do you have to pay for cancellations?

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  1. I have not yet started ivf. I notice that each dr has his own cancellation rate. If your dr cancels your cycle for whatever reason, do you still have to pay for that cycle?

  2. In my experience you have to pay for the portion of the cycle you have completed. I was cancelled half way through a cycle in July and they deducted the cost of the monitoring ultrasounds and bloodwork that I had completed up to that point.

  3. I was canceled on day 8 of the cycle and it cost $2200.00. I was confused on how a sono/bloodwork would cost that much especially since they changed my insurance a few of those sonos?? I asked for a itemized bill. I have yet to recieve it but I havent been pressng for it.

    The office actually called us the day before my retrieval (the following IVF cycle) and told me I needed to pay or I would not be able to continue!! I put up with it becasue the Dr./nurses are amazing, he just has front office issues!

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