December beta anyone?

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  1. ejtiew - I live in MA and it is true that this state has really excellent infertility coverage. (I think alot of plans will cover up to 6 cycles. Once you have had a live birth, that number resets and you may be able to get another 6 cycles. I do think it probably depends on the insurance plan you have. But there is one loophole in alot of plans. If you get pregnant with a positive beta and then miscarry, insurance may not pay for infertility treatment for 1 year afterward.) I feel really fortunate that we ended up here for work. We came before the infertility thing struck and have been in the state longer than we otherwise would have b/c of the coverage. We're not from here and can't wait to leave to be closer to family.
    By the way, good luck tomorrow on your beta!

    debcolley and K&P - did you guys go for another beta today? How are you feeling?

    Shasta - I'll be thinking about you tomorrow when you go in for your test.

    AFM - I'm dying for Saturday to come. I did another HPT this am and it was positive though the line is still faint. I'm also getting a ton of cramping and had very slight amount of brown spotting yesterday. Hoping those are good signs.

  2. Beth- those all sound like really positive signs! your symptoms sound a lot like mine were, hope that means your results will be similar as well. Also, I was told that it is not the strength of the line that matters, just that you see one. A hpt does not measure "how" pregnant you are, just if you are pregnant or not. You might want to try a digital hpt to be sure you see the words pregnant. I did that the morning of my beta and it certainly made waiting for the phone call much more bearable. Good luck!

    ejtiew- I live in NJ, and although they have state mandated coverage (I think it is 3 cycles) it is only for businesses with home offices in the state- so since my DH works for a company based in St Louis, but his office is here, we don't have any IVF coverage- we are totally oop! I totally get the added financial stress that adds to wanting a cycle to work- I am rooting for you!

    Shasta- how are you holding up? when do you have to go back? Sounds like your road has already been a long one, sorry that you are going through this again. But I am glad to hear that you are remembering to focus on the joy that is your DD. I too have a DD and with each failed cycle I knew how having her really made it manageable. Good luck and keep us posted.

    afm, went in for my 2nd beta today, but probably won't get the call till this evening since I did it locally and results will have to be sent to my clinic. Was a nervous wreck last night and hardly slept, but still feel pregnant so I am hoping that is a good sign that things are moving in the right direction. Let you ladies know when I do.

    How is e/e doing? You all are a quiet group- where is the symptom obsession???

  3. Beth - thanks for the input. I actually just applied to a few jobs in Boston. I was there for college and grad school. If I had known I would have all these fertility issues I would have just stayed there! I work in HR and there certainly are those types of jobs in MA so we shall see... If you know of anyone hiring let me know Also, I think all of your symptoms sound very promising! I am sure Saturday cannot come soon enough for you.

    I can hardly believe my beta is tomorrow. I am trying to be positive but I know it is is such a long shot for the bfp so I am already anticipating the worst. All I had to transfer was one 2 cell embryo.

    debcolley and K&P - how were your tests today? Thinking good thoughts for you guys.

    Lin and Allie - good luck for Friday.

    Shasta - thinking about you as well.

  4. Shasta--so sorry to hear your news.

    Well ladies I think I did something stupid. Yesterday at 7dp5dt I went in for a progesterone check and while I was there I said to myself they are drawing blood anyone lets do a beta. I knew it was early but I said to myself I wouldn't get down if it came back<2. Well I called in and of course it is neg. Did I test too early--aah I wish I hadn't checked......

  5. lin...i'm so sorry for the negative beta. big hugs to you.

  6. lin- sorry for your neg, but maybe it is still too early... was it an fet?

    just a quick update- my stupid lab ran my blood without doing my beta, only my progesterone and e2... ahhhh now I have to wait till tomorrow when they rerun the test and fax the results over to my clinic to call with the results. Yet another night of anxiety... feels like an extended 2ww!

  7. I don't go in until tomorrow, I guess my clinic does 72 hours and not 48, I'll keep you posted.

    I actually wouldn't be surprised if it's bad news. I use endometrin suppositories and a couple of times I've noticed a pinkish/brownish discharge. I know it's not uncommon with suppositories, but any time there's something that's not completely 'normal' I prepare myself for the worst.

