Depressed for Christmas

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  1. Does anyone else feel like just sleeping through the holidays????

  2. You are not alone! The holidays are very hard!

  3. Just wanted to add that I am with you all. I can't wait for this to be over.

    How sad.

  4. Yes! I do concur about wanting to sleep through the Christmas holidays!!! Everything is targeted at families, children, etc. Sure makes me feel loved!!

    Let us all hope this is the LAST Christmas with empty arms!

    Thanks for letting me vent here!

  5. Ditto. One more holiday card with pics of adorable kids of people I barely know and I think I just might freak out. Don't hear from them all year but they've just must send pics of their kids. And the worst part- feeling like a terrible person for having these feelings and not sure if I can keep all my emotions in check. Can't wait for it all to be over.

  6. I totally agree about the cards with kids pics on them. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! And if I hear one more time "Just be patient your time will come" that person may get shot....

  7. Ladies,

    I have to agree. I m/c and had the d&c on 12/23 back in 2005 and my holidays haven't been the same. Each year it gets a little better, but won't ever be the same. Still no kids, just furry feline ones.

    The one thing I've learned...start a new tradition. We don't put up the tree, get out the decorations, or lights. DH has also learned that I need to "be away" from the house on Christmas. One year a short cruise and this year an adult Bed & Breakfast with my parents joining in.

    I know it isn't easy and all about kids and families and yes, those pics of happy families you rarely talk to throughout the year. It honestly is the hardest time of the year. Try to think past the holiday and look forward to the new year. If that's too hard, it's ok to sleep away the days. Sometimes it does a body good.

    May you find some sort of peace in the next week. Take care!

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