Disney World - stroller rental or bring a BOB?

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  1. We are going to Disney World this summer and I'm wondering whether to bring my double BOB for the twins (they will be 3) or to rent a double stroller there. Do I need to worry about theft if I bring my own? Are there long lines to rent? It would save money to bring the BOB but I wonder if it is a lot more convenient to rent... We are going for a week and will spend about 3-4 days in the parks and just relax at the pool the other days (staying at a condo offsite). We very rarely use a stroller anymore but I know it will be essential in the parks.


  2. I am not sure what the BOB stroller is, but here is my take on strollers at Disney.....they are a MUST! We have a 5 and almost 4 year old and they sit in the stroller most of the time at Disney. It's HOT and LOTS of walking. Even when we are just hanging out at the resort, we still use the stroller. It is much faster and easier to get everyone to the pool or other areas at the resort with the stroller.

    HOwever, I am not familiar with the BOB stroller. We have a side by side umbrella stroller. This one... lnt.com/show_product/24328/?utm_source=googleaffiliate&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_term=24328

    We purchased this stroller just for day outings such as Disney. The reason we chose this stroller is because it folds up very compact and easily fits on the trams and buses at Disney. I am not sure how you plan on getting to the parks, but if you drive and park your car, you will have to take a tram from the parking lot to the transportion center. You will need to fold up the stroller to get on the tram. You can then unfold the stroller and you can push it right on the monorails.

    If you take the Disney Buses, you will need to fold up the stroller to get on the bus. It may not seem like a big deal....but it is! You will need to empty out the stroller, hold on to all your bags while making sure the kids get on the bus safely. This is why it is important to have a stroller that folds down easily, is compact, and lightweight. Even with DH helping, it is still an ordeal at times....even with our great stroller!

    Once in the gates at the Magic Kingdom the only other time I can think of where you will have to fold it all up is if you take the train...which is a must for my kids I am not sure about the other parks as I haven't been to them in a while.

    We've taken our stroller many times to the magic kingdom and we've never had an issue with anyone stealing it. However, I have heard of people having their rental strollers stolen. Since they are so expensive to rent, people will just grab one and go. So, I would be hesitant about leaving any personal items in the rental stroller. All you have to do is go back to guest relations and they will assign you a new stroller (if there are any available). There are usually very long lines to get your rental stroller at certain times of the day. We never rented one, but our good friends did and even though they reserved one online, they still had to wait in a long line.

    If we didn't have a stroller that folded so nicely and was lightweight, I am sure we would rent one. We went to Disney a few times with our old double stroller and it was a nightmare!!! It barely fit on the tram and my poor DH struggled with it every time.

    Have fun at Disney!!!!!


  3. I've rented one twice. I want to buy one. I love the Disney strollers. They are so smooth and turn on a dime.

    If you do rent one be sure to bring some bright colored bandana or fabric to tie to the handle so you can tell which one is yours. There is a sea of them at the entrance to every ride and it's hard to find yours.

    Get to the park 30 minutes before it opens so you are right up front. When they open go directly to stroller rental and the line will be short.

    The nature of the stroller's design and the way the kids sit in them makes their legs fall open especially when sleeping. Be sure to put sunscreen on their inner thighs all the way up to their underwear. Can't tell you the number of kids I see asleep all spread eagle and I'm afraid their little thighs are going to get charred and ruin their vacation.

  4. We rented when we went. I had subscribed to the Tour Guide Mike website and learned that at Magic Kingdom, you can pick up strollers at different locations in the park (where the train stops). We just took the paper with our name and all of our belongings out of the stroller, rode the train to different lands and just picked up a new stroller without having to ride back to where we started.

    The disney strollers are really easy to move and turn.


    Forgot to mention that if you ask for a "length of stay" rental you save some money compared to renting everyday. You get tickets and it makes getting the stroller faster.

  5. For those that have rented Disney strollers, is there much storage in them?


  6. When we do Disney we bring an umbrella style stoller for each kid. We find it easier than a double. I actually bought 2 McClaren Volo strollers for our first trip to Disney (kids 3 & 5) and it worked great. We liked having 2 singles as it was much easier to get thru crowds or into restaurants, etc. We would usually just pull the stroller up to the table at the eating places in the parks and many of those places were tight on space. We like having our own stroller so we can use it outside of the park and lightweight and small is a must for when you need to hop a bus, etc.


  7. Storage - they have a mesh bag between the handles that seems to hold quite a bit. There's a built in mesh cup holder thingy, too. The canopy is pretty deep but I do see people bringing pieces of lightweight fabric and binder clips to make a drop down shade to block the sun from their kids.

  8. We went to Disneyland last August when my twins were 3.5 years and wouldn't have survived without a stroller. Can't imagine trying to pull a 3.5 year old through the crowds. We took two single umbrella strollers because of the ease of navigating a single stroller and the ease of folding them up.

    We are planning to go to Disneyworld in November and will do the same thing. Would rather save those $$ of renting a stroller to spend on something else.

  9. As others have said you definitely need a stroller and I wouldn't bring BOB. It will be too unwieldy if you need to fold it up. I bring a lightweight Maclaren myself simply because we go a lot and I find it too expensive to rent one so frequently. It does make it easier when you bring your own to find it outside of rides.

  10. We bought a side by side Combi that we have used for our Disney trips the past 3 years. Folds great and paid for itself in saved rental fees with the first visit. I would think a BOB would be a PITA on Disney transportation. If you are staying at a Monorail hotel and only planning on doing Magic Kingdom and Epcot, it would be fine because you can just roll it on the monorail.

  11. Thank you for the great info! I will rule out bringing the BOB, sound like it would be a big hassle.

    ngoxuan2105 - thanks for all the tips!

    lykartem - great ideas on the bandanna and sunscreen for the inner thighs

    mlr - that website sounds useful, may be worth subscribing

    Maria_N and nedime - 2 single strollers sound handy too, and doable

    michelle - sounds like the BOB would definitely be too much of a pain

    nan - we are staying at a condo and renting a car so it will be a lot of on and off different types of transportation

    Thanks all!


  12. Okay, So we brought our BOB both times we have gone with DD and I wouldn't do it any other way. I mean the BOB is such a great stroller, easy to push, turns on a dime, etc. It seems that I saw a lot of people struggling with the Disney strollers up hills. We never waited in lines to pick up our stroller since we just brought ours, we didn't have to sort through 100 look a likes to find our stroller. It was no big deal with DH and I to take the stroller on the busses, boats, monorail. They fold up really easily. Never an issue.

    I wouldn't rule out your BOB! Also, great for the airport too. You can just check it at the gate and then glide through the airport with the kiddos relaxing in tow.

    I wouldn't rent one, personally. I love my BOB and it is a dream at disney. Granted mine is a single, but I saw plenty of BOB doubles while I was there in December.

    Have a great time!!


  13. I would highly recommend bringing your own stroller too! Be it the bob or a different one I would take your own. At the end of the day when the kids are the most tired you do not want to have to carry them to the car after returning your rental at the front gate. It's a loooong walk. I went to disney last october and took my chicco, mainly because my dd still napped and my stroller folds back flat while the disney strollers do not.

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