Did your essential hypertension lead to problems?

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  1. I am 41, 25 weeks pregnant with my 1st child and was put on Methyldopa at 16 weeks for essential (chronic) hypertension. It was high normal before I got pregnant, but at 16 weeks I got a few readings around 135/95. It's under control now, though I know BP tends to be lower in the 2nd trimester. I've read that essential hypertension leads to super-imposed pre-eclampsia anywhere from 4-25% of the time. Just conducting a poll here to see if that's been the experience here.

    thanks, Natalie

  2. I didn't have any pre-eclampsia or anyting with my first pregnancy. I did end up delivering early at 36w6d b/c my blood pressure was climbing and I freaked out. The more scared I became, the higher my BP became. My OB decided that I would be better delivering. She did an amnio to test for lung development first and everything was fine.
    This time I am having twins. My BP has actually been low on Nadalol. I think it is fianally creeping up so I am worried about pre-eclampia. I am on a really low dose of Nadalol so we can always increase the dose. I think I will try to keep calm this time and let these babies stay in as long as possible.
    24w6d twins

  3. i voted (for Pre-E) but prior to pregnancy i was not on medication for high blood pressure....however, my doctor always found borderline high readings and talked about potential for medication in the future.

    1st and 2nd trimester, my bp was amazing! always normal or even a bit low.

    i developed PIH at approx. 27w and by 31w i was found to have Pre-Eclampsia.

    i delievered(c section) at 33w0d as my blood pressure climbed higher and no longer responded to medication to bring it down.

    this was my 1st pregnancy..

  4. With my first pg, I was induced 4 days early because of PIH. My dd is now 4.5

    I'm now 28 weeks pg with twins, and I'm almost 51yo, so OB is watching me like a hawk. B/p has been high at times, and then just before Christmas they found protein in my urine. Since then I've done the 24-hour collection twice...and it was still high. (Thought it might be due to a UTI) This past Monday I was admitted to the hospital to have the 24-hour urine done via catheter and it came back at 275, below the cut off of 300, so I was allowed to come home. I'm now on bed rest until I deliver, with OB appts. every 2 weeks.

    My OB is still afraid that I'll develop super imposed pre-eclampsia. She told me, "You're old, and you're having twins...and we just don't know what the safe level of protein is for a 51yo pg with twins to have in the urine."

    I didn't vote in the poll, but will if anything changes. Good luck to all of you, and let's hope we all get safely to at least 37-38 weeks.

  5. Went to the peri today and they took my b/p twice...and then he said I need to be on meds for chronic hypertension. So I'll tell my OB on Wed. (the peri wrote a note to her on a prescription slip - how cute) and will start meds then. Sigh.

  6. ok I am 30 years old and pregnant with twins....everytime I go to my ob my bp is around 137/85....but when I go to my pcp it was 130/72. I am really nervous. This is my 1st pregnancy after really trying for about 10 years.

    Any advise?

  7. If your diastolic (bottom number) stays below 90 they likely won't do anything but keep an eye on it. Usually if it's consistently above 90 they will start monitoring you more and possibly put you on meds. If you're close to term they may decide to induce earlier than later. It all depends on how high the BP goes, how the baby is doing and on your bloodwork, ie. if it is really developing into pre-eclampsia. Also depends on caregiver's judgement - deciding if/when baby is better out than in, as the only cure for gestational hypertension is giving birth.

    How far along are you?

    And to update my own thread, I am now almost 35 weeks, and so far my BP has been behaving itself on the original minimal dose of Methyldopa, 250mg bid. By BP is usually around 140/88. I've been going for NST's twice weekly since 32 weeks, and had a BPP at 32 weeks showing a nicely growing baby, so no signs of placental insufficiency there!


  8. Thank you for your post..... I explained alot and made me feel better. I feel really bad because I am only 16 weeks with twins. Didnt expect anything like high bp so soon.


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