 2 patches changed out every 3 days

  23. Not sure how to answer either. During the first 7 days after retrieval, I only take pio shots. Then at my Re's clinic, we take a blood test 8 days post transfer to check progesterone and estradiol levels. If anything is off, then an adjustment is made. This time I showed low estradiol levels and had to add estrace. Unfortunately I'm certain I have a bfn cause I poas'd the last 2 days and both times was bfn. Makes me wonder if I should have been taking estrace or patches starting after the retrieval.....

    Good luck all.

  24. I didnt poll either heres my protocol..

    1cc of PIO 2 days before ET, continue
    3dp5dt-started the estrogen patch, change every 4 days
    beta <2 - no booster
    4dp5dt-start Estrace 3x a day. dissolve under tongue

    7dp5dt-redo BW and beta to see if 2500 booster is needed

  25. I can't do the poll as I am on 6 mg Estrofem (1 pill 3x a day) and I take Utrogestan suppositories (2 pills 3x a day).

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