Did insurance cover IVF

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  1. I voted all, but my meds have not really been covered for any of my cycles. My first 2 cycles I did get some donated meds from the clinic and friends, after all my injectable IUIs I had a small amount of prescription coverage left through my work for my 1st IVF. This time around my work place was able to work with a pharmacy to get me discounted meds, since there was NO infertility meds covered...somehow I work for the only place in MA that can find a loophole if it exists. Other than that I have paid $1000 towards my 1st IVF cycle, due to the deductible.

  2. My first 2 cycles we paid OOP. We have to do PGD too, so the whole kit and caboodle. It is sickening how much money we paid.

    Then my DH switched jobs, and lo and behold, we had $25,000 allotted to IVF, plus they cover PGD. Crazy. We don't get to use it all though, because the people who decide how and what to cover at BCBS said we only get one cycle.
    If we need another cycle, I will fight that decision.

    It has been much less stressful this time having insurance pay for it. I know the financial part added a lot to the stress, but I had no idea how much!


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