did you get AF before your beta?

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  1. Hi, I just got my BETA today... BFN . I started spotting (brown) 3 days ago - not alot, but there. We were still hopefully though. Guess now just have to wait for the rest of it.

    I'm already starting to think about the next cycle... we had no frozens, so fresh again. It will be our last one, due to the cost. Insurance policies in NZ do not cover FT. How soon after can we start again, or is it a good idea to have abit of a break? (don't really want to leave it too long, due to my age (39)
    The thought of starting our next cycle is the only thing to make me feel positive at the moment. I've been such an emotional wreck during the 2WW (probably didn't help!).. and now having to deal with this result. We were so sure it would work for us and it doesn't help that my SIL just had their 3rd IVF baby last week (1 from fresh cycle, 2 frozen's - all worked every time perfectly!).
    I feel happy for them - but wish the same could have happened to us.

    Anyway, don't mean to sound all doom and gloom. I've only just recently found these boards and it certainly helps to realise that others are in the same situation and feeling the same!

  2. IVF #1 got AF 2 days before BETA
    IVF #2 got AF 3 days before BETA

    At my clinic they do the BETA test on 17 dpo. This really suck that I'm still at square 1 in this game of IF. Will I ever win something ?

  3. Just wondering if its possible to get implantation bleeding on 8dp? Has this happened to anyone?

  4. greese17,8 days after Retreival or after transfer???

  5. I had 2 transferred last Wednesday (1/27) so today I am at d7p2dt. I started spotting yesterday morning just like I do a couple days berfore I start AF. I looked at my calender and sure enough AF would normally be starting today or tomorrow. Everyone says not to worry, it could be implant bleeding, yada yad, but everyone also says that implant bleeding tends to be a brownish. This was as bright red as you can get.

    I will still be going for my bloodwork on Monday 2/9, but I am so sure that it will be a BFN that I have already started the process of moving on. (this was my 1st and only IVF)

  6. I don't understand having AF before beta. I thought the progesterone was supposed to stop the bleeding? My beta is tomorrow, but I have been cramping and spotting today and to tell you the truth I have been taking more progesterone than the Dr said to..

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