Discouraged-need success stories on TESE sperms and old eggs combo

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  1. Hi Ladies

    So I finally ready to let go of my genetic dream baby, and accepted to use donor eggs instead. But now all the REs I have consulted with, said my DH's success of finding sperms, let along good ones is pretty remote. The last July cycle, they manage to find "some", but none was frozen, because they were not even the best to use in the first place.
    Dh had vesectomy ancient years ago, then reversal 6 yrs ago, there were none in his ejaculation this year after SA testing.
    So now they are suggesting that I should have DS for back-up.
    I am so sad that now I am ready for DE and still able to hang on to half a dream of a genetically linked baby, and here comes another blow.
    Is there any hope for me and my DH?

  2. Hi there,
    I'm sorry that the sperm aspiration didn;t go very well. Guys with vasectomies and/or not reverals are usually pretty easy to get sperm out of. Easier than men with other MF issues.
    I would try finding a different urologist in your area and see if you can get some recommendations. If they can get sperm then your chances of concieving with donor egg are very good, even with aspirated sperm.

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