December beta anyone?

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  1. daisy...i am so, so sorry about how your cycle turned out. it just isn't fair. please, please take care of yourself and your DH. i really hope your next cycle is the one for you. sounds like a subchorionic hematoma. it is not uncommon in IVF pregnancies. i actually spotted quite a bit, sometimes red, with my DD the first 2 weeks. you could even have a vanishing twin (which is what happened with my pregnancy with DD). ugh, it is so scary but HANG IN THERE until your u/s. when is it?

    AFM...i had my early u/s today and we saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac. it is a touch smaller than my RE usually sees at this stage but he agreed that i had a late implanter and he is not worried at all. i go for a heartbeat check january 5.

  2. Ali,

    I wanted to send you some good wishes for your beta tomorrow. This whole process is so extremely nerve wracking and it is very hard not to worry. Hopefully there is an explanation for the bleeding and the pregnancy is just fine. I will be sending positive throughts your way. Hopefully your can take it real easy while you are sorting all this out.


  3. Daisy - I just wanted to say how sorry about the BFN last week. I do hope that your miracle is just a few short months away.

    Allie - I'm sorry to hear about the bleeding and hope it's just normal early pregnancy bleeding. Hang in there...

    Shasta - I can't believe it. I'm really happy for you and am looking forward to hearing about your US on 1/5.

    AFM - I have my first US tomorrow and I'm so nervous.


  4. Thank you ladies for all of you kind words and support. I will keep you posted on when we plan to cycle again. We are tentatively thinking May timeframe.

    MP - thank you for your advice and input I am off of work for another week (company shutdown) and am not planning on doing much of anything for the next week. I want to get my body back to normal. I also think I need some "me time" so I am definately taking your advice.
    I'm sorry you had to have a quiet Christmas this year. Some of the things we have to go through in life just are not fair. I think you did the right thing though - it was very hard being in that situation. I have put myself off limits from some people for awhile. I know it sounds selfish but I just can't handle certain situations right now. I don't think I was prepared for the emotional roller coaster that came with a BFN.
    Thanks for your advice

  5. I felt I had to check in to see how everyone is doing.

    Daisy - I am so sorry to hear about your BFN. I got one a few weeks ago and know how hard it can be. The holidays certainly do not make it any easier. Do take care of yourself during this time.

    Allie - Every situation is different, but I actually had a friend who bled so much in early pregnancy that she thought she had her period. In the end she ended up being pg. I will hope this is the case for you. Wishing good news for you tomorrow on your beta

    Beth - good luck with your US. The waiting never ends...

    Shasta - I am SO happy to hear your US went well. This is such a great lesson that anything can happen. You have been in my thoughts.

    Steph - Congrats to you!

    I hope everyone else is doing well.

  6. Daisy - So sorry to hear your news... be good to yourself, and best of luck with your future cycles.

    - You are in my prayers today... hoping to hear good news.

    Shasta - Great news from the u/s... you have quite the little fighter in there.

    - Hoping for a great update today!

    - I am sort of from Southern Cal. I grew up in the desert, Mom still lives in La Quinta. We cycled in SD... where I lived for 6 year before getting married. The last 7 years have been all over, DH is in the Navy. (Just retired last week after 20, hoping our moving days are over) We now live in South Carolina and hope to stay there, but it will depend on DHs job.

    Hi to everyone else!!!

    AFM - Second Beta in 346, 12dp5dt . Next step u/s week of Jan 11th. DH and I are on our way home. Cross-country road trip from Cali - SC. Hope to be hope Wednesday night.

    Have a great day ladies!!!


  7. Right after I got the call that my 3rd beta is 21,000, I had another gush of bright red blood with quarter size clots.....What is going on? This does not seem good at all. Very worried.....

  8. Wow, that is very perplexing. Your beta looks great. Doesn't seem like it would rise that much if there was a problem with the baby. Did your dr. have any insight? Is he willing to push up your ultrasound so you can get some answers?

    I remember when my girlfriend announced her pregnancy at 3 months. She told me early on she thought she was miscarrying and she went in for an ultrasound and found out she was having twins. I remember her telling me that bleeding is common with twins. I don't know if she had clots or not.

    It is so hard not to worry, but I would make sure the dr.'s office if doing everyting they can to help you feel reassured. I am learning that we really need to push for what we want sometimes.

    Good Luck. I'll be continuing to think positive thoughts for you.

  9. Hi Ladies!!!

    Shasta - How exciting!!! cute little bean!!!

    Steph, Darn i was hoping I had a new buddy here lol You betas and mine sound about the same. My 10dp6dt was 150 and 12dp6dt was 375 we are neck and neck lol

    Beth where are ya??? I have been waiting for u/s results alllllll day lol

    Aliie you beta sounds great hang in there When can you go for u/s??

    Hi everyone else who I missed waiting to hear some more good news we have 2 more betas coming in right???

    AFM- went to have my first ob appointment today I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and I am actually going for an early u/s tomorrow I know its a bit early but my Dr wants to see whats going on then I will have one again jan 11. Also my Dr is going to have me continue (why doesn't that spelling look right ??lol) my PIO until I am 12 weeks along (RE wanted to stop at 8 weeks) he has already been super great and is going to be very cautious and watch over this pregnancy since I had PPROM with my last pregnancy. I will also be doing the p17 shots starting from week 16-37 weeks I believe lots of needles lol but all worth it!!

