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  1. I have a different question I haven't seen on here. DS will be 6 mos old in a couple days and he recently started "blowing raspberries" when he should be nursing. Sometimes he goes back and force from breastfeeding to playing and I am not sure how to react when he does this because I don't want to discourage breastfeeding. Has anyone encountered this and what did you do?

    Also he just cut his first 2 teeth this past week so I am also worried about what to do the first time he bites.


  2. I'd take the raspberry blowing as a sign that he's not that hungry and put the boobs away. He'll learn quickly that if he wants to eat to get with it and not mess around.

    Biting was only a problem during teething and what seemed to work for me was to stop nursing for at least a few minutes. It sounds like it will a terrible thing to be bitten, and it's not pleasant, but not the end of the world either.

  3. what JD said.

    you might be able to prevent biting or at least put it off by taking him off when he is done with the earnest part of nursing and is beginning to fool around a bit- when he's actually nursing, the tongue covers those bottom two teeth- so he can't bite when actively nursing, just when he's done


  4. My dd did the rasberry thing when she was younger. I think they're just playing around, feeling pressure, playing w/blowing out. Just offer nursing later.

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