Do you take PIO *and* Estrogen during 2WW?

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  1. Do you take PIO or suppositories? How much of each or either ?
    Do you take estrogen pills or patch ?
    How much ?
    I will answer, too......

    1MG each (2 patches, change every other day) and PIO 1cc a day then four suppositories a day after the day after transfer.
    seems like a LOT

  2. I am on 2mg of Estrace and am using Crinone Prog. Gel twice daily and had a Prog. inject the day of transfer and another inject 5 days after transfer.

  3. I do 1mg of Estrace 2 times daily, 1 vivelle patch everyother day and 1 cc PIO every day. TUF

  4. 1cc PIO every night & 6 vivelle dot patches changed every other day.

  5. Hi All,
    I do 1cc progesterone daily and 3 vivelle patches changed every third day. Does anyone know what the patches do? I know it is estrogen, but what does estrogen do? The progesterone makes the lining thick enough to support the pregnancy, but I'm not sure what the estrogen does. I was only doing one patch every three days, but after my positive beta they increased it to three. Well anyways, have a great day. Pamela

  6. pio only 1cc/50mg daily

  7. Progesterone suppositories (prometrium) 200mg 2x a day, plus 1 vivelle patch changed every 3 days.

    prasinos - estrogen patches can be used to help the lining, they are also used to stop estrogen levels from dropping too fast after ER, as too sudden a estrogen drop can cause AF to come. (After my first failed IUI and first failed IVF, AF came full flow several days before Beta. I've since done 4 IVF cycles (2 BFN, I bfp but m/c, 1 in 2ww) with the patches and AF doesn't come until after I remove the last patch)

    Hope that helps,


  8. I asked my RE about estrogen patches and he said he doesn't believe in them (???), so I am on PIO 1cc/50mg in the am and 8% crinone gel in the pm. I HATE the shots, but my RE won't switch me to just cream/gel/suppositories b/c he says the shots are the "gold standard" of prog. I would give anything to take something else...................

  9. With fresh cycles, I've only done PIO (1cc). With FETs, it's PIO (1-1.5cc) and estrace pills.

    My hat is off to those of you with more complicated routines.


  10. I take PIO and estrogen pills, I was unable to mark both of those on the poll so I thought I would just write in.

  11. I take 1cc PIO 2 suppositories of progesteron and 2 estrogen pills a day. I was unable to mark all three so i thought i would just post.


  12. My PIO is 50mg and my suppostitories are 100mg each


  13. 1cc PIO in the evenings
    progesterone suppositories in the mornings

    and for my last cycle I ended up on Estrace as well when my E2 started to drop too quickly...

  14. My answer is "yes" I take PIO shot once at night, and estrace tablet 2 x a day.

    by the way the poll doesn't allow you to answer "yes" if you take both....

  15. pio prog suppositories and 6 estrace 2 mg tabs a day. MOODYYY 29

  16. I take PIO shots and Estrogen shots.

  17. I take the dreaded PIO and Esg Patch

  18. I have always done PIO shots daily from day of ER till BFN...this cycle my RE is also having me use Crinone every night in addition to the PIO.... we will see if it makes a difference in the outcome...

  19. I took PIOs and estrogen patches. Now I'm on PIOs only.

  20. Progesterone supps (microdose, 200 mg) 3x a day and Estrogen (Estrace) by mouth twice a day.

  21. I am on estrace twice a day - pill
    Progesterone THREE times per day - vaginal inserts - LOVELY

  22. I am allergic to PIO so I take crinone gel once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. and 200mg of prometrium 4x a day. I have to wear a watch with an alarm since I am taking some form of progesterone every 3 waking hours.

  23. I am on estrogen patches 2 patches every other day. Estrace 1 tablet at bedtime and progesterone vaginally 3x a day.

  24. I'm on 2 estrogen patches every other day (which has decreased from 3 patches then to four patches, then to two), one estrace pill vaginally every other day and 1cc of PIO every evening. Beta is tomorrow...I'm going to THROW UP FROM BEING SO NERVOUS!!!

  25. I'm on both. Currently on 1 cc of pio, 0.5 mg estrace pills 2 x a day and 4 patches (estraderm) every other day. Depending on my hormone levels tomorrow i may have delestrogen shots added but dont know yet.


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