December beta anyone?

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  1. Hello. Just wondering if anyone wants to wait out the 2ww with me? December seems to be a lonely month for cycling but I just couldn't put it off for after the New Year. I'm too impatient. I had a 3d transfer of 2 8-cell embryos. This very well may be my last IVF attempt and so to say I'm a little anxious is a bit of an understatment. So, anyone care to obsess over minute symptoms with me?


  2. Hi Beth! Count me in on the 2ww. I am 4dp5dt (2 blasts). When was your transfer?


  3. Hi, I will join you guys too. I agree Dec is definitely a quiet month, not many people on my other threads are cycling right now so glad I found you ladies.
    Although since this is my 6th attempt for DC#2 and 8th attempt overall I finally realized that my "symptoms" are probably nothing since I have felt everything and nothing and the results have been the same. But no matter what I try to tell myself, I still obsess, so why not have others to chat with it about.
    I am 4dp3dt, I transferred 4 embies (7,6,5,4 cells) These are the "worst" in terms of cell number that we have transferred before, but since the others have not worked I am not ready to count these little ones out yet, but of course I am not overly optimistic.
    Like Beth this is our last IVF, at least with our own embies. We have already found an adoption agency and I am ready to contact them if I get yet another bfn.
    What about you ladies, any other children? how many IVF attempts have you done? When are your betas? Good luck, glad to wait with you both!

  4. ersinim-This is my second FET. My fresh cycle was cancelled due to severe OHSS. My first FET resulted in DD. My beta is on the 10th. I am already thinking I want to POAS. I'm now 5dp5pt. I just can't decided if I dare or not.

    I am obsessing about symptoms today. I feel a little crampy and have occasional twinges of pain. It's hard not to wonder if these are good sings or bad.

    The boards REALLY seem quiet lately. Are either of you going to POAS?


  5. Ah, 2ww buddies. I'm so glad that there are a few ladies going through this with me. Thanks for joining me. I'm only 1dp3dt, and I'm already overanylizing. I think this will be a long 2ww. I think the only good thing is that I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the holidays, so maybe it will go by faster. My beta isn't until 12/19. This is our 3rd attempt for dc #3 (one previous fresh and one previous FET). Our 3rd attempt was the successful one last time with my twins.
    Erin - I had a cycle canceled for OHSS too. Was this a fresh one for you or another FET? I think the only reason I don't POAS is because I hate spending the money on those things and then them coming out negative. I feel like I just get screwed twice. Do you think you will? So, you only have 4 more days...That's so exciting.
    Knit/purl - when is your beta? I'm so impressed with the number of cycles you have done. I'm already at my wits end and have just done two fresh ones this time. It takes so much out of me emotionally that I'm not sure I have another fresh one left in me.


  6. Beth- how old are your twins? my DD is 2 1/2. It "only" took us 2 fresh cycles to have her. So we are not sure what is going on that we are already up to cycle #6 (3 fresh, 2 fet and 1 canceled) for DC#2. I agree it each cycle takes a lot out of me, I never thought I would do ivf this many times, but it is hard to quit because we have looked good on paper, but not with results. Anyway, I tend to find I am ok the first week, but by the second week I am going crazy! Just glad to be distracted with holiday shopping and activities!

    Erin- I think it is so funny that your name is "lovie" that is what my DD calls her favorite stuffed bunny/blanket. Only 4 more days to find out- not too bad. Wish you could tell you if your symptoms meant anything, but it is so hard to tell. Has the crampiness been constant since the start or did it just recently start up for you? Is it intense or is it mild? I have found that I have had some degree of "crampy", but it comes and goes. Not too much today, but the first few days was more noticeable- probably still from the ER.

    My beta should be on 12/13, but since my clinic (cornell) does not do beta on the weekends I have to wait an extra day till MOnday 12/14- aargh! I probably won't poas b/c seeing only one line, or the words "not pregnant" really feels like a punch in the gut, but we shall see, as it gets closer I might change my mind. Do you ladies eat pineapple? I am sure it doesn't make a difference (since I have done it every time) but I eat it anyway, and drink plenty of water and try to have red meat once a day (someone on a board did that combo and after multiple failed it finally worked for her so I figure why not). Anyway, not too many other symptoms to report...

  7. Today I'm 6dp5dt and I've already POAS 4 times!! I know, I know....but I'm sooo impatient and I have so much invested in this cycle that it just has to work! This is our 4th DE IVF and I'm not sure I have it in me (financially or emotionally or physically) to try again if this doesn't work.

    I WISH my bb's were sore, (even from the progesterone) but they're not. No MS, but smells are much more intense and nauseating in some instances. My abdominal cramping comes and goes. Yesterday was quite intense after I woke from a nap, so I made sure and put my feet up till it passed.

