Did you have high beta\'s with single transfer? Singleton or twins?

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  1. Hi....

    I transfered a 5 day hatching blast and just had my first beta on the 18th.


    My second beta was this morning (three days later) and it was 1372.

    Would love for you to post your numbers and results..singleton or twins? I know I've heard not to read into the numbers...but how can I not???

    I\'m getting nervous...

    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Suz, i did two ESETs with donor eggs- first was fresh, second frozen.

    on the fresh, my beta was 473 at 14 dp 5 dt- which would be 19 dpo

    on the frozen, my beta was 1199 at 14 day 6 dt- which would be 20 dpo

    i forget the other #s, but both had much more than doubled when betas were redone two days later. the first, i think, had tripled.

    both were singletons (thank goodness) and both successful pgs- at least, one is 19 mos old and i'm 23 weeks with the other.

    hth, pilma

    ps i was scared to death about twins esp with that second beta- my nurse told me that the betas they got with donor egg tended to be very high- much higher than own egg cycles. fwiw

  3. Hi,

    Congratulations. I very much understand the obsession with betas. Realize however that there is a huge range of betas for singletons. See: betabase.info

    For us, it was a tough decision (of transferring 1 vs. 2 embryos) b/c I knew that if this cycle didn't work I'd be be completely devastated. I had never had a successful pregnancy so I didn't want to leave much to chance. In the end, we compromised and transferred 2 embryos. One was 'good' one was 'fair' and I was told that there was ~a 10% chance of giving birth to twins. I figured that if we had twins, it was meant to be. OTOH if it didn't work, I'd know that I had everything reasonable to be successful.

    I started out with a beta of ~900 on 11days post 5 dt (or 16 dpo). 4 days later, my beta was ~6,600. The ultrasound revealed twins but one was ~50% behind the other one (which isn't a good sign). Eventually one of the twins didn't make it so now I have a singleton.

    Let us know how it goes.

  4. Hi,

    My Betas were 9dp5dt - 240 and 11 dp 5dt - 596 with a singleton (one embie transfer)

  5. Thank you for your responses.

    I'm feeling more relaxed. Beta #3 is next Monday then comes u/s following week. Tomorrow is 5 weeks.

    Hope you all are feeling well and wishing you all Happy Holidays. May the New Year bring you more happiness than you could have ever hoped for.


  6. I transferred one and just had first beta 12/23...1050.

  7. Just found out my third beta was 20,139!!! I'll be 6wks on Wednesday.

    Anyone with a singleton with a number that high???

    I can't believe it!!

  8. Suz, if you only transferred one blast, you wouldn't have fraternal multiples in there. and its my understanding that identicals don't have an effect on the beta #s- because the values are based on hcg produced by the placenta and identicals that split after day 5 would have to share a placenta. so it could still be a singleton and just a really high beta.


  9. Just had my first u/s this morning and I saw and heard one heartbeat. Whew.

    So for those of you who have high beta's, it's possible to have a singleton.

    Although I really did think my single blast split and I was going to have identicals.

  10. good for you, Suz and congratulations! i was worried about mine having split this last time, too, till i read the little tidbit i posted down below about IDs not affecting betas. even the nurses at my RE's office didn't know that- so i was quite relieved about the whole thing.

    Happy New Year!


  11. My betas were:

    9dp5dt 51

    12dp5dt 178

    ..and shockingly (to me), there are currently two on board. I am 6.5 wks. Each has its own gestational sac so I am assuming fraternal.

  12. Transferred one embie on day 3. Betas were...


    15w pg with singleton.

  13. Hello ladies- hope everyone is well I did 2 hpts and they're bfp but they'er not getting dark? does that matter of it just certain brands? What should I expect for a beta on Wed when I'll be 19dp and 16dt? I just want ot have an idea or ball park. we did day 3 transfer with an 8 call and a 6 cell and we have 2 frozen for later use.

    I"m interested to hear what you all have to say

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