Did insurance cover IVF

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  1. My insurance covers up to 100,000 lifetime, but no meds.

  2. We already met our $2500 annual deductible (long, long time ago!!) and just found out our clinic froze 2 embies. They charge a lot for cryo--did anyone's insurance co. cover cryo fees?

  3. I live in Germany and my insurance company covers everything for three procedures. Since we have male factor issues, my husband's insurance company covers ICSI. We just finished our 3rd IVF (#1- bfn, #2 bfp, m/c 6wks, #3 bfn), so now I think we are on our own.

  4. I live in Cali too, but health ins. doesn't cover any! We've been on our own and I've had A LOT of IVFs.

  5. Would be so nice! I think IVF should be made financially available to everyone. My husband's insurance did not cover anything for both IVF's. This time we got a loan through ARC/Capital One. Still on my 2ww period... so stressful!

  6. I voted 'other.' Only some of the meds were covered...and it seemed to vary from cycle to cycle. Go figure.

    We attempted to use my dh's PPO insurance for some of the things, and it was pretty hilarious when the finance person called the insurance company. They asked her, "Do you know that this is a RETIREMENT insurance????" Yes, but it takes some of us a LOT longer at this game!!!

  7. My primary insurance, UnitedHealth Care, covered office visits only for IF. But, the finance dept. at my first clinic got creative and sent me to an outside lab for all bloodwork and tests and had my referring gyno sign the paperwork as if it were for regular yearly stuff. It worked and we only had to pay for the actual procedures done in house at the clinic.

    However, when we had to move onto IVF, we switched clinics and found out that DH's insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California (PPO) covered 90% of all IVF related treatments up through 3 full cycles over a lifetime. On our first fresh IVF cycle we only paid a total of $1000 out of pocket and a majority of that was for meds ($650).

    Feel very fortunate...always worth calling insurance companies to find out their IF policies during your enrollment periods. You can hopefully find one that does assist and switch over.

  8. Meds only. We paid everything else out of pocket.

  9. Our insurance paid zip. The only reason we tried IVF was I saw NY State grant.........it paid 60% including meds! It went through quickly, 4 wks. Wanted to know about previous tx, fsh levels, and diagnosis, ect. So anyone in NY who doesn't have coverage look at this grant before you pay on your own. The more cycle's you've done, or if you have a high fsh, ect the less likely you are to get the grant. It is income based. And first come, first approved so to speak, it's available while the $ last. I was a poor risk, 40, but I never did IVF before. 60% was great for us. Sandy

  10. Life time benefit is 2 IVF maximum. Still very good.

  11. My insurance paid 90%, so I voted some, but it was closer to all than some, but wasn't all! I am so fortunate, even with the 10% its hard for us to afford, I don't know how you guys with no coverage do it! I have 6 cycles, but before I got this job, I already did 3, so won't be using all of them, too bad we can't donate unused benefits!

  12. NOTHING. Not a single thing. Oh, wait. Insurance paid for a couple of hysteroscopies along the way. Big whoop-di-doo. We've paid over $150,000 out of pocket so far. I do have DS to show for it...but it still smarts. Please God let #2 be faster. We'll have to push back retirement by several years as a result.

  13. Big Fat NADA!

  14. Nothing here either.

  15. My insurance will pay for ultrasounds and part of meds that can be used for something other than IVF.

  16. My insurance paid 90%, so I voted some, but it was closer to all than some, but wasn't all! I am so fortunate, even with the 10% its hard for us to afford, I don't know how you guys with no coverage do it!

    I have similar coverage and also live in Texas. Meds covered at 50%.

    Take Care~

  17. Insurance covered nothing. Actually I checked into it and my insurance company does offer coverage but it's really up to your employer whether they want to provide the coverage and my employer did not. Sure makes it difficult to come to work knowing that!!!!

  18. Don't feel bad about your employer -- they do what's mandated. Which state are you in? CA doesn't have infertility mandate, so even the most generous employer (in terms of benefit) do not have infertility coverage. MA does, so all employers offer it. It's less an employer choice than a government/regulatory choice - in this case, there is no federal level regulation, but there are states level mandates.

