December beta anyone?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. It's very annoying too. I think it's this progesterone. Its playing havoc with my belly.

  2. well pretty sure I am out! Having sharp pains down below, something I have had with each of my negative cycles and something I usually get before my period. ALso had a headache all day... started crying already- way to ruin my weekend. D*mn I hate all this...

  3. i'm sorry, k&p. even though you don't *know* yet, just thinking that it will be a BFN is horrible.

  4. well, i tested today at 11dpr and it was BFN. i know it is early, but these tests are just so sensitive that i'm pretty sure i'm out.

  5. Hello ladies--just found this thread. I'm 5dp5dt. I hate hate this wait but I hate getting a beta even more. I don't know if I can POAS----the pain of seeing the neg. is so bad. I will go in for a beta on Friday.

    Sorry to the ladies that have POAS early and got a neg. hopefully it was because it was just early.

    Considering that I have a 13 month old ---you would think I would remember symptoms but I don't. I think progesterone does quite a number on our bodies.

    Take care everyone.....and good luck!


  6. Hi ladies... I am 5dp3dt and will have my beta on Friday also. This is my first DE cycle and very nervous... I have no children, never been pg. I agree with the POAS, it stresses me more. Once I start them then I cant stop and have to keep doing them twice a day. I think I will try my best to wait till my beta on Friday. It will be hard....Hoping for positives for all of us.


  7. K&P and Shasta - hey. I'm so sorry about the negative POAS but is it too early? I can't remember when you go in for your betas. I'm so hoping that they were wrong, that its just early, and that this cycle won't be a BFN for you. Sending you some hugs...

    Lin and Allie - welcome!!! There's a lot of betas this week. Mine is on Saturday and I haven't POAS either. I just can't tell. Are you suppose to have symptoms during the 2ww or not? Who knows and it's making me even more crazy trying to figure it out. I am just give up and POAS on Wednesday.

    Let's keep a list of betas:
    Lovey - Thursday, the 10th
    Terry(old college try) - Friday (the 11th?)
    K&P - Monday
    Shasta - Tuesday
    ejtiew - Thursday
    Lin, Allie - Friday
    Beth - Saturday

    emstufyu, debcolley - when are your betas??

  8. thanks, beth, for doing that!!

    k&p - wishing you the best for today!

    so, i have a very, very faint BFP on a FRER this morning. it is so light but i don't have to squint to see it. i am 9dp3dt - i would expect the "real deal" BFP to be darker - it was on this cycle day with my DD. so, we are in limbo until tomorrow.

    this is what happens when you POAS early! LOL!

  9. Shasta-Sounds good to me! :-) Thinking abut you for tomorrow.
    Beth- One minute I think I may be having a sore boob and then the next it goes away, same with the "twinges" in my lower abdomen....Who knows. I am definately over analyzing it all, I am sure.
    Is anyone feeling anything?

    Thinking about E/E. Positive thoughts for all.

  10. K&P - just hoping for the best today and that you ended up getting surprised...

    Shasta - good luck tomorrow! Hey, faint is positive. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Allie - I agree. I'm totally overanalyzing. I keep going back and forth between being sure this worked b/c I have cramping to being sure it didn't work because it's not coming from the uterus but just my GI tract acting funny. Ugh! Last week, I had such positive thoughts and high hopes but it is hard to keep up the enthusiasm this week. Oh, and I bough a 3 pack of HPTs. Now that I have them, I know I won't be able to resist. It's just like chocolate. Once I allow it in my house, forget it. I'm all over it.

    Edited to Add: I'm kind of shaking b/c I just took one of my 3 HPTs and I think, I think I see a faint line. Thing is I can't really tell. I'm so annoyed with myself for not waiting to do this tomorrow morning. Now I'll just be wondering all night. I'm 10dp3dt. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

  11. I had my beta this morning, bfp, 244! I think that's a good beta, but I know I'm far from out of the woods. Hopefully I can sleep at least a couple of nights until the second beta, because I sure didn't sleep last night. I knew it would be positive because I poas, but I keep feeling cramps and panicking every time I go to the bathroom.

  12. debcolley - that is fantastic! Any good news is a sign that hope is not all lost. Very happy for you.

    My beta is Thurs. and I cannot stop thinking about it. I have started having cramping, but it seems more like on the sides of my uterus (like ovary area) than my uterus. Not sure if that is good or bad?? Also, noticed an increase in cm. Still eating everything in site and am very tired. I am too terrified to POAS.

    Hoping for positive betas for everyone this week!

  13. debcolley- That is a great Beta! Congrats! Did you have any symptoms? I had some cramps 3dp3dt and now seems like no cramps at all..... sooo nervous.
    Beth- Thats great...I am still going to hold out on poas as long as I can. I dont have any so its easy for me not to do it. But thats not saying I wont go buy some...hoping your poas line gets darker every day....

    AFM-cramps are gone, Right boob is sore on and off. I am driving myself crazy!

  14. Any symptoms are on and off, AND can all be attributed to progesterone suppositories. The biggest symptom (for me) is watery cm. I had it w/my DD and for many miscarriages.

