Did insurance cover IVF

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  1. Did insurance cover IVF

  2. yes, our insurance covered eveything except copays, anesthesia, and cryopreservation. other than that, all else was covered..thankfully!!

  3. No Insurance coverage for me.. I have Kaiser Permenante.. They don't do this and of course would not do any testing that would be needed for IVF procedures outside of Kaiser.

    My dx - bilateral hydrosalpinx - since the only way around this is IVF, Kaiser would not do anything medically for me. so I found a great, but expensive clinic to help me... I am hoping it works the First time.

    5dp3dt - 2 fresh embies

  4. yes, our insurance covered eveything except copays, anesthesia, and cryopreservation. other than that, all else was covered..

  5. Yes mine covers everything. I just have to pay my $15 copays. I have up to 50k in coverage and that's a lifetime.

  6. bloodwork and sonos only...

  7. my Insurance covers 3 IVF cycles, all FETs resulting after those IVFs, they reimbursed me $450 out of the $500 anestesia charge from the retrieval, all drugs are covered.

    Only thing not covered was monthly storage charge for the frozen embryos, the initial freezing fee ($700) was covered.

    I only used 1 IVF cycle and 1 FET. I have the option to do 2 more IVFs. But we have the crazy idea to be TTC on our own for 2 years for #3.

    I feel very lucky to have the ins coverage that I do.


  8. Most of my meds will be covered between mine and by dh' s plan but nothing else. We have to out of pocket first and then put in the claim and they will reimburse up to 80%. They would have covered everything if I had double blocked tubes but I dont.

  9. No coverage for me, not even diagnostic, it really sucks !

  10. When I went through IVF in 2004, it was covered by insurance and I only paid copays. It was fantastic. This time around, insurance will only cover most of my meds and some of the initial tests/diagnostics like a mock embryo transfer. I feel so fortunate that I have had the coverage I did in the past, but it also makes paying for it this time around that much harder.

  11. Yes, and I thank God everday for my insurance. My ins. covers all diagnostic exams/tests, fertility meds, anesthesia, and I have a 30% copay of procedures - IUI's and IVF's. I think I paid $233 for our last IVF.

  12. I worked at a retail store just to get their IVF insurance coverage. Then I found out there was a 12 month wait to use the IVF benefit. So I quit and paid COBRA for a year while waiting to do IVF. My insurance covers 80% of IVF-including ICSI, with a max of 3 cycles per lifetime. Meds are covered I think 90%. I haven't had any to freeze, so I don't know if they cover that. I have UnitedHealth insurance. I just got a BFP on cycle number two, so I hope that's it for me. I am very thankful.


  13. And I thought I was lucky. We are covered for meds, bloodwork and u/s. And that's about it.

    And we have awesome insurance in general. Too bad.

  14. Nope, not a dime! Twenty thousand for two cycles in under a year and nothing covered. Thankfully though we are still able to claim under medical on our income tax though and got five thousand back. Rumor has it the government is trying to put a stop to this though since so many people are trying to claim plastic surgery. NOT THE SAME THING! Could have bought myself a great set of boobs for the cost though! # two was a success though and I am so thankful for that at least!

  15. I live in California and we have NO IF insurance coverage whatsoever! I think IF insurance coverage should be mandatory in every state. It's pitiful that it is not.

  16. My insurance covered everything except the meds and freezing. Luckily this last cycle my clinic was able to give me some donated meds and we didn't end up with anything to freeze so our out of pocket was limited to copays and the meds I couldn't get donated. We probably ended up spending about $3000 for this fresh cycle...

  17. Voted other because our insurance doesn't cover actual ivf but they do cover pre-test, meds, bloodwork, ultrasounds, betas. Not the actual IVF.

  18. Hi, everyone!
    I am from Canada and although we are known for our excellent health care system they don't cover IVF unless it is because the woman has blocked tubes (then they cover three cycles). I am a teacher and our insurance doesn't seem to cover anythign either (althought i am working on getting the drugs coverd).

  19. just to let you know our provincal healthcare in Alberta Canada does not cover blocked tubes or anything for that matter. Our cycle is about $6500 plus $5500 for drugs. Most of my friends don't even any of their drugs covered either.


  20. We hve ben through it all - 9 yrs trying and spent A LOT of money - now we are pg with twins!!!! I have some leftover items if you are interested pls email me directly. All unopened...we did this way as cheaper......

  21. Thankfully my insurance has paid for my 12 IVF cycles and PGD for 6 of the cycles. I couldn't have continued if they hadn't, I am very grateful. Nikos_Roumelis

  22. Nikos_Roumelis,
    Where do you live that insurance covered your IVF? Did you have 12 IVF fresh retrevials or 12 with fresh and frozen?

  23. steviepls,
    Massachusetts and they were all fresh with one insurance switch. I did have a DS with IVF #7, so I think I got a clean slate so I could continue with 6 more. Amazing isn't it?

  24. Wow Nikos_Roumelis, that is amazing. Here is So Cal the only stuff that has been covered for me is some meds and Dr appt since I have a diagnsos of PCOS. Luckily my husbands company has paid for all the rest. There have been times in my Dr office where ladies are crying not from the procedure and such but paying the bill from the RE office. The office I go too is more expensive then most.
    I always find it maddening that Viagra is covered for men but no IVF stuff is covered for woman. Ah...... Life will never be fair :-)

    My beta is tomorrow and I have to say I am glad it finally here so I can get the results and move on. I have taken 2 weeks off work to reduce my stress but I am bored and just focus on my body and what it is or is not doing.

    Thinking positve betas for all of us :-)

  25. I live in California and my insurance covered 3 IVF cycles (lifetime max). They also covered IUI, but I don't remember how many. It might be up to 6 cycles. Unfortunately, I am already on IVF #6 and my last 3 are out of pocket. The meds are still covered. I work for MetLife. My husband's insurance covered nothing!


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