    For those who live in CA and have IVF insurance -- is the employer offering IVF coverage headquartered in CA? All the cases that I know of work for out-of-state employers (i.e. with HQ in NY, MA, Ohio, etc). My DH's employer was HQed in NY, so that's how i got the coverage.

    I voted "yes - all" - meaning, all procedures and meds are covered (except frozen stuff); but I have a 25% co-pay. I doubt that any employer offers no-co-pay healthcare policies today unless you're a union member who had benefits negotiated years and years ago.

  19. Well, I voted for some. I live in Canada, and although we do have medical care we do not have to pay for, we have to pay out of pcoket for for IVF/ Fertility treatments, procedures and meds. Bloodwork, sonos, HSGs, and some other tests are paid for depedning on which province you live in. Like most of you, some of us have employee benefits which covers some. We have a life-time limit of 3k for me and 3k through DH's employer, which we used pretty quickly.

  20. Just my meds are covered here in Ohio - and that is because I do have what I consider "good" insurance. The only reasons the meds are covered are because they can all be used for "something else". Three full cycles and one FET - $39,000... but DD, DS, and one on the way... so I can't complain - worth every penny.

    I had a friend that actually researched companies in our area that covered IVF when she was going through her infertility struggles. She found a company that paid for three cycles - she got herself HIRED... waited the appropriate amount of time for insurance coverage and then went for it.
    Dr. suggested doing all three FRESH cycles in a row - (she didn't get pregnant each time, but had a few to freeze each time) - instead of doing FET in between because insurance didn't cover that. She never did get preggie on the fresh cycles, but did managed to get pregnant with her first frozen (DS) and then pregnant with her second frozen (MC), and then pregnant with her third frozen (DS). She was actually laid off during the third cycle and paid COBRA to hang on to the insurance through the third cycle.
    Gotta give her credit!

    DH and I considered moving to a new state at one point just to have IVF covered, but our family is in Ohio. Thankfully we were able to scrape together what we needed each time.

    Best of luck to all of you - insurance or no insurance.


  21. I have lifetime coverage for infertility, including IVF and meds, of $20K. They cover 85%. My regular prescription co-pays apply. My last fresh cycle cost us about $2700 out of pocket, including the cryopreservation costs. After we do a FET in December, that $20K will be gone. I'm switching insurance plans so we can start over with a new $20K lifetime max next year. Gotta love the insurance game.

  22. Hi Stephr,

    You mentioned changing insurance plans. Is that possible? Do they not check your previous plan ? Which plan do you have? Our state mandate covers upto 2 cycles per lifetime for women < 40. I will be using my 2nd attempt shortly and hence would appreciate your research in this matter

    Thanks in advance!!

  23. Hey irenebio - My work offers two different PPO plans - one is UnitedHealthcare and one is Blue Cross Blue Shield. Each of them individually has a $20K lifetime max on infertility/IVF treatment. Since I'm near the max for my BCBS plan, and we can choose new insurance plans effective January 1, I enrolled for UnitedHealthcare instead of continuing with BCBS. So, I'll start with a clean slate at the beginning of the year.

    A post on the main board nearly gave me a heart attack though - I guess sometimes insurance companies will count procedures done with other insurance companies towards the lifetime max. I spent about an hour on the phone today making sure that wasn't the case with my plans though.

  24. I tried , several times to get coverage, to no avail. Im in PA. I even pleaded with the Insurance company that IF is a disease ,even the AMA recognizes that ..therefore it should be covered. I dont even want to tell you the massive amount of paperwork I had to prove my point. I also told them that for me.. IVF is "medically necessary" due to the fact I had a double salpinectomy (lost both tubes due to hydros/ectopics) and that the only way for me to have a baby is VIA IVF.. nothing... I was fighting for months with the insurance company. (I didnt hold off on treatments while I was doing this).

    In the end I paid out of pocket for 6 fresh cycles and 3 frozen cycles. Only one cycle my meds (besides lupron) was covered. and that was only because at the job I had , when I was promoted my union changed,,and even though IVF wasn't covered the meds were..which saved a bundle..

    in the long run.. probably close to 100k spent out of pocket..


  25. the poll should also have

    x some medication

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