    Anyone else having any symptoms you want to share? Oh, I'm also eating like a Sumo wrestler. Probably due to the progesterone and the additional prednisone I'm taking (3mg instead of 2.)

    I've scheduled a beta for Friday, which will be 10dp5dt. That should be a definitive result, don't you think?

    I don't know if having the busy holiday to deal with is better or not for getting thru the 2ww. I feel like I just have MORE to worry about instead of putting it to the side while I get the other things done.

    Thanks for the companionship,

  8. Welcome Terry- glad you are waiting with us! Is this your 4th try with DE or your 4th try overall? Great job on having blasts to transfer- how many did you tx? any frosties? Good luck, I completely understand about having a lot invested in it working, I only wish that could impact the outcome!

    So today I am 5dp3dt, cramping/twinges/back pain are very mild, on and off, not much else happening. My boobs are sore, but they have been that way almost my whole cycle so that doesn't mean anything. No change in eating, but I have felt slightly off since the evening. I am also tired, but I don't chalk that up to much more then running after my 2 1/2 yr old. anyone having increased cm (tmi?) I am not, but even if I was I am on an estrogen patch so that would probably be the cause. Truth is, I get that anything i experience is probably nothing to do with pregnant or not, but it is fun to see if anyone else feels them too and ends up preggers.
    Beth and Lovie- how are you ladies today? any symptoms?

  9. Hi, gals. Terry - welcome. I'm so happy you are joining us and a little jealous that your wait is almost over. I'm so hoping for positive news for you (and all of us).

    Erin- how are you holding up? Your beta is coming so soon.

    ersinim- I agree with you, you can make anything out of any symptoms. I don't think you can really trust or rely on anything. So, by your name, I assume you are a knitter. Have you been knitting for awhile? I've always wanted to learn, but just can never seem to find the time to pick it up.

    Not much going on here. I've been intermittently crampy which I hope is a good sign. My last FET I had zero symptoms and it was BFN. For the life of me, I can't remember how I felt during my one sucessful cycle in 2005. I really wish I could remember.

  10. i'm here, too! i'm 2 days post 3d transfer and my beta is december 15. i have a 10 month old daughter from my 2nd fresh IVF cycle - this is my third (we have never had any frosties).

    glad to have people to obsess with!

  11. any symptoms ladies? I continue to have a mild cramping, though it feel pretty constant. Could be my AF coming or could mean my uterus is adjusting to an embie implanting.... only time will tell. I still feel so bloated- when does that go away- i am tired of wearing my three pants that actually fit!

    beth- I am the same as you, I can not for the life of me remember how it felt when it actually worked. Not to say it would even be the same this time around since my uterus has been through a lot since then, but still it would be nice to say "ahh yes I remember this is how it felt so it must have worked."

    Welcome Shasta, how many did you transfer? your beta is just a day after mine so we are close- how are you feeling?

    Erin- your beta is just two days away- will you poas? How are you feeling? Must be nice to know you are close to an answer- fingers crossed it is a bfp!!!

    Terry- any more poas for you? hoping that you see two lines soon! You are brave to do it so early, I can't handle seeing the neg, so if I do it at all I usualy wait till night before beta. Friday will be here before you know it.

    How are you ladies handling the keeping busy vs relaxing dynamic. I am struggling with staying busy enough to be distracted (which is actually working for the first time- thank you holidays!!) and yet not over doing it in case there is a little guy in there trying to make a home. I find that sometimes at the end of the day I worry I did too much. But in pervious cycles I have tried the sitting around doing nothing and not only does it drive me crazy, but it has not seemed to make it work. AHHH I hate the two week wait!!

  12. Hi ladies! I am writing from my blackberry so I will have to log on later to catch up but I wanted to let you know I POAS and it was a BFP! I am still nervous because we have had a blighted ovum in the past so I will feel better after beta and u/s. I will be back later.

  13. Yay Erin!! Congrats! Hope that this is the start of good news on this thread! How many days post tx are you? I think it must be a good sign since you are still a few days from beta- wonderful news!!

  14. Erin!! I'm so excited for you. What wonderful news and what a great way to start off the round of betas.

    Shasta - welcome to the thread! I'm glad you are joining us. Was your transfer on Saturday? Mine was a 3 dy transfer on Saturday but my beta isn't until 12/19. I'm so jealous you can test so early.

    ersinim - I hear you about worrying I'm doing too much. I take the subway back/forth to work and carry my heavy work bag and I know that deep down, that's OK to do, but it does worry my at the same time. Hopefully, as the holidays get nearer, the distractions will get better.