  15. sorry it took all day to write but I too got a BFP today! My beta was 152 and I am so happy. I was shocked because I really thought I was out- not only did I have the pain I described in the previous entry, I also had brown spotting when I went pee the night before my beta. It took me 6 cycles, 31 eggs retrieved, 16 embryos transferred to finally get this. And this one is coming off a canceled cycle due to a poor response. It was also the "worst" embryos we ever put in (cell number wise) so I guess you just never know. Keep up the hope.

    debcolley- congrats on your wonderful beta, it sounds like a very strong number. I agree we are far from out of the woods, but this is definitely a huge hurdle to get past, one I have not been able to achieve for almost two years! When are you supposed to go back? I go back on weds to check doubling.

    For those of you in the 2ww, I will share my symptoms, but I can tell you that just because you do or don't have them doesn't mean anything. I scoured these boards and realized that people feel all sorts of things. Anyway. for me I had something like cramping, lower uterus from retrieval thru today, it was on and off. As I got further along I would get hungry very quickly, but feel bloated once I was done eating. My boobs were sore, but they felt that way the whole time I cycled so I don't think that was a symptom. Also, like debcolley I had watery cm, but it was not every day and usually only in the am. As I said earlier I also had brown spotting once (actually again today) but so far not a problem.

    Good luck ladies, I will be cheering for each and every one of you and looking forward to hearing more good news on this thread. The 2ww is so tough, good luck surviving it- it is crazy how we never really know what is going to be the cycle that actually works, hope this is it for all of you!

  16. May I join you ladies in the 2ww???

    5day transfer today of two beautiful blasts. First ever IVF cycle, we used donor eggs... so completely a newbie. Trying not to read too much into twinges and slight occasional cramps. A little bright red spotting this afternoon, but I think that's normal??? Also had to tinkle all day... and my clinic does not require a full bladder for transfer so not sure why I "gotta go gotta go". Going to try to avoid the evil pee sticks... but easier said than done. Beta scheduled for the 24th... Christmas Eve.

    Shasta - Hope tomorrow brings you wonderful news.

    Howdy to everyone else!!!


  17. Oh, debcolley and K&P, I am SOO happy for the both of you. What great news on a Monday!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Those are great, strong betas. I can't wait to hear how you do on Wednesday.

    Stephanie - thank you for joining us. I hope these next two weeks go by really fast for you and you end up with a great gift on the 24th.

  18. Mills and K&P congrats what great news!


  19. wow, such awesome news for you ladies. i'm SO thrilled to see all of these positive betas!!

    i had my blood drawn this a.m. i'm not feeling too optimistic - i had an almost negative FRER but a positive digital this morning - the complete opposite of yesterday a.m. when i had a negative digital and positive FRER. something is not quite right - but i'll know more in a few hours.

    ***updated. my beta is a miserable 8 at 13dpo. i think it's a chemical, but they are making me stay on progesterone and i have to go back for another beta on thursday. fun times.***

  20. Shasta - just wanted to send you some hugs. Hey, 8 is still positive and remember, this is a pretty early beta. 13dpo is not a very long time. So I am holding out alot of hope for you that it will rise and is low because it is just really, really early.

  21. shasta- sorry for the low beta. I had a chem once (beta of 17) and it was really hard because it did not allow me to move on,I had to suffer through a few more anxiety filled days before it resolved itself. But that being said, there are stories of people starting with low betas and it turning into a pregnancy so you don't know. Your test is really early... I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you become one of those great stories! take care of yourself.

  22. thanks for the hugs, ladies, i really appreciate it. this is my 3rd loss - i've had another chemical and a m/c from IVF#2 at 8 weeks, so i've been here before. infertility sucks.

    HOWEVER...i have a 10 month old DD from IVF#3 and no matter what, if we can't have any more children, i will forever be a lucky, happy woman because i have her.

    we are not throwing in the towel yet...we'll probably try one more fresh IVF in the spring and i have one frozen embie from this cycle that we can try after that. unfortunately, this IVF was our last one covered by insurance, so the end of TTC is looming large next year.

    sorry to ramble...probably more info than you all needed!!

    i can't wait to hear about more positive betas this week!!

  23. Shasta - I am sorry to hear about the low beta. Sending you hugs as well.

    Do you mind if I ask if you live in a mandated state in that your IVF is covered under insurance? Or what company gives you the coverage? We have paid for everything out of pocket for these 2 cycles and it has been almost impossible financially. We are even considering relocating to a mandated state or trying to find jobs with companies we know cover IVF. I do not want to give up after 2 cycles - I just turned 34.

  24. ejtiew...we are in illinois. it is a mandated coverage state but with a HUGE loophole. basically, since my husband works for a massive corporation that is self-insured, they are not required to have infertility coverage. we did have it for the past 2 years, but they are going with a new carrier next year and wrote off infertility coverage almost completely...and there is nothing we can do about it.

    massachusetts has FABULOUS mandated coverage. i think NY is pretty good, too. illinois is only so-so. where are you now? is moving an option?

  25. Hi Shasta. I think that is the loop hole for all states. We are in FL and I have heard that MA is by far the best state. At this point we would have to uproot our lives and start over, but believe it would be worth it. Only problem is we would both have to find jobs and in this economy it is not easy. However, we cannot continue to pay all expenses out of pocket for IVF. It is horrible that insurance does not cover these treatments across the board. It is hard enough to go through this in general without all the added financial stress.

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