Do you like the name Kellan?

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  1. I'm having twin boys soon. I'm thinking of naming them Ian and Kellan. Our last name is Keys. Any thoughts? Too much "K" sound in Kellan Keyes? Does Kellan sound like a girl's name.

    Would Christian be a better choice than Ian? Again the "K" sound might be overwhelming.

    I welcome your input.

  2. I love the name Kellan. Our neighbors had twin boys named Kellan and Cooper. I think it's becoming trendy but not too much - I say go for it! Great name, and it doesn't seem like a girl name at all!

  3. Do you pronounce this as "Kell in" or "Keel in"?

  4. Personally I think the Irish sounding and faux Irish names are way overdone, but Ian is a lovely name.

  5. Ian is lovely. Kellan is not a good sibling name because it sounds too much like Ian and your last name. It isn't a very good stylistic match, either. I would find something that doesn't have 2 syllables and that N sound on the end or else you'll forever be tripping on which one is which.

    Ian and Seth
    Ian and Patrick
    Ian and James
    Ian and Marcus
    Ian and Robert
    Ian and Oliver
    Ian and Alexander
    Ian and Charles

  6. I like Kellan, but to me it's sounds like a unisex name. I am not crazy about it with your last name.

  7. I don't like Kellan

  8. I don't know. It's just OK for me. It's nice sounding and all, but it seems a little "made-up". As opposed to Ian, which I think of as a nice, solid, classic name. I had a massive crush (unrequited) on a boy named Ian in high school, so I suppose I have a little fondness for it.

    "Ian and Kellan" reminds me of that old English actor Ian McKellan.

    I like niki.v's suggestions to go with Ian. Also


  9. i thought the same thing chamara thought about the actor. and i don't like made up names at all. christian sounds nice with your last name. could you do ian and christian?

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