    Tomorrow\'s my 9th annniversary and I'm taking the day off of work to go Christmas shopping and then out to dinner with DH. So hopefully that will be fun and relaxing.

    Anyone watching Biggest *****? This finale is so amazing. Everyone on it looks so amazing.

  15. Hi gals! I am 2dp3dt - 4 embies. 2 were 8 cell, 1 was 6 cell, 1 was 9 cell.
    The progesterone shots hurt like hell! I hate it. Also eating like a whale. Boo Hiss.

  16. beth- not only am I watching Biggest *****- I cried through most of it- what an amazing show!!! Those people are so inspiring.

    welcome emstufyu- I think we are also on the series 82 thread at cornell.

    Lovie- have you poas again? can you share some of your symptoms?

    There is not nearly enough symptom talk here- how can I obsess if there is no symptoms to compare- come on ladies, be crazy with me... anyway, really bloated yesterday, which makes me feel sad b/c when I look back at my notes from my previous cycle (which were bfn's) I often felt bloated on 6dp- Monday can not get here fast enough!! when do you ladies think it is reasonable to poas? I was thinking of doing it on the early side that way if it was a bfn I wouldn't be too sad since it would still be considered early but might help point me in the right direction- what do you think?

  17. hey ladies!

    erin - big congrats on your BFP!! that is such an awesome feeling, i remember it well!

    beth - my transfer was saturday, same as yours. my clinic tests 13dpr for some reason (which is fine by me). of course, the betas are lower b/c it is so early so when they called me last time excited and said you're pregnant, your beta is 49, i was like, huh? but i realized for 13dpr it was totally fine. i'm sorry you have to wait longer. will you POAS?

    symptoms, argh. some cramping on and off (more off the past day or so), some sharp twinges. no sore boobs (but i didn't really have them even when i was pregnant) or anything. it is so hard to be in limbo!

    will the rest of you POAS? i always POAS. i've gotten pregnant with my past 2 fresh IVF transfers (first was a m/c) and i've always POAS the day before my beta. this time i'm afraid to for some reason. i guess the law of statistics says that i am due for a BFN and i'd hate to see that negative HPT! i'd almost want to hear it from the nurse more than see yet another negative test. so, i'm not sure what to do. i'll leave it up to DH.

    also, with those of you with DC at home (most of us i think?) have you been picking them up? i took transfer day off of child care (i am a SAHM) but then resumed normal activity with DD. i mean, i can't stop caring for her. just wondering what you all did.

    oh, k&p - i usually support POAS. usually the HPT (a good one) doesn't lie.

  18. Welp, did it again......Today is 8dp5dt and I thought SURELY today I would get a double line, but nooooooo!

    I'm still nauseous every day throughout the day, but it's probably from spreading my progesterone doseage out through a 24 hour period instead of taking 3 times daily (it seems like it would be more 'consistent' that way, so DH wakes me in the middle of the night for one of the doses.)

    No sore bb's, just tender nipples (again, progesterone does that.)

    Still eating everything that's not tied the bag of peanut M&Ms I'm downing after my breakfast of cereal and juice (even tho it makes me even more sick to my stomach....go figure.)

    Oh, and emotionally I'm a wreck. Finals week at school may have something to do with it (half a semester of trig to learn in one week....what, me stressed?)

    Last night I broke down in tears when DH said that grilling me a steak would make him "smell all smokey after I just took a shower, so could I just fix you a bowl of cereal?" Do not, I repeat, do NOT come between me and my protein!! (He DID cook me my steak, even added some steamed veggies and a sweet potatoe. *sigh* what a sweetie.)

    Anyone else have a fast pulse and heartbeat and feel a little 'shaky'? I'm thinking it must be the prednisone, since I'm taking 3mg instead of 2mg like last time. Sound normal?

    Hang in there girls, and let me hear how you're doing.

  19. Hello ladies. I am also in my 2ww. I had my transfer on Saturday. I am scheduled for a P4 tomorrow and Beta on 12/27.

    This is my second ivf cycle. It was almost a total bust in that only 4 eggs were retreived. Only one fertalized right away and did not grow. The last egg matured on the second day and did fertilize. Showed some signs of life so it was transferred back to me as a 3 day 2 cell embryo. My RE said it was still possible to get pg with that. Not sure myself.

    Anyway, I feel almost NO symptoms. I am tired but that could be from the progesterone shots and I am eating everything in site (which is how I am when I am premenstrual). Same thing ans last time with my BFN. Wanted to ask if lack of symptoms means no pg.

  20. I'll join you! I'm 7dp3dt. I had one 10 cell put in, the other two didn't make it to freeze, even though one was 7-cell and top quality . We opted for only one put in because for health reasons I cannot carry twins (although I guess that wouldn't have even been a possibility!).

