did early pos hpt = multiples?

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  1. Did a positive HPT 9dp3dt or less end up in a multiple pregnancy? I am curious if the early positive results were due to a higher level of hcg in the body due to multiples

  2. In 2003, I did a 9dp3dxrand got a pos, faint line but yes and it was twins, one vanished at 10.2 weeks and the other is 2 now

  3. when i got a + positive hpt at 4dp5dt i thought it must be twins to show this early. I was wrong, i'm now 17 weeks with a singleton.

  4. i got a positive at about 6dp3dt and it was a single baby. with my twins, i did IUI and got positive about seven days after my insemination
    good luck to you and best wishes

  5. I got a BFP 7dp5dt and was pregnant with twins. Probably would have been positive sooner, but that was the first one I took.


  6. I tested BFN on days 6 & 7 past transfer. Skipped day 8 and hpt'd positive on day 9!

    b/b Twins

  7. I tested positive at 8dp3dt. My hcg level was rather high too and it turned out to be one little singleton. It's hard to imagine how one little thingy can make me feel so ill....yet so happy!!!

  8. I got a poas ++ at 5dpt5dt and just found out I have a blighted ovum....so I guess you never know.


  9. My last cycle, 3 years ago: + hpt 7dp3dFET. First beta at 11dpt 134. Got preg with twins, lost one in the 2nd trimester due to placental issues.

    This time..+ hpt 8dp3dFET. We shall see in a couple weeks what that means for us!


  10. With my twin pregnancy, I had a sudden feeling at 7dp3dt that this cycle had worked, but I thought it was way too early to test. I waited ONE whole day and the test was very positive. At 15dpt, my beta was 969, then two days later it shot up to 2,924. I was pretty sure there were two babies in there with those #'s. I think DH was just relieved it wasn't any more as we implanted 4 embies that cycle!

    (hoping to add to the family, twin boys are almost 4!)

  11. at 7dp3dt i got + on hpt. was twins. beta 11dp3dt was 411. lost one @10 weeks then lost son @18weeks.

    currently trying again...2dp5dt

  12. I got a faint line on 5dp5dt... then a darker line on 6dp5dt.

    My beta at 7dp5dt was 66 then shot up to 2298 at 13dp5dt. Today we saw two at the ultrasound, so I am hoping they stick!

  13. In 2003, I did a 9dp3dxrand got a pos, faint line but yes and it was twins, one vanished at 10.2 weeks and the other is 2 now

    Ditto. This was exactly my case

  14. I tested positive 5dp5dt...beta was 301 at 9dp5dt. I am 14w1d with a girl!


  15. Can't comment on early beta causing multiples, but I can rest the myth that high beta's primarily lead to multiples. With my singleton I had very high betas and with my twin pregnancy I had a low beta of 76 at 15dpo4dt. Probably not what you were looking for, but I thought I would through it in the pot.


  16. I was wondering the same thing but it looks like you never know. I thought my beta was high on day16 (485) but I guess it doesn't mean twins. We'll see in 2 weeks.

  17. I tested ++ at 4dp5dt, faint but ++. My beta was on 9dp5dt and it was 239, 2 days later 645...

    my b/g twins are now 1! Good luck!!! Don't you love POAS??? LOL!! I miss it so much.....

    My FET for baby #3 is Feb 8th, I will keep you posted on how many we tx and how many take!! THIS WILL WORK!!!


  18. Yeah, I "cheated" at 6dp3dt, and I got a fairly visible positive. I'm now 9 wks. along with triplets...

  19. Tested ++ 4dp5dt...but the next day, 5dp5dt was much darker.....here's my tests starting at 6dp5dt....

    I now have one year old b/g twins....

    9dp5dt: 239
    11dp5dt: 635

    Good luck!! Twins are so much fun!!


  20. I had a positive test 10dp2dt and my betas where 12dp2dt 50, and 14dp2dt 160, and the last one wav 17dp2dt around 1200.
    I am 30weeks prego with twins

  21. I had a + HPT at 5dp5dt and am expecting twins!

    7dp5pt- 103

    good luck to everyone!!!

  22. I got a VERY faint positive on 11dp3dt with my twins. The funny thing is that same day my beta was 196. Guess I had a bad HPT (but it was one of the early ones). Go figure. The girls are now 2.

    This time I tested BFN 9dp3dt. I'm going to wait until 12dp3dt to test again. My clinic doesn't do the first beta until 14dp3dt. What a wait!

  23. got a faint line 6dp3dt now preg w/ twins

  24. I got a ++ hpt (with IVF #1 - '01) about 7 days after at 3dt (3 embies)...line was definitely there - not faint, but not dark either. Beta at 10dp3dt was 867!! Started out trips but was twins by 7 1/2 weeks.

    Now healthy twin sons are 6 years old and we're trying IVF#2 for the girl!!


  25. We were very lucky...we implanted two embys and got pg with twins......one quit developing at 9 weeks. But I am very happy to say that we now have a very happy and healthy 4 month old baby boy who is the joy of our lives. God works in misterious ways. Twins would have been fantastic and a ton of work....but we are deturmined to try again for a second....and possibly third.

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