Did you do acupuncture during the 2ww?

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  1. I did acupuncture in the Dr.s office (both directly before and after 5 day xfer) - for $450 (OUCH! but some wanted to charge $550).

    We are flying back to our home city in a couple of days, and wondering whether I need to have it every 5-6 days during the 2ww.

    Do you guys think that it is really helpful during the 2ww, to increse the blood flow/chances of successful implantation? We don't have a great situation so need all the help we can get but since we are out over $40K on this cycle and over $100K overall, money is tight.

    Any information/advice would be much appreciated.

  2. I've been doing TCM treatments, herbs and acu, for over 3 years. With 6 transfers (4 pgs), I've never done an acu treatment in the 2ww. I always do acu right before transfer, but after the transfer, my TCM Dr. who specializes in fertility wants me to rest and keep things calm. Before my transfer, I usually do 2-3 acu session for 3-4 weeks prior to the transfer to improve the blood flow, but after the transfer, things should stay calm... She said if I have anxiety issues during the 2ww, then to come in, and she'll do an acu to relieve my anxiety but not for blood flow to the uterus. $450 for 2 sessions is quite steep! OUCH! Good luck!

  3. Hi ealexi,
    I too have been doing acupuncture for about 3 years preparing my body for each cycle. Acupuncture and herbs. For my past ivf cycles I did pre and post xfer acupuncture sessions (post transfer just to stay relaxed and nothing to stimulate the uterus as it should remain quiet during the 2ww). For my recent ivf cycle I did acupuncture 3x the week prior to transfer to help my uterine lining, but did not do another session until 5dp5dt. Again, no stimulation to the uterus area, really to remain relaxed during the 2ww. I was successful in this past cycle and am currently 7weeks pregnant. I continue with herbs but go in for acupuncture sessions every 3-4 weeks.

    If money is tight I would forego the acupuncture sessions during the 2ww. The key is to try and remain stress-free during the wait.

    Good luck!

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