diabetes/insulin/placenta probs

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  1. I am diabetic, 16 weeks preg and experiencing insulin requirements dropping slightly. Concerned that possibly it could have something to do with the placenta. The doc has heard a heartbeat just recently but never looked at placenta. Any one have this experience?

  2. I just googled it. I read that during the first few weeks (up to around week 12 of pregnancy) your body is making 2-3 xs the amount of progesterone that a non-pg woman makes so you require more insulin intitially. Then around the time the placenta takes over and starts working there is a sudden drop in the progesterone and in turn the need for insulin. What I found stated that sometimes during this time you can have lows (especially at night so be careful) b/c your insulin needs are reduced. If you google "insulin requirements during pregnancy" you'll find all sorts of stuff.

    later on you'll find you need more and it will just keep climbing.

    I seem to remember this myself. The second trimester plateau and then increasing steadily after that.

    I wouldn't worry but if you are worried, make an appt and have them give you a quick scan. Also you can rent a doppler (I got mine from babybeats.com) and then you can listen to the heartbeat on your own at home.

    good luck!


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