    Ok just wanted to check in and see how everything was going

  10. Quick update had u/s today and we saw 1 little jelly bean! Still was early since I am only 5 weeks but was able to see yolk sac!! Will try and post later

  11. Hi, ladies. Sorry I didn't have a chance to post yesterday. Hectic day between cleaning up after a visit from family and then flying today out of town to visit more family. Wanted to post my update on the US. It looked great and I have one little peanut growing. I was 5w6d yesterday and was able to see a little flutter of a heartbeat which was great. I was very reassured but can't help thinking that something will happen. I think I just need to get through these next 6 weeks to be comfortable.

    Allie - I'm so sorry to hear about the bleeding. I know your betas sound really high but that doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong. I hope the bleeding is now calmed down a bit. Let us know what is happening. I'm thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.

    Ahmet - Yea! Your US sounds great! You must be so excited. Having that US done is really reassuring.

    Steph - what a solid and great 2nd beta!. How are you feeling? A cross-country road trip sounds wonderful to me right now. All I want to do is sit and sleep. Anybody else exhausted?

    asteria - when's your beta? Is it on Thursday? I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  12. Thanks for all the encouragement. I didnt have any bleeding yesterday but have had a little today. I go on Monday for my US. I will be 6w2d on Monday.

    Could a high beta mean something is wrong? My Dr seems to think everyting will be fine. I dont know but I am nervous.

    Congrats on your US's and thinking about everyone everyday. I am so thankful for the support you all bring. It does help.

  13. Allie, glad to hear your doctor is feeling optimistic. I had always thought that a high beta was a postive or an indication of twins. Yours does not seem unusually high. Didn't you say it was about 2,000. I will be really reassuring to finally have an ultrasound.

    AFM, My beta is tomorrow. Today is feeling like a really long day. I am not quite sure what to do with myself to pass the time. I took a hpt yesterday and got a positive, so I am feeling hopeful but also cautious with my emotions. Could this really be my time?? I know that the next 8 weeks are filled with tests and appointments which can be pretty nerve wracking. I just really hope I get a high enough beta for them to confirm a pregnancy.

  14. It was 21,500 on Monday.... Seems REALLY high to me too.....

  15. It's tough to tell on those beta numbers. The range of normal is very wide. mp

  16. I know.... My Dr just keeps calling it a "very healthy pregnancy"..... I just cant help but think the bleeding is not too healthy.....Guess we will see on Monday.

  17. Beth -Yayyy Congrats thats wonderful!!! I know what you mean about you feel I just keep praying everyday please Lord let this be a healthy full term pregnancy its hard not to worry

    Allie- your numbers do sound great and strong, maybe you are having twins and thats why the bleeding, when I had my u/s done they did say they saw a little bit of blood in the uterus around the baby and she said it was probably from implantation and that eventually it will get aborbed so maybe you have a bit of that and its slowly diminishing. Just rest and drink water. Try not to worry i know hard not to of course but I have a great feeling about this for you

    Mary- Congratulations for yout bfp on the hpt!!! Can't wait for your beta!!! Awesome news!!

    How's everyone else doing???

  18. Hi all,

    I just got the call. It is a BFP. I almost can't believe it. My beta is 374. Thank you. Thank you for all your encouragement about my thin lining. I can't believe I almost opted to freeze the embryos and wait a few months. Just goes to show, this is not an exact science! Happy New Year


  19. Mary- Congratulations thats great beta!!! Now for your u/s!!!! So excited for you !!

  20. YAY asteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a very Happy New Year! What a great beta# also! Sounds like mine.... I have been in bed all day with a HA and vomiting....I will survive and so happy to have pg sickness..... crazy....
    So Happy for you!

  21. asteria...WOOHOO!!!! what a wonderful beta! i am so so happy for you!

    alli - yay for pg. symptoms!

    hope everyone else is hanging in there and having a very good start to the new year!

  22. We are finally home after our cross-country travels... and it is soooo good to be home. Hope everyone had a nice holiday season!

    Mel - Great news on your u/ exciting!!

    Beth - One little peanut... and a little flutter to boot, how wonderful!!

    Allie - Sounds like things are rough.... but I'll bet you still couldn't be happier. Hang in there till Monday buddy!

    asteria - Yippee!!!! So very happy for you!

    Hi to Everyone Else!!!!

    AFM - Major lower back pain, but from my googling I have found that it is normal and 80% of women experience this in early pregnancy, and it is caused by the progesterone loosing the ligaments.... OUCH!!!

    Have a great New Years Day!!!


  23. asteria - I'm sooo sooo excited for you! Congratulations!!

    And Happy New Year to everyone. I'm so grateful to everyone here for the support you have given over the last couple of weeks. I hope that this year brings lots of happiness and hope.

    So....anyone feel comfortable enough going to the pregnancy boards yet?

  24. Steph so glad you made it back to SC! :-)

    I am feeing much better today. I got a script for Zofran for the vomiting and it has helped.....

    I am going to wait till my US on Monday before i go to the pg board.....

    Hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy New Year. Here's to a BUNCH of BABIES in 2010..... I pray that everyone gets their dream fulfilled.

  25. Hi all,

    Thanks for all your congrats. I am finding that the wait until the ultrasound is sort of like another 2 week wait. Can't wait until we all see the heatlhy little heart beats! My first ultra sound is Jan 14th. I think I will follow Allie's lead and wait until that date to move to the pregnancy boards.

    Shasta and Allie, good luck Monday and Tuesday. I am praying for your healthy, strong fetal heartbeats.

    Could everyone let me know what their progesterone levels were with their first betas? I want to make sure mine are o.k My estrogen is 1,783 and Prog. is 14. I am wondering about asking my dr. to increase my dosage.


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