December beta anyone?

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  1. Hi gals glad to see everyone is doing good!!! Hope you all had a blessed new year!!!
    I am ready to go over to pregnancy boards whenever you all are

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and look foward to hearing good u/s reports for monday!!!!!


  2. Yall are right those HIGH betas are TWINS!!!! Both looking good so far.... I am so happy and also so sick, but wont complain! I hope evryone is good and I am ready to go to the PG boards. Best wishes to everyone.....Even this cycle was a rocky one in the beginning but has turned out to be the BEST!

  3. Wow! That is so fantastic. I am sooo happy for you. Did you get to see two little heartbeats? That must have been amazing.

    I still have a week to go until my ultrasound but I am thinking very positively that I will meet you at the pregnancy boards.

    What was your first beta and how may days past your transfer. I am thinking I may have twins myself.


  4. I was 10dp3dt and it was 326
    the next one was 13dp3dt and it was 2527!
    They were VERY high.... Still wondering if there is another one lurking around in there! J/K Im thinking about you! Yes, the US is amazing. They are soooo small all I could see was the flutter from the heart beating.....

    Just realized how HIGH your beta was also.... How many days were you then?

  5. Congratulations Allie!!!! That's wonderful news!!!!!!! What did they say about the bleeding. I am so happy for you see I knew you would be just fine!!!

  6. Allie,

    My beta was 374 at 12p3dt. Does that seem really high? It does to me as I compare my numbers to everyone else. I am going in on Thursday for another blood test. That should be very telling. I am going to be an older, first time mom, so twins would be very nice.


  7. Lots of congrats to many people on this board!

    Allie, just wonderful about twins- how thrilling! Hope today's u/s was able to put you at rest a but about the bleeding.

    asteria- Your beta does sound high so you too might be in for twins! Please keep us posted.

    Beth, Mel, Shasta and Steph and to anyone I am forgetting congrats, and I am hoping to see you on the pregnancy boards. I am not there yet, too superstitious, but I go for another u/s on Weds and if they see the h/b (7.4 wks) then I might decide to make the move. I feel like I am inching forward but still holding my breath. I feel really crappy, hungry and tired, I take that all as a good sign. Hope you all continue to do well and I will keep an eye out for you all!

  8. woohoo, twins, allie! big congrats!! MP, if you want twins then i hope you get them!

    i have my heartbeat check tomorrow (6w6d). i've had some m/s the past couple of weeks but much more mild than with DD. i've also had some very very light (almost not there) brown discharge on and off the past few days. m/s i'll take, brown discharge, not so much. so, we'll see what is going on with my christmas miracle! i'll be 37 in a couple of weeks, i'd like to have this baby in august and be done with my family!!

  9. Sorry for being MIA for a few days, my sweet 13yo step-son is in town and we have been busy... basically just fooling around. Then when we get home, I pass out.

    asteria - I total agree with you about the u/s wait... it's almost more unbearable than the 2ww.

    Allie - Same post as the other board...WOOOHOOO!!!!! So excited for you... it's twins . Glad the bleeding was nothing.

    Shasta and K&P - Hoping for continued good news from your u/s.

    Hi to Everyone Else!!!!

    As for moving on to the PG board... I would only feel comfortable after seeing the hb, which will hopefully be next week.

    AFM - My back pains are getting better, unfortunately for DH I have been sleeping in the guest bedroom. We have a select comfort bed in there and I have found that a firmer mattress gives me a much better nights sleep. I made my u/s appointment for next Tuesday, but have to go see my PMC first to get an authorization. It's kind of a pain, but I am hoping she gives me another beta, and I want to see if she'll run a progesterone check too. Other than the lower back aches, and being tired... I have no other symptoms. Which is so nerve wracking... I want to do a HPT every day (which I have not). Many of my girlfriends say that no symptoms are common, so I will try to relax. I am so anxious for next Tuesday.

    DH and SDS are making me Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon... we watched Julie & Julia last week and DH was inspired. They are even keeping the mushrooms in...which I love, and they both hate. I wish I could share with you how wonderful the house smells right now.

    Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  10. Steph- glad your back ome and can get some rest now....
    MP- your betas are high but it is so hard to tell. My Dr's would never tell me what they thought from my numbers... They would only say "it's a healthy number"......
    Shasta-thinking about you today

    I hope everyone is doing well. I still have the holiday deco still up, tree and all. Hmm I guess I may consider starting to take it all down... May take me a few weeks! :-)

  11. Mary!! Good luck with U/S can't wait !

    Allie- Take it easy I say a few weeks to take everything down sounds just great lol

    Knit-Good luck on your u/s today hwo exciting

    Shasta- how did your u/s go yesterday??

