Defining bedrest

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  1. my first ivf I went home and stayed on the couch and rested for a couple of days. BFN

    The second ivf I went from my transfer to a New Zealand Rugby match where it poured with rain and we jumped up and down to cheer. BFP and my DD is 5 now.

    Doing my 3rd and final ivf in March. Fingers crossed.

  2. my clinic or ob didn't suggest going on bedrest with this cycle but I did because of a friend's sucess with it. I know a friend who's done 3 ivfs and she stayed on bedrest and no shower for 5 days. After the 5 days just take it easy. I did try tnat and I have a bfp I'm currently 7wks. I think that the bedrest did help with the chance of the bfp. Good luck

  3. I just did transfer yesterday and my RE (both in USA and here in Zlin, CZ) said the bedrest is really not necessary, it just makes us feel better and no "what if's". If you think about it, women that get pregnant naturally, do all kinds of things as they are implanting because they don't even know yet. Also, as a nurse (not OB), I know it's not good for anyone to lay still too long, then you're setting yourself up for blood clots, especially being on the estrogen, sore backs, and total boredom.

    I came back to hotel after transfer and pretty much only got up to bathroom last night. I will take it easy today and take advantage of DH waiting on me , but I will move from bed to couch, sit in easy chair, etc. Then tomorrow I'll do whatever feels right, no lifting though (that makes sense).

    I agree with others that say you should just do what feels right to you so you can have no "what if's".

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