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  1. Hi All - I am going to be starting Depo Lupron in next few days - results from Beta3 Inetegrin test showed deficiency and the way they correct is depo lupron. Has anyone done this treatment and had success? Can you share time lines from start through cycle? I am trying to find out as much as possible and hoping that some of you can share your experiences.

    Thanks - Anna

  2. Anna-If you go to the Endometriosis section of the board, there is a thread there about it. There are also some girls on it and they have a thread on the donor egg section called The Last Try.
    Good luck!

  3. gymtourl--I did the E-Tegrity test and mine came back with me not having the protien. My RE decided to do the E-tegrity test again but took the biopsy much later in the cycle and the protien showed I never had to do the lupron thing. Would u and your RE consider doing the test again and taking a biopsy later in the cycle to see if the lining is just delayed?.....just a thought.
    Once my RE found I had it but later he altered my estrogen and progestrone and I did a 5DT so that my uterine lining would have the time to build up the protien for implantation.

    Also did u know that studies are out there that just doing a biopsy or two increased the chance of was in India....

    Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks - I questioned the timing, but the lan actually checks for markers that tell them whether it is the correct time, etc. I ovulate late so that was a concern, but feel that the test results are accurate. Considering I have no other known issues or problems we feel we the best course is to do the depot and see what happens - it can't hurt, other than to cost money and delay our cycle about 6 weeks because of the protocol. We are cycling at SDFC and they seem to have quite a bit of experience with this so I am putting faith in that. I had heard about the multiple scraping study and I thin if things don't work on the depot lupron we will try that for any frozens we may have.

    Thanks for the input - we are going to be doing first shot of depot the beginning of June and retrieval / transfer should be late July.


  5. I wish u luck

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