DE2WW - Anyone out there and want to obsess?!

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  1. I think we are going to have to remodel the kitchen! bigger refrigerator needed if it's twins. My beta's are day 18 1,034 then on day 23 7,510! I will be going for my u/s next friday. I cannot wait! Hope your feeling great I have yet to deal with nausea but I have been eating a pumpkin muffin every day so are and I think there is ginger in that. I have read that ginger stops morning sickness. Cooking shows still are very important to me. Hope all is well with you and your feeling great. what is your next step?

  2. Sounding like twins, my friend! How exciting!! Great betas You must be so happy! Can't wait to hear the results of your u/s next week. Keep me posted!

    BTW - my m/s (really night sickness) didn't come on until I turned 8w. Glad to hear you are feeling good. Hope it stays that way and you have a completely uneventful pregnancy.

    I had my first OB appt yesterday. I got to see the baby again at an u/s -- was so cool! FHB was 170 and baby still measuring 2 days ahead. The freaky scary thing now is how few appts you have (compared to RE) and how very few ultrasounds they do. Something to get used to, for sure.

    I am so excited for you, Jane!

  3. Kirsten, I hear ya! It seems like we are in Doctor offices all of the time, doing meds and treatments, research, and stressing out. then nature takes its course and slows it all down. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and as always, obsess. 170 isn't that a girls hb? Thinking of you and am so so happy for you! xo jane

  4. Thanks, Jane! Yes, I do think the theory is that higher hbs are girls : ) Don't ask my why, but I just feel like it is a boy. So it's probably definitely a girl b/c I am usually wrong whenever I am guessing about ANYTHING! What about you -- any "suspicions"?!

  5. I think it's twins but don't get me wrong either way I'll we'll be thrilled. I think maybe girls and I say that because my aunt senses things and before I was even pregnant she said I keep seeing two. And she always refers to the baby as the girls. At this point I will obsess about everything. Gosh, I'm crazy with these pregnancy hormones.

  6. Twins would be amazing! Your u/s is Friday, right? Keep me posted -- I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear the good news

    I hear ya on the hormones. My "night sickness" has turned into all day and night low level sickness -- just enough to go "ugh". Can't wait to be in the 2nd trimester (actually would feel a lot better if it was just c-section delivery day!). Will just have to be satisfied with my early risk assessment u/s scan on Nov 2nd. After that, I don't think they do another u/s until around 18-20 wks

    xo Kirsten

  7. Gosh, we'll have to find something else to obsess about if appointments turn into once a month visits and hardly any u/s. I must tell you with this road to pregnancy I was one with the u/s machine for three years. I guess I could say we were very familiar with each other. but I must say that the u/s scheduled for this Friday is going to be so exciting. I'll let you know asap. And you'll have your u/s 3 days after mine! take care jane

  8. As long as we need a new topic ... I would be happy to obsess about how tight the waist on all of my pants has become!

    Can't wait to hear about your u/s on Friday!!

  9. It's happening sooner than I thought but my jeans I use for mega bloated days are fitting great on me now. No need for a belt. I think some morning sickness could slow this down a tad. And the importance of a good bra takes on a whole new meaning. How's that for obsessing?

  10. That is darn good obsessing, my friend!

    How are you feeling? I had a couple tough weeks of yucky nausea all day and night long, but it has lightened up a little : ) Hope you are doing great.

    Can't wait to hear about your u/s tomorrow!! xo Kirsten

  11. I woke up this morning to find my hips are gone. Have you tried ginger for your nausea? If you can locate the pressure points on your wrist to stop the nausea that works pretty quick in a desperate situation. It's really hard to drive though when your putting pressure on your wrists. Or so I have found. The brights side of this is the nausea is there because your baby is growing. How exciting Kirsten! I will let you know asap on Friday what the U/S found. Take care my friend and always obsess.

  12. Hi Jane, Can't wait to hear about your u/s!! xo Kirsten

  13. Kirsten! It's two! twice as much to obsess about! I cannot believe it. Two.

  14. Jane, That is FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!! You must be so thrilled I am excited for you. What's your next step ... do you have another u/s with RE or just released to the OB? Wow, that is such great news

  15. Hi kirsten, Hope things are moving along quickly for you. I go in for a first local ob gyn appointment tomorrow am. It will take an hour for the first visit and I'm sure they will do an u/s I will insist. I feel about the same, great cravings and have no problem going to sleep at night. I have switched over to a thread of pregnancy, expecting twins or more and due date may/june. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care Jane Oh and not to let go of my obsessing, is your baby a girl or a boy? I think it's a girl.

  16. Hi Jane!

    How did your first OB appt go? Did they do an u/s for you? They did at my hospital, but only because they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler (so scary, but everything was great and it was cool to see the little baby!). Hopefully you got to see your beans How often do you go for OB appts? Is it more frequent b/c you have two adorable babies? Are you getting an NT scan -- that is pretty cool as it takes them some time to get the measurements they need so you get to see the baby for a while. From here on in I only get heartrate checks with my OB appts EXCEPT for the anatomy scan on Dec. 22nd at 19+ weeks ... my DH and I decided to ask the nurse to write down boy or girl and then we would open it on Christmas morning! Are you going to find out the sexes? So exciting! Congrats on your first OB appt down! xo Kirsten

  17. Oh yes, as for your psychic guess ... I have been thinking it is a boy so I am sure you are right as I am always wrong when I have to guess!

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