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  1. For those of you ordered to bedrest, how strict are you really?
    My goal is to find out whether you think that laying on your side or moving around while in bed can be harmful to implantation?

  2. hi there,

    my RE told me strict 3 days bedrest, when getting up (and that only to pee!), rolling to side first. also try not to move too much at beginning, uterus should be as still as possible, no contractions... no laptop or anything on belly! (I used a tray for laptop), 2 pillows behind back is okay, not more...., also no shower for 3 days on bedrest.

    my RE is very strict/conservative, it worked for us....6weeks 4 days today!

    I suggest to do whatever puts you at comfort, if you want to move even less than RE says, do it. you don't want to say afterwards, what if I had or hadn\'t....

    good luck!


  3. Wow, now I'm scared! I was told just be a couch potatoe! For 24 hours... then no lifting etc,,, but could return to work etc. but, no excersing etc... still kinda take it easy. But, that being as still as possible scares me... on the way home from transfer yesterday, dh hit a big bump that really jiggled me good.. I was freaking out! oh, well, it thats all it takes to make this not work... then... I don't know what to say! I even called the nurse and told her what happend, she reassured me that it would be fine.. of course what else is she going to say....

  4. Mirnab - Different RE's have different ideas of bedrest. Mine says be a couch potato for the day of the tx and the day after. DD came from one of my 2 cycles. Don't worry too much. (At least try not to).

    Good luck

  5. I lay flat on bed with a pillow under my butts.

  6. I lay down, mostly, sometimes on my side, but didn't move a whole lot - I only got up for meals and bathroom.

  7. Last year we tx 3 and I was told to go home and remain on bedrest for 2 days (BFN)

    This year, we tx 3 (higher grade, if that means anything...we'll see) and was told to go home remain on bedrest for the rest of the day and that I could return to work the next day, but to take it easy (it was the beginning of school and I had to get my classroom ready).

    Still in the 2ww, hoping that the change in bedrest won't bring another BFN. While I was on br, I stayed flat mostly (or propped on my elbow on my side), sat up to eat and only got up to go to the potty.

  8. I watched televsion all day and got up quite frequently.
    I returned to work the next day.
    Received a BFP last week.


  9. this time i'm on 2 days bedrest and I'm actually on a reclyner so not completely flat. I should be doing another transfer tomorrow (double transfer) so I will be on bedrest again for 2 more days.

    the first time in 2004 fresh, no bedrest =BFN
    the second time in 2006 june fresh, bedrest for 5 days= BFN
    then aug FET, bedrest on incliner 8 days= BFN

    So we will see this time!!!!

  10. My RE say's once the embies are in there is nothing that you can do!!! bed rest will not help!!! that they can NOT fall out no matter what you do.. just have faith

  11. My RE is most interested in having a quiet environment for the day so I have been told to go home and rest. I am allowed to get up for bathroom and meals, but shouldn't do much more. He also says that it is good to avoid jostling and lifting at least until you get the beta results.

  12. My RE did not recommend any bedrest. He said that there is nothing you can do to make them fall out. He did advise no high impact aerobics, skydiving, heavy lifting, etc... He basically said to use common since and act as if I was already pregnant (no alcohol, smoking, unapproved medications, etc.).

    I layed in bed and watched movies after the transfer, but the next day went about my normal business. I used this approach 5 years ago with the same RE and got a hopefully it will work again. I'm 5dp5dt.

    Good Luck Everyone!!!

  13. i was told to stop working out,just walk and continue as heavy weights......thats all

  14. My RE recommended 2 days bedrest, no lifting, no preparing meals, just in bed and getting up to go to the bathroom. I've been on this road a long time and heard it all and have done all varitions, so I do what makes sense to me now. I take it very easy, do not walk the dog, do not lift anything and rest for 2 days. Then no heay lifting and only moderate exercise, such as walking and yoga. My naturopath has suggested it is important to get the blood flowing to the uterus, so to get up and walk around to circulate the blood. So, you can see that with such differences in recommendations, you just need to feel comfortable with whatever you choose.

    Someone once said the embryo(s) in your uterus are like peas in a peanutbutter sandwich.

  15. My RE says not to do anything that will make your ponytail bob, but really just to take it easy. He wants us to act like healthy 90-year olds during the 2WW - we can go out to dinner and we can hang out and watch TV, but no sex, horseback riding, skydiving, etc. etc. Since I am cycling out of state I had to go out to a restaurant for dinner and he said that was fine. Mainly I am just lounging in bed, but I am not on strict bedrest. I had transfer at noon, then am supposed to take it easy for the rest of the day and I can head home tomorrow. My RE also say that there is nothing that you can do to make the embryos fall out or to make them implant or not implant. Basically, if you are going to get pg you will, and if the embryos aren't good you won't.


  16. I was told to lie down for about two days, but it was fine to get up and go to TV room, etc. RE said take it easy, use common sense and don't lift anything over 40 lbs. Haven't been to gym at all, but I went for a long walk today; I'm 10dp3dt. Needed to stretch my legs. Worried that was too much exercise because I had some stronger cramping afterward, but I have had cramping off and on ever since transfer. Also I did work out regularly before cycle (this is my 1st cycle) and it was just a brisk walk!

  17. From everything I've read, bedrest makes no difference in implanation at best and was found to interfere with implantation in several studies. Not one study found that it helped with implantation, which makes me wonder why so many doctors still recommend it. My clinic told me bedrest was unnecessary. It would follow that how you define bedrest would make no difference.

  18. and I went back to work the next daughter is now 2yrs.

  19. I flew from the Czech Republic to London after my transfer, the next day I went back to work as a drama teacher (so lots of leaping about!). I'm now 28 weeks pregnant. Resting for more than 15 mins after transfer makes no difference at all.

    Nicola x

  20. I had my ET today. We went to the grocery store on the way home, so I walked around for awhile. I did get home and watched TV on the couch for a while and then slept for a couple of hours in bed. I will probably do the same thing again tomorrow (minus the grocery store) and then go to work Monday morning.

  21. I totally trust the advise of CCRM (#1 clinic in the country). They advised STRICT bed rest. Go straight home, to bed. Not even sitting up in bed. Have meals given to you in bed, and only to get up to go to the bathroom. No shower either. I did this the day of transfer and the WHOLE next day. Trf was Thurs, Fri in bed and got out of bed Sat. I am 13 weeks pregnant.

  22. My re says 1st day strict bedrest, second day moderate (take it easy).

    This is our first fet, but our first fresh cycle we followed this and I even put a pillow under my butt to angle the embies downward for a snug fit...

    Probably made no difference, but then again I did get 3 for 3 the first time. LOL...I'll do the same method this time, mostly for superstition, but I don't want to give them a chance to fall out before getting nice and snug...

  23. I didn't vote b/c there are diff. levels of bed rest - strict, modiied.

    For my last 2ww, doctor ordered modified bed rest - lie down for 24 hours and was allowed to go to the bathroom, get up and eat, take a shower, but no lifting over 5-10 pounds and no intercourse until after the 1st trimester (if beta is +) and I followed his orders.

  24. My RE didn't care whether I was laying flat, sitting, etc. They just want me to be sort of still and quiet. I can be up to shower, make meals, etc, just not too much walking around.

  25. i like to follow my Re order. 72 hrs of bedrest, and thereafer light activity. i did that during my first ivf and it was a bfp. It does help.

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