    Steph- good luck on u/s as well and that food sounds delicious!!!

    AFM- Got my 3rd beta results back from 18dp6dt and it was 5,800 so happy its rising nicely from 10 dp6dt 150 and 12dp6dt 375 18dp6dt 5,800
    We have another u/s scheduled for monday and we should see h/b by then. DH thinks that there is one hiding in there I told him he's crazy lol thats about it still feeling pretty good have been a little nausues here and there but nothing bad at all I have to say the only thing that really hurts on me is my bb's they just feel really engorged how many u/s is everyone getting?


  12. I started bleeding pretty heavily this morning around 11:30. I had just come from my Primary Care Physician's office, where I had to get a referral for next weeks u/s at my obgyn. She gave me a pregnancy test (urine), and all the girls in the office were so happy. Then not 15 minutes later, walking in Kohls department store my undies were soaked. I was passing small clots too. I stayed relatively calm, called my obgyn, and she said to come in. I continued to bleed pretty heavily, and cramp. After examining me, she said that my cervix was closed and that was good. She did an u/s and found a gestational sac measuring 6wks4days, but could not detect anything else. She said it might just be a late developer and that a Beta will be more definitive, and depending on the results a u/s next week might be more conclusive. So I now wait. The bleeding has slowed, still a little crampy, but home in bed in my jammies.

    We are hoping for the best, and are prepared for the worst. Very thankful that we have 13 snow babies waiting in the wings.

    Say a little prayer for us... I'll keep you posted.


  13. Steph- I left you a message on the another thread also. I am thinking and praying for you. (((HUGS)))

  14. Steph,

    That is so scary. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. You are in my prayers.


  15.! i am so sorry you are going through this. thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes for a slow starter.

    AFM, well, more limbo. the good news is that we have a heartbeat. the bad news is that i am measuring a few days behind (6w1d) and the heart rate is slow - the fellow wasn't able to count but she thought maybe the 80s, possibly the 90s. i'm kind of irate that i didn't have an RE doing the u/s, and i'm also upset at how the fellow dealt with me. my RE has been very optimistic (i've spoken with him twice) but the resident came in to this u/s cold not knowing the history of low betas and late implantation and, even though i tried to explain it she dismissed me and was 100% "this is not a viable pregnancy." she may be right, but i'm just not sure my RE would have left me with such despair.

    so, after spending yesterday and last night basically waiting to miscarry, i talked to my IVF nurse today. she was upset that i was so upset and tried to get me to come in today to have another u/s and talk with an RE. i told her that i wanted to wait at least a couple of days to see if we had any growth and if the heartrate could maybe pick up. so, i am going in friday morning...and she made a note that no residents or fellows are allowed in the appt. LOL! and thank goodness DH is back in town and can go to this appt. with me.

    really, that fellow had no business making that kind of call. if she saw something she didn't like, she needed to get an RE in the room to confirm and talk to me. if i had been thinking straight i would have asked her to get an RE but of course i wasn't.

    hopefully on friday we'll find that the baby has grown a bit and the heartrate has picked up.

  16. Steph- how scary! I am glad that you saw a sac measuring fine, and I hope tha things continue to be ok for you. Sorry you have to go through this though.

    Shasta- I agree with you the resident had no right to say that information to you, it should not have been your responsibilty to ask for an RE, he should have gotten one for you. So sorry that have all this anxiety to face from now till Friday. I will keep you in my thoughts. Please keep us posted.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok. Has anyone else had an u/s recently?

    today I had my 7.3 day u/s and thank goodness everything looked just great. Baby measuring right on target and heartbeat was 146 so RE felt good about things and said it was time for me to be released to my reg OB- crazy, but I guess I had to leave at some point. I wanted to give him a big hug, but thought it might be inappropriate... I guess it is time for me to move to pregnancy boards, but I will be lurking here to check on you all.

  17. Oh Steph and Shasta, I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's just not fair that you have to be in these situations.

    Steph - I hope the bleeding and cramps have eased by now. I'm glad that you are giving it some time to see how things will go. I know there is really nothing you can do to change the outcome one way or another, but hopefully you can rest alot in the next coming days and have someone take care of you.

