DH has shingles 3 weeks now....

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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for advice in 2 areas: shingles and maintaining sanity. My Dh was diagnosed with shingles 3 weeks ago. The pain started 4 weeks ago and was first diagnosed as pulled intercostal (?) muscles. He was on lots of pain meds and is now on lesser doses but he is still in a lot of pain. The blisters have subsided a bit but he still has them and a red rash. His main complaint is the constant pain, like a cross between a bad sunburn and a constant needle jabbing pain. To top it off our 5 yr old was diagnosed today with strep and Dh probably has it too so now he is on even more meds. He is miserable and I'm worried that this may turn into a long term debilitating thing. Does anyone have advice/experience with the longer form of shingles?

    Now for the sanity part. I can't do anything for him. I can't touch him. He doesn't like noise. He is always hot or cold. He can't sleep. Our active, rambunctious 3 and 5 yr old boys are bothering him. He really tries to listen to them but they can't touch him or even sit on the bed with him. I've slept in the guest room for a month now. I've spent tons of time out of the house with the boys but they still need to come home at night and we can only eat at McDonald's for so long. We've slept at my parents house so DH could rest. I even had the boys talk to him from my cellphone while I'm driving us around so they get Daddy time. How else can I manage this life? Any advice would be appreciated. Cindy

    ps I'm dreading tomorrow because I can't even escape to the local mall with a germy strep laden/sinus infected/snot dripping 5 yr old.

  2. I am so very sorry for both of you! I had the shingles and it took probably a good 6 wks before I felt better. From time to time I will get pain in my back and I think it is shingles related. I had them almost 5 yrs ago. The worst part for me was the reaction to the medication. Maybe he needs to be on different meds.
    Sounds like you are trying to do everything you can. I used alot of calimine lotion. Have you tried that? I wish I could offer more advice. Hope things get better soon.

  3. I have shingles right now and they are no fun. I think it's been about 3 weeks and today was better. I've been trying to get the shot since my 3rd or 4th outbreak but they keep telling me I'm too young. Grrrr. Maybe your DH will have better luck with that, but he has to wait until the outbreak is over.

    I'm not sure anything really helps you to get over it faster. I've tried what they gave me, but I think the OTC stuff works just as well. I alternate the neosporin (sp?) with pain relief and cortisone cream. I'm thankful that so far I haven't had any really big outbreaks, because I really can't imagine how awful that would be. It's bad enough when you can't seem to get comfortable no matter what.

    Is there any way your DH could go somewhere for the day tomorrow? Is his family nearby? Other than that tell him that having kids means no matter how awful you feel you only get they have to come first. I was so greatful when I got 3 hours sleep while Joe watched Daniel one day. Maybe it helps that my shingles are on my lower back so Daniel can't accidently bump them when he's climbing all over me. But a few times I still wanted to yell at him to just leave me alone for a little while.

    I hope that he gets well soon. You take care of yourself.

  4. Have they given him antiviral medication, or was it diagnosed too late?

  5. Cindy, I'm sorry that I don't have any recommendations to add above what has already been shared. My closest experience with shingles was several years ago when my mom had it. Hers was nto as bad as what you have described your DH going through.

    (((Hugs))) and support to you as you deal with this very difficult situation. It sounds like you're aleady doing an amazing job under the circumstances.


  6. There are many different treatments for shingles pain, the best being early antiviral treatment which helps decrease the duration and severity of the pain as well as the lesions. After that, there are multiple medications you can try including traditional pain meds(narcotics, nsaids), as well as some antidepressants which have been shown to ease neuro pain. A newer drug to the market is Lyrica which may help as well. Lidocaine patches can help some people. It just may be trial and error with meds before finding the one or combo that will help. Perhaps a doctor specializing in pain management can help. Post herpetic neuralgia is difficult to treat as well as extremely miserable for the person experiencing the pain....I hope he is feeling better soon.....


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