DE2WW - Anyone out there and want to obsess?!

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  1. thanks apanta and kirsten, we are driving to nj from pa tomorrow for dh to fertilize the eggs on sunday. All is looking good. my lining was at 13 about 3 days ago and my donor is stimulating nicely. I am focusing on cleaning the house and getting everything in order so I can rest for a while after I return home from the tx. I will be staying in a hotel for three days since the road from nj to pa is very bumpy.

    apanta ohh you saw your baby! I know how you feel though with one instead of two (not that your disappointed) but when stats are high for having twins you start to prepare yourself for that possible outcome of twins.

    Kirsten things are going nicely for you too. I will be waiting to hear the results of your u/s. Take care ladies. I'm off to nj.

  2. Jane -- Was your ET today? Can't wait to hear how everything went! Hope you are getting some good rest and letting those embies burrow in!!

    apanta -- How are you doing? Have you made an OB appt? Very exciting to graduate, huh?!

    AFM, our u/s on Saturday went really well! The bean's growth was perfect and hb was 138 bpm. My next u/s is Saturday, Oct. 10th and then discharged to OB

    Hope you ladies are having a wonderful night!!

  3. Glad to hear every one is doing well.
    I have just arrived in NJ from PA. We are having the tx tomorrow AM. Going into nyc tonight to hit the town! My embies are doing well and the numbers are good. Two in tomorrow girls!
    Kirsten! So glad to hear everything is progressing well for you. Your pregnant!
    apanta happy graduation! your pregnant too!

  4. Good luck tomorrow, Jane Glad to hear embies are doing great! Have a fantastic time in the city tonight! Let us know how everything goes!!

  5. We arrived at the clinic 10 am and by 130pm I had two baby beans grade A day 5 tx and will find out tomorrow how many will be good enough to freeze. So far only one but 3 others are in the race trying to catch up. If I get 2 or 3 I'll freeze them. I half expected huge numbers to freeze. I am on bed rest now for 48hrs (our choice) and the hotel room service is great, so I'm good. hope everyone is doing well. I'll post if I get any early signs.

  6. That's great news, Jane! Now you get to hunker down and let those embies snuggle in. I hope you do get some to freeze too. I am really excited for you -- I know you've been waiting a while. Glad to hear your NY hotel has good food too -- order something yummy! xo Kirsten

  7. I didn't think we would have it but 4 frozen embies grade A! And I have been taking it easy.

  8. Jane -- What fantastic news!! Now the baby(ies) growing inside you will have some siblings Glad to hear you are resting. Are you still in NYC? If so, get some good takeout or room service! DH and I were just reminiscing about our favorite NYC restaurants : )

  9. Kirsten, How I love Little Italy. We are home now and doing our 2ww and obsessing about everything! no ah ha moments yet, some small tugs here and there and a slightly runny nose. With the meds I'm on I already look radiant so I have to look for other signs and symptoms. I am such an obsessive nut. I'll keep you posted on any odd things I notice. I really hope this works (common plea) talk soon and can't wait to hear more news of your baby, babies. jane

  10. it's all in my head! I was salivating today over nothing and had a slightly runny nose. Then I went to verizon to add another line and while waiting the standard 45 min. I had to leave the building twice for fresh air because I found that it smelled like cigarette smoke. I sure hope I'm pregnant.

  11. Hi Jane! I think the "smell factor" is key -- having to leave the building is a positive sign to me for sure (I can still smell the teflon that made me sick from weeks ago lol!!). Look forward to hearing your continued symptoms When is your beta?

    AFM ... nervous nervous for Saturday's 8w6d u/s. Gosh, Jane, does it EVER get easier????

    Hope you are having a good day, my friend!

  12. That's what it is all about Kirsten is worrying. It starts from the second you know your pregnant, you worry. Your parenting skills begin. Every second, day and so on is another hurdle.
    My first beta is on the 15th. In some strange way I don't want it to get here for fear of it being negative. At least if I don't test, for that time I have hope.
    What is your next step? u/s? and when? I'll be waiting to hear your great news. Jane

  13. Hi Jane,

    I know what you mean -- sometimes it's nice just to be totally positive and not think about the next step/test/procedure.

    JUst switched my u/s to this Sunday b/c my doctor will be there.

    How are you feeling?

    xo Kirsten

  14. Hi Kirsten and Jane,

    I totally know what you both mean about worrying! We are preparing for our 2nd u/s on Thursday and even though everything has been great so far, I just always think the rug is going to get pulled out from under us. I think it's because of all the disappointments from the past years. It's crazy!

    Although, I am pretty sure I am still pregnant since I have had many days of morning sickness. It just kind of lasts all day doesn't it? And, I definitely smell everything, good or bad! We went to our local fair last week and I never knew how stinky it could be, uggh!

    Jane - hang in there and keep hoping. I will be thinking good thoughts for you!

    Kirsten - can't wait to hear about your 2nd u/s!


  15. apanta -- Good luck tomorrow!! Glad to hear you are feeling crappy lol! I always hate when I feel rotten, but I hate it more when I don't

    Hi Jane! How are you doing?

    xo Kirsten

  16. Kirsten! hope all is well and can't wait to read another post with your progress. Today, I am bipolar. This morning I was ever so sure I was not pregnant and by the afternoon I thought I must be. I mean I ate a whole salad, roll and lasagna. Not like me at all.

  17. Hey Jane! I think I've definitely gone a little crazy with this cycle, so I totally hear you on the bipolar diagnosis : ) Sounds like a good sign to me though!

    Hi apanta! How did your u/s go? Fingers crossed for a really good report !

  18. KIRSTEN! Day 10 after tx and I took a pregnancy test and to my worked. I am pregnant.

  19. Jane - I am so happy for you!! What fantastic news How many did you transfer - 1 or 2??? Can't wait for your u/s!

    I had my 9w u/s today and everything went really well Baby measured 2 days ahead and FHB of 178. So I celebrated by eating french toast and taking a four hour nap!!

    Here is a (nonalcoholic!) toast to you, Jane -- Congratulations!!!!!

  20. Hi Kirsten,
    They tx two grade a embies. and in some strange way I want both to make it.
    hb is 178! That's great. I bet that was the best thing ever to see, your babies heartbeat. I think I will share a celebration with you and do a 4 hour nap after I eat french toast. That sounds great. Food networks have already taken on a new meaning. Yeah!

  21. Hi Jane!

    Since you want twins, I hope they both took! I think twins would be wonderful. When is your beta?

    Food was so yummy yesterday. Today, not so much. I did eat a substantial amount of gummy bears though! Probably have not had those in 10 years and then became obsessed lol!

  22. Kirsten, Twins would be great! Or one, I don't care! I stayed up last night and scanned all the channels for cooking shows. It's like a new guilty pleasure for me. Who would have thought cooking shows would beat out my regular shows. Gummy bears sound great. I think I'll pick some up today. My beta is on thursday but I'm guessing I won't have the results till Friday but I will post asap. take care and enjoy it all.

  23. Good luck on Thursday, Jane! I will be thinking of you. xo Kirsten

  24. Kirsten! beta was 1,034 and that is an 18 day old embryo. OMG! what if it's twins? what was your beta on the 18th day? how are you feeling? sleepy I bet.

  25. Wow JRM! Awesome, awesome beta!!!!

    Let's see -- well, don't go by me b/c I have really high betas (last time too; don't know why). My betas this time were 941 at 16dpo and 2674 at 18dpo and it is definitively a singleton! Your number certainly looks like twins though You wanted twins though, right? That would be amazing!! Do you go for a second beta this weekend? I am so excited for you, my friend! How are you feeling?

    xo Kirsten

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