  8. Hi Ladies can I join Hi Beth!! I made it over here.
    Ok so I am 5dp6dt we transfered 2 blast actually a 6 day blast which is a first for me

    1 st IVF trans-4 embies 3 8 cell 1 6 cell = ds 6yr old
    2nd IVF trans -5 embies 3-8cell 1-7 cell- 1 -6 cell = twin dd but PPROM at 18.5 wks and have a surviving twin who was a 24 weeker
    3rd IVf we shall see! I have been hpt everyday since day 3 lol and of course came out BFN but I did again this afternoon and it has a very very super faint line so hopefully it comes out darker tmrw its still pretty early since I am just 5dp6dt
    so how is everyone I am going to go back and read all of the post to ctach up beta is on the 21 st for me.


  9. Ladies may I join. My beta is Friday and I am absolutely losing my mind. We did IVF in August and got pregnant but m/c at 5.5 weeks. Did a FET in October got pregnant with twins and again m/c at 5.5 weeks. The dr discovered I have anticardiolipin antibodies so we are treating that for the first time. We recently did FET again and transferred three hatching blasts. I am 9dp5dt and my HPT's have ALL been BFN. Feeling real discouraged but trying not to give in until the beta.

  10. Alicia - I'm thinking of you. Please don't give in until the beta. You just never know. Hugs. Somxay

  11. My beta is Friday also... i am going crazy.....I am axious, nervous, restless... and more.....I have not poas, as I think that may send me over the edge....

  12. got my second beta results, 893! So doubling time is a little less than 40 hours. the nurse was really happy about it, said it looks perfect. She also said my progesterone was higher than 40, and their lab only tests up to 40 so she said that was great.

    I\'m trying not to get too excited, but these numbers are helping me relax a little bit!

  13. Goodmorning girls!! Well did clear blue easy digital today and it said pregnant!!! Can't wait till beta!!

    Congrats debcolley thats awesome!!!

    Alicia hang in there I have read like crazy on the boards about the hpt and there are many women that it did not show up on hpt but they ended up getting positive betas!! I will be praying for you!!

    Allie- good luck for tmrw!!!!!!

  14. This thread is so awesome; It has been a very lucky one. Congratulations debcolley on the great 2nd beta! K&P, I'm so sorry the lab screwed up. I would have been so mad and upset. I can't wait to hear what the numbers were though.

    Ahmet, I'm so glad you are joining us from the other thread. And what wonderful news. A positive HPT this early is great. I'm really excited for you. I bet Monday can't come soon enough. Sounds like the day 6 transfer was a good idea by your RE.

    Alicia - I'm really glad you found us too. Hang in there. I swear those HPTs are evil. On my first IVF, I had a negative HPT on the day of beta and a positive beta. Sometimes they can be really great, but sometimes they can be deceiving. I hope tomorrow brings you better news. Yesterday, you were only 14 days past ovulation (technically, even though it was FET). That's barely detectable.

    ejtiew - can't wait to hear about your beta today. Good luck!

    OK, here's a new list for the next few days. I hope I didn't miss anyone.
    Lovey - ? result (beta last week)
    Terry(old college try) - ? result (beta last week)
    K&P - positive beta !
    debcolley - positive beta!
    Shasta - positive beta 8, repeat Thursday (?), I'm keeping up the hope
    ejtiew - Thursday
    Lin, Allie, Alicia - Friday (lin, I'm not counting that first beta yesterday, too early)
    Beth - Saturday (positive HPT)
    Ahmet - Monday the 21st (positive HPT)
    Stephanie - Thursday, the 24th

    AFM - not much new - still cramping, bb soreness. I'm trying to be patient and not get my hopes up yet but it is so hard. I do this all of the time, casually start hoping and thinking that this may be it, only to be disappointed. I have to slow down and be patient and just wait for the results before I let my mind go into the imaginations of being pregnant. I want it so bad that I know if this doesn't work out, I'll already be absolutely devestated. Anyone else having a hard time not perseverating on it?

  15. hey there. well, my beta is a lousy 10. ARGH. the RE wants me to stay on PIO and come back again on saturday for another flipping beta. the nurse apologized for putting me through this, as we both know this won't end up well.