    I have ZERO symptoms, but I didn't w/my DD either. The only thing I remember w/her was an increase in cm (sorry TMI), but this time it's impossible to tell since I'm doing endometrin vaginal suppositories.

  21. so good to have more ladies join the wait- welcome!

    debcolley- A 10 cell so very promising- I haven't heard of someone having that too often so that must be a good sign!

    ejtiew- there are so many people that have absolutely no symptoms and are indeed pregnant- sometimes even with multiples- that is what makes this 2ww so unbearable, having symptoms or not does not really mean anything. I have done 8 cycles, and there have been some 2ww where I have felt all the things that seem to indicate pregnancy, twinges, pulling, cramps etc, and bfn- I have also had cycles where I have felt nothing and still a bfn, so at least for me there is no way to tell what it all means! Doesn't mean I won't try (hee hee)!

    oldcollege- sorry that your sticks keep showing only one line, but your symptoms sound so promising, especially the nausea- i haven't heard of progesterone having that effect before, so fingers crossed for you- when is your beta?

    afm, 8dp3dt and I had lots of cramping yesterday, and yet today so far I feel fine- hmmm. I seem to collapse at night much earlier then usual, but that could just be from the running around for the holiday season. I seem to have cm ever morn (tmi- sorry) but i am also on the estrogen patch so probably means nothing. I decided not to poas. I had thought if I did it and it was positive it would be a nice, but if it was a bfn I could still hold on to hope since it was early, but it would help keep me focused on the fact that it probably didn't work. However, I decided that I am sure I am underestimating how crappy I will feel if I only see one line and it will ruin a perfectly nice weekend- so I think I will just wait till Monday for my beta. any other poasers out there? how are you ladies holding up? symptoms

  22. Hey, everybody. I'm so glad you joined us, debcolley. emstufyu, and ejtiew. I had my transfer on Saturday too and just biding my time until next Saturday when I get to do the beta. emstufyu - are you icing before the progesterone shots? That really helps me. I didn't last night b/c we were in a rush and OMG, did that hurt. It still hurts today.

    Terry - I think it's still early, so don't be discouraged by neg POAS. What are you studying in school? I can't imagine having to study for finals with all of this going on. I can barely force myself to concentrate at work and I don't have to memorize stuff. I'm impressed.

    Lovey - Is today your beta??? Let us know how it goes. I'm hoping for good numbers for you....

    Shasta - I have avoided picking my DC up. They are 3-1/2 so don't need to be lifted that often and I have just told them I can't do it. If they were younger, I'm not sure I could avoid it though. I've heard plenty of success stories where people just went on with normal life. Isn't that what fertiles do? I think as long as you are doing activities you did all along and before cycling, it is OK.

    ersinim - I agree. Let's obsess over symptoms.

    It seems alot of us are having the same ones. I'm there with you - lots and lots and lots of eating, bloating. I can't believe it but I can barely fit into my pants. I'm hoping that its a good thing. Yesterday, when I was getting depressed that my pants were too tight, I finally decided to stop worrying about it. Either I was going to get a lot bigger or at least, I could start exercising again and feel better. I really hate that I can't work out. Does anyone else exercise regularly? I haven't since day 3 of stims and it is driving me a little crazy. I feel like I'm starting to get short of breath with just climbing a flight of stairs. Why is timing moving so slowly???

  23. Take back my morning post- cramping is back- very mild as it has been all along, but there none the less, seems to come in waves, lasts awhile, goes away, comes back. I feel like I shouldn't be cramping anymore since I am getting closer to my AF... anyone else experiencing any cramping this far out? I am never sure if these things are good or bad. Like you Beth I am experiencing the bloating but hopefully it is just the start of not fitting into our pants (fingers crossed!!)

  24. It is so great to hear of people in exactly the same place as me. The only thing I can still report is that I am eating everything in site and that I am beyond exhausted. I did exercise regularly before IVF, but was told by my RE to stop once I started stims. This is my second IVF cycle in a row so I am wishing I could do some exercise just to relieve stress and not feel so bad about all the eating I am doing.

    I completely pass out each night, but that could be from the progesterone shots as I think they make you tired? Still, these symptoms are the same as when I am about to get my period so who knows?

    Bethp - we both had transfers on Saturday of last week, but my beta is on Thursday. I had my P4 today - it was 19 which is ok but not great from what I understand - any input on that for me from anyone out there?

    emstufyu - I definitely recommend icing before the progesterone shots. It makes it a bit more bearable.

  25. Anyone else go from hungry to bloated in about two bites??

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