DHEA + major pelvic pain!!

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  1. I am taking DHEA -- as recommended by Dr..
    I have such pain in my ovaries-- it is not normal.

    anyone else experience this?

  2. I'm sorry that you're experiencing pain, but thankful that you posted. I was just wondering why I had such pain in my ovaries too. I just finished AF and thought that I was going to ovulate early as I couldn't figure out the intense pain.

    How much DHEA are you taking? I am taking 25mg, but my RE advised to take it 3x a day, totaling 75mg.

  3. racergirl- thanks for posting!.. NO ONE could tell me why iw as having that pain.. gyno and Re both said had nothing to do wiht DHEA.. I stopped taking it
    was on 50 mg..
    no more pain.. how are you?

  4. I had major pains during my ovulation this last cycle, and I'm taking 75 mg DHEA. I figured it was an indication it was working. I've got about 6 more weeks to go on it.

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