  16. Beta was today - BFN. I was fully expecting it because my last cycle was so bad. All we had to transfer was a 2 cell day 3 embryo. Still, there was always a small glimmer of hope so it still hurts.

    I am TRULY happy for all you ladies with the BFP. It has never happened for me, but I still hold out hope that one day it will.

    Shasta - I am sorry you are going through this. Sending hugs your way.

    Beth - this is a great thread!

  17. ejtiew...i am so, so sorry about your BFN. of course you had hope. you wouldn't be doing this if even the longest shot didn't give you hope.

    may i ask your diagnosis?

  18. One of the hardest things about this is that I really do not get very clear answers. It is just chalked up to "Egg reserve issues" RE said that since I made pretty good embryos my first cycle he thinks that I still have some good eggs left, but just not a lot of them which stinks since I only just turned 34.

    I really believe I did this cycle too soon. After my first cycle failed I left a message with the nurse to ask my RE if I could skip birth control next month (the month I was supposed to be off from cycling). When the message was relayed to the RE he thought I wanted to just start another cycle right away. I did not even think that was an option. So, when the nurse called me back she told me the RE said I could start my new cycle as long as there were no cysts on my ovaries. It was my first time doing IVF and I had no idea if it was better to wait or now. I really wanted them to advise me, but the RE was out of town and the nurse said it should not make a difference. I go to a very big clinic but you have NO access to the RE and hardly any access to the nurses - it is terrible, but that is another story... I had to decide that day without thinking about it or speaking to the RE as I would have had to start stim that day.

    I later found out that the standard is 60-90 days after a BFN to do another cycle. I had terrible reactions to all the shots the second time when I had none the first time. I think my body and ovaries were not ready for it. I responded well 1st cycle and the 2nd was a disaster. I was already on day 5 of stim one week after I got the BFN. They left it up us and the thought of getting a baby sooner made us go for it. I really wish we did not. To make matters worse I may get thrown out of my shared risk program b/c the 2nd cycle was so bad which I did not even know was a possibility (guess I did not read the fine print). It is really upsetting - sorry to ramble, but this has been bothering me all week and getting the bfn just made it worse...

  19. ejtiew - so sorry to hear your news... sending hugs.

    Shasta - How frustrating... I'll still keep everything crossed just in case. I love your outlook... your DD is lucky to have such a loving and gracious Mom.

    Beth - Thanks for the list. Congrats on the positive HPT, Saturday will be here in no time.

    Alicia & Mel - Welcome!!!

    Allie, Lin & Alicia - We are all hoping for some good news tomorrow.

    debcolley - Congrats on the second beta results, you must be over the moon.

    K&P - "symptom obsession".... I'll chime in. I can't tell whether it's the drugs or the embies causing the tugs and minor cramping. I don't really get AF cramps, so don't know if there is a difference. Minor spotting on transfer day, but I assume that is to be expected. Sleep, since transfer (and addition of Prednisone & Doxycycline) has been erratic... prior to transfer the progesterone would knock me out by 10:30 and I would sleep like a baby. Any thoughts?

    Howdy to everyone else!!!

    DH and I are thrilled that my 3 days of bed rest are over. We are cycling oot, and being cooped up in a hotel room with a wife hopped on hormones couldn't have been all that fun for him, because I know it wasn't all that fun for me.

    Hope everyone had a great day!!


  20. ejtiew,

    If I've learned nothing else from this IVF stuff, it's that you need to follow your instincts, because these doctors are all over the place! I'm older than you w/a high FSH and my RE told me EPP (estrogen priming protocol) would be the best and only protocol that would likely work for me. I did two rounds of this on maximum stims with dismal results. During the second one, I had a routine thyroid check that I felt was high, he said it was fine. So, on my own I asked my primary doctor to increase my thyroid meds to lower my level, which she agreed to. Then on my own I told my RE I wanted to try a micro-IVF, no estrogen or bcp's the month before, and minimal stimulation. It was (so far) a success.

    I spoke to my RE today and he said that he cannot explain why I responded so much better. I really don't think he would have ever recommended this protocol and probably was just humoring me when he did agree to it. But it worked.

    I hope you are able to try something else, especially since you are so young. Do your own research and find something that you think might work for you, and if this RE doesn't agree, shop around.

