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  1. what is everyone eating and drinking after ER? i feel like i have no idea what i can and can not eat. i was told no cold foods, no caffeine, no raw veggies.

    what else should i add or avoid?

  2. no raw veggies? I wonder why!

  3. They're harder to digest and may make you more susceptible to food-bourne illness (ex. salmonella).

  4. Does this include raw fruit as well? I would imagine it does.

  5. I don't think it includes raw fruit -as long as you wash them well - raw vege's? Well I had those - again, so long as they are washed and peeled you should be fine.

    The list of things to avoid is huge here in New Zealand - including parsley! But we are definitely allowed raw fruit and vege\'s.

    You should definitely avoid things like pre-made coleslaw and salads as they contain risks of listeria - cold meats, dairy whip icecream, soft cheeses, seafood - all the good things!

    Good luck.

  6. Good to hear there is some possible benefit to forgetting to buy lettuce for my bed rest.

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