    Shasta - I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with the fellow. You are right, he had no right to treat you so bluntly or uncaringly or to declare something like that without your RE's input or knowing the history. That's awful. I hope you too will have some time to take care of yourself.

    I'm thinking about you both and keeping you in my prayers.

  18. Shasta,

    I am sorry you are going through all of that. I am horrified by your experience but not surprised. I am not sure why there are so many health care professionals in the fertility business who seem to have no clue about compassion. Have you been able to speak with your RE? It doesn't sound like the person you were dealing with even got an accurate heartbeat count. He may be getting you all scared for nothing. Hopefully. Hang in there. We are hear for you.


  19. I had my second beta today.
    12dp3dt - 374
    19dp3dt - 7,100

    Progesterone looks good at 25 which was a big relief as I was concerned it was too low last week. I am a little worried b/c I started spotting today. It was a lot of brown specks or something in the toilet. Has anyone had that?

    I am trying to remind myself that my numbers look great, so everything is fine but I am worried b/c this is how my last miscarriage started. Although my numbers were very ominous for my last pregnancy (16dpo - 20; 18dpo - 40 and 21 dpo 231). This pregnancy looks much, much healthier.

    7 more days to my ultrasound. I am going to curl up in bed and rest for the rest of the evening with a big bottle of water. If spotting continues, I may ask for an early ultrasound and see what they say.


  20. Shasta- I really think you should talk to your RE. I agree with asteria, not sure I would even trust the results that person gave you....

    asteria- I have definately had alot of that brownish spec/spot stuff. I dont know exactly what it is. Are you on Progesterone vaginal suppositories? I know they can irritate the cervix, etc. Nevertheless I have 2 drs at 2 different clinics both telling me not to worry about it. Your numbers are healthy! I know it's hard not to worry.

    Hang in there girls! Stay warm, suppose to snow here in NC tonight.... burrrrrr

  21. we saw the RE this morning and the bub is measuring 6.5 weeks with a heartbeat of 120. they are still a bit concerned that it is measuring 4-5 days behind b/c of it being an IVF pregnancy and knowing date of conception, etc., but it is growing well along its own curve and there is room to be cautiously optimistic. the RE explained that the concern with an IVF pregnancy that has late implantation and continues to lag behind a few days is whether there is a genetic issue, and he counseled us to have a CVS or amnio done. we'll cross that bridge when we (hopefully) come to it.

    there was much more conversation about the situation today than tuesday. my DH and i feel much better about things.

    i go back in 11 days for a followup u/s. major finger crossing going on over here...

  22. Shasta- yayyy that's great news!!! I wanted to say about he amnio or cvs testing though and I am sorry if you don't like what I say and I appoligize for this in the beg and I know you guys will cross that bridge when u get to it but in my experience and have quite a few people I know that ended up doing amnios and ended up rupturing early because of ening of in sever premature births and losses. Of course it does not always end that way but I think if you guys decide to keep baby no matter what and it oes not matter outcome of baby to you I would pass on the amnio. I just wanted to share because I ended up having premature rupture of mebranes my last pregnancy

  23. Ahmet...thanks for your insight into the invasive testing, and i'm sorry you've experienced PPROM. we were faced with doing an amnio with my DD and we passed b/c we would not terminate and we didn't want to risk m/c for the reason you noted. at this point i feel the same about this pg...i will do all of the non-invasive screening first, including going back to my peri, and is there are horrendous abnormalities noted then we might consider an amnio. i was pretty shocked that the RE mentioned it but he just wanted to give us all of the info and his opinion on the matter, i suppose!

  24. Ohh good Shasta I was hoping you wouldn't get offended by what I said I just wanted to mention it but of course its apersonal decision what might be good for me is not always good for the next person

  25. Shasta - Yea! I'm so glad that things went well today. I know how important it is to be cautious but I'm still really happy for you and hope that things continue to go well.

    asteria - congratulations on your beta! Your numbers sound great. Can't wait to hear how your US goes next week.

    ersinim - I'm really glad that your US went well. Sounds like everything is going perfectly. I know it is kind of scary just being released to an OB after all that monitoring and caution.

    AFM - I had my US today as well at 7w2d and everything looked great. HB was 153. I had a small subchorionic hematoma apparently but haven't had any bleeding or anything worrisome. The RE wasn't worried but I was a little worried. RE who did the US (not my normal one) didn't have the best bedside manner and offhandly told us about the increased risks of miscarriage with SCH's. That kind of freaked me out. Any advice on anything I should do or precautions I should take? She said it would resolve on its own and that it is small.

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