  21. Shasta and ejtiew - I'm so sorry and really sad for the both of you. ejtiew, I have to agree with debcolley - not all RE's actually know what they are doing. I think some do and are excellent, but I think there are also alot out there who don't know some of the fine details and intricacies of cylcing and med choice. Shasta, I'm sorry this is getting drawn out and can't just be over for you. I hope that you guys have some time off and to yourselves to recover and heal and hope that your positive is just a few months away.
    Sending hugs to both of you.

  22. Thanks to everyone. I have to say that my gut told me not to go to this RE from the beginning, but they let me into their shared risk program when my other RE did not. To bad hindsight is 20-20. We have already decided to go somewhere else if I get thrown out of the shared risk program. We are thinking Cornell if we can afford it.

    I just have to say that after such a crappy day this board is the ONE thing that has made me feel any better. I am so happy to hear of women like me getting BFPs. I feel like we all have a certain bond that only people in our situation can understand. Plus this is the only place I feel like I can be honest and explain how I feel to an audience that knows exactly how I feel inside right now. As good as DH is even he did not make me feel better at all today. I thank you all for your support and am wishing all the people with upcoming betas the best of luck.

  23. Hey Ladies,

    We did our transfer on Monday Dec14th, and because of christmas my beta is not until Dec 28, it should have been Dec 26th.. Ohh well so today I am 3dp3dt.. This is going to be a long 11 days hehehe

  24. ejtiew- I just briefly wanted to share my story so that maybe it might give you a glimmer of hope. We started IVF for mf issues, and my brother-in-law with the same genetic issue has 2 sets of twins from ivf so we thought "not a problem" It did take us 2 tries, but with our 2nd IVF we got preg with our now 2 1/2 yr old DD. When she was 1 yr old we started trying for #2. We knew it may not work right away, but figured it would not be too difficult. Our first cycle looked amazing, 18 eggs, 9 of which were great looking blasts on day 5- we thought about ALL the children we were going to have!! Well 3 tx later all we had from those great looking blasts was 1 chem preg. At that point we switched to Cornell and put all our hope in their lab and doc, assuming that they would fix whatever unknown problem was causing all these failures. 1st cycle with them (cycle #4) again looked great on paper, but resulted in a bfn and nothing to freeze. I was devistated and thought that this is never going to work again for us. I am only 33 and no known issues, but obviously something bigger is wrong here. By our 5th cycle (2nd with Cornell) we began to see possible DOR when my doc switched me to EPP (miracle protocol for many women) and it went so badly that we ended up canceling the cycle on what should have been my ER due to a poor response. Now I really thought it was all over. We decided to try one last time, but I had already made arraingement with an adoption agency- feeling very pessimistic. Our 6th (3rd with Cornell) and final cycle was this one. Doc changed my protocol once again and I did a mdl protocol. Though things were looking much better while cycling, they only retreived 4 eggs. Day 3 they tx's a 7 cell, 6 cell, 5 cell and 4 cell, nothing too impressive and the worst embies I have tx'd. And yet, this is the cycle that gave me my first bfp in 6 attempts at ivf! I am still awaiting to hear about my second beta (lab errors are driving me insane!!) but I assume everything is going fine and I am still pregnant.
    Our stories sounded a bit similar so I wanted to share my rather long story with you. I don't want to give you false hope and obviously I have no idea exactly what is going on for you but I wanted to say that when the cause is unknown and probably just a matter of finding a good egg, then maybe you should not give up until you are ready to move on to another option or financially can't afford to do it any more. I would suggest that you find a different RE, Cornell is great if you can swing it. Where ever you go be sure to find one that is willing to try different protocols and give you good feedback about what is going on. I would also suggest you get checked out with things like hysteroscopy, thyroid testing and whatever else might be causing implantation failure. I am so sorry for your recent bfn, but for some of us it just takes a hell of a lot of trys to get it to work. Good luck. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do. Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions.

  25. Dear ersinim
    I am always a passive observer - practically never post. But I just wanted to thank you for posting your story. It was so awesome that you took the time to do that. I'm had a tx at Cornell yesterday (2nd cycle after one failure and two cancellations at nyu) and sometimes I need to remind myself not to give up. Good luck with your pregnancy.

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