Did you get bfp or bfn with 3 or 5dt with FET or FRESH

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  1. Did you get BFP or BFN with FET or FRESH and 3dt or 5dt

  2. BFP with transfer of 2 fresh 6-day blasts.

  3. What time frame are you talking - I have had two BFN's this year, both 3dt, one fresh and one FET.


  4. Thankfully we have had success three times... two fresh cycles gave us a DS and a DD and one FET resulted in second DS. DH and I are currently in our last 2ww ever of a FET cycle and at this point I would say looking negative. All cycles were blast transfers. Wishing you every happiness.

  5. Im sorry Danielle.


  6. (m/c mentioned)

    All Fresh IVF

    #1 BFN-4dt
    #2 BFP-3dt-one of the embryos was only 2 days-m/c @ 10.5 weeks
    #4 BFP-4dt-Low betas

  7. I did a fresh which resulted in a neg. and two FETs which resulted in a m/c.

    I\'m currently in my 2ww with a 5dt.

  8. bfp resulted in chemical pregnancy

  9. ok, here's my hx:
    Fresh #1 - cx'd b/c of cyst & lap surgery
    Fresh #2 - tx'd (2) 3d 8 celled embies....BFP
    FET #1 - tx'd (1) 6d blast(that's all we had)......chem
    Fresh #3 - tx'd (2) 3d 8 celled embies.....BFN
    FET #2 - tx'd (3) 5d blasts......TBD - Beta 07/14

  10. Hi
    I have a BFP on a FET 5 day blastocyst. My HCG is only 37 (12dp).
    Will know more abt it on monday.

  11. I had a BFP back in 2002 (3rd fresh cycle) with 2dt. I have twins
    I had a single embryo put back today (8 cell) for my FET from the same batch of embryos as I got my BFP. Thawed 3 from my 14 frozen at day 2 & gave them a days growth. 2 made perfect 8 cells but we chose to put one back.

  12. Had BFN on Fresh 2dt back in February. Just got BFP (14dpt, beta) yesterday using 3 that were frozen from my first IVF attempt.

  13. 1st Fresh IVF-- 2 blasts transfered, early miscarriage

    2nd Fresh IVF-- 2 blasts transfered, DS born

    1st FET-- 1 blast transfered, BFN

  14. Hello,

    Mine was a fresh 3dt, BFP, but it was chemical.

  15. IVF #1: one day-5 blast (fair), BFN

    IVF #2: two day-3 blasts (perfect), BFN

    FET #1: two day-5 blasts (one excellent, one good), BFP!

  16. IVF 1 - 2 10 celled 3dt = BFN
    IVF 2 - 2 8 celled 3dt = BFP (dd)
    IVF 3 - 1 8 celled and 2 10 celled = BFN
    IVF 4 - 1 5 day blast = BFP (currently pg)

    I find it interesting that I got pregnant both time on back to back cycles. As soon as I started my AF with a negative, I would start the next cycle.


  17. fresh IVF#1 BFP with 3DT
    FET #1 BFP with 3DT

  18. ivf #1 - 3 5 day blast - bfn
    ivf #2 - 4 5 day blast - bfn

  19. IVF #1 3dt BFP (DD)
    FET #1 3dt BFP (DS) (started as quad pg, which I had reduced to a singleton)


  20. IVF ICSI

    14x 3 day embryos created


    1 Fresh
    2x embryos BFN

    2 FET
    2x embryos BFN (5 thaw/2 survive)

    3 FET
    1x embryo BFN (1 thaw/1 survive)

    4 FET
    2x embryos BFP
    (2 thaw/2 survive)
    (DOB 18/8/04)

    5 FET
    2x embryos BFP
    (4 thaw/2 survive)
    (early days/beta 225 13dpt 2nd Sep 06)


  21. IVF #1 2- 3dt BFN
    IVF #2 3- 3dt BFN
    IVF #3 2-3dt BFN
    IVF #4 2-5dt BFP (DS)
    FET#1 2-3dt BFN
    IVF #5 1 6dt and 1 frozen blast BFN
    IVF #6 2-6dt BFN
    IVF #7 2-5dt Beta on 10/10= BFP!!

    Only luck I ever had was with fresh day 5 blasts!


  22. IVF #1 .. 3 embryos- all excellent- BFN
    waiting to transfer clinics will deside if we want to try again.

  23. IVF#1 - 3dt BFN
    #2FET - 5dt BFN
    IVF#3 - BFN
    IVF#4 - 8dp5dt (thinking another BFN) beta on 10/16

  24. My doc. does a 4-day morula transfer, I know a lot of docs. either do a 3 or 5 day transfer but he has said "it's the up and coming new thing." I did get a BFP with my first fresh cycle with him, miscarried at 9 weeks, and just did my second fresh cycle and had my 4 day transfer yesterday.


  25. natural m/c
    natural dd
    natural m/c
    ivf#1 3dt BFN
    FET #1 5dt BFN
    FET # 2 5dt BFP 2nd trimstr m/c
    IVF # 2 5dt (on lovenox,found out I have clotting issue)hoping for miracle/s

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