Did insurance cover IVF

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  1. A post on the main board nearly gave me a heart attack though - I guess sometimes insurance companies will count procedures done with other insurance companies towards the lifetime max. I spent about an hour on the phone today making sure that wasn't the case with my plans though.

    Make sure to get that in writing!!

  2. My state (RI) mandates infertility treatment. We did have to pay our copayments for treatment and prescription and we had a deductible with our plan for labs, so it cost us just around $2500 for one fresh cycle.

  3. The insurance company my dh has Greatwest will pay for everything up to $10,000. And me being in Alaska we only have 1 doctor doing IVF but his treatments are very cheap ($1800 regular ivf treatments) so if my first cycle doesn't work, I have plenty more tries!!! I don't know how you guys do it w/o insurance.....I hope everything works out for everyone!!

  4. When i read this thread I realize how lucky I am!!. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and it covers 30,000.00 lifetime for IVF and my prescription insurance pays for all my meds. We only had to pay 800.00 for Sperm freeze. My RE is expensive so the 30,000.00 will only get us two fresh and one fet. But I had a BFP on my first attempt. I am 6 weeks and keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. With IVF#1 our insurance paid for all medications, except copay (we think it was a fluke accident) but this time (current cycle IVF#2) they only paid for meds that weren't self-injectible and nothing else...all in all both cycles together will come out to around 25k - first one got BFP twins so was totally worth it...can only hope for the same this go-round!!


  6. Hi, This is my first go around with IVF, my husband and I are very lucky his Insurance Etna pays up to $20,000. We have a $30.00 copay and thats it. This Friday Aug 8 they will implant 2 embros out of 12, I fell very positive about getting pregnant. I have two children with an ex 18,14 I had my tubes tied at 21 and now want to make this miracle with my new husband who has know kids. God Bless all of you I know first hand how you all feel, My heart goes out to you and your'e families.

  7. my insurance has full ivf covergae. I do pay $5 cpay for the meds tho. I am so thankful.

  8. My insurance through BCBS of Georgia pays for my IVF's etc up to ten grand...Meds are the same up to ten grand...i've done One IVF and will be doing another IVF soon and I ended up paying 1300 plus 25 each ultrasound for my first IVF so was thankful I didnt get stuck with a bill for the full amount...Meds I only pay $25 bucks for each fertility med thats it...I am VERY thankful to have this coverage...BUT I do pay $891.00 a month for this insurance lol but my work pays for that for me becasue they know I am giong through all this...

  9. My Cigna plan covers 100k/lifetime. $30 copay per office visit. $100 per out patient procedure. Does not cover Sperm Freeze or Embyro Freeze. Bad news is that my insurance is changing in January, which is why we only went through one IUI cycle before moving on to IVF. And my meds are $20/each.

    I\'m going to miss my insurance...no fertility coverage come January.

  10. My insurance covers 100%. $500,000 lifetime for me and another $500,000 for my hubby. We are VERY fortunate. No co-pays or anything! On first cycle and scheduled for preg test in 2 days...Very nervous and Very excited!

  11. my ins covers NADA - ZILCH - NOTHING! we are 100% out of pocket.
    we "tricked" the system a bit and had most of the initial bloodwork and u/s done thru my GYN so they were covered 100% except for co-pay.

  12. Wow! 500k lifetime max is really incredible!!

    Mine is 100k lifetime max & that seems to be plenty.

    I think it has more to do with the company that selects the coverage levels than the actual insurance company.

  13. No, we paid for it out of pocket. I wish!

  14. Covers all but cryopreservation of embryos, but in the grand scheme of it all....that's peanuts!

  15. I'm so sad that my insurance covers nothing at all - not one penny. I've asked my company to find me a plan that would cover something and I'll pay the difference but they said they couldn't do that.

  16. I'm lucky, my state (MA) requires coverage so I'm covered except for the normal co-pay.

  17. Nothing, absolutely nothing!

  18. Our insurance (United Healthcare) through my husband's employer covers 50% of all infertility charges up to $15K and 100% of meds up to $5K. It's not great but it's better than nothing, although we blew through the meds coverage pretty quickly. Since the cap is so low, we skipped IUI entirely and went straight to IVF.

  19. i have oxford and it covered 100% i just had a co pay of 20 for first visit. I have had three cycles all paid by them. First ended in miscarriage, 2nd i had twins, and i just learned i am pregnant again!

  20. My ins covered $10,000 lifetime max procedures and $10,000 lifetime max for meds. Changed insurance through employer and got another $10,000 for procedures. In all covered 4 fresh IVF and an FET. Only 1 carrier for meds, so it covered 3 fresh and FET (needed high doses of stims, so the $10,000 went quick).

  21. My insurance covers 2 attempts at IVF including labs and u/s at 90% after a $250 deductible. Our meds were covered mostly.

    We just went through IVF #2 and we are pregnant.

    The first try was last year after we had already met our out of pocket max for the year, so for that one we paid nothing, except for $700 in meds!!

    This time we paid $1000 toward the IVF and since we maxed out our pharmacy benefits we paid $1500 toward our meds.

    I was lucky! Without insurance DH and I would never have been able to try IVF!

    I count my blessings everyday and know that what I have had to pay for IVF is nothing compared to what most have to pay!

  22. We have 50% coverage for all procedures and all our monitoring but we had to pay for our med so all told we paid about $2600 for IVF ICSI and then $1500 for meds total Out Of Pocket approx $3100 (we havent had the final bill but that should be fairly close give or take a couple hundred either way on the procedures)
    Complete Cost Breakdown would be ER $2192 ET $417 meds $1500
    we havent had the bill for TESE but it should be an additional $500 (again we had 50% for procedures)

  23. Zip, zero, zilch!!!!

    Nada, covers nothing :-(

    We have to pay $18,000 OOP, you would think w/the economy some of the clinics would reduce their prices

  24. My first cycle it covered all meds and up to $5000. After that nothing! I am on my 4th IVF cycle.

  25. My first two cycles were in Chicago and insurance covered NOTHING. Then, we moved to Ct which has mandated coverage. Got 2 full covered IVFs plus meds, but went out of network so it was 80/20. Got pregnant on that fourth IVF. My husbands work switched insurance and we go 2 more! Love CT. We feel really grateful to have it. I know what it is like to have no coverage too.
    Our doctor in Chicago did give us drugs donated by patients. Leftovers basically. If you don't have insurance you may want to ask if they ever get donations. Nurses usually give preference to the uninsured.

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