DE2WW - Anyone out there and want to obsess?!

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  1. Hi ladies! Hope everyone is doing well

    Jane -- Yayyyyy to September for you! Can't wait for the 18th and your ET! Good luck on your trip today (although not much luck needed, right lol? Guys have it so easy!)

    Ok ladies -- I was feeling super sorry for myself and definitely NOT pg all day on Tuesday ... big time pity party, big crying jags for sure. That night I decided to put myself out of my misery and take a hpt (FRER). Imagine my surprise to see a faint positive (that would be 6dp4dt I guess, if a morula is considered Day 4?; the embies were frozen on day 3). I tested again yesterday morning with FRER again and Equate and got ++ also (but definitely light). I also tested later in the day with ept and am making myself crazy b/c it was so incredibly light. As a certified vet, I of course am scared that the pg is disappearing. B/c I was driving myself so crazy, I refused to poas this am. I wanted to try to be positive for the time being.

    Sana and apanta, Good luck if you decide to poas this early. Please let me know how it goes. I am thinking of you ladies!!

  2. Kirsten
    Congrats, sounds like you are on your way to an awesome beta girl!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Sana! Fingers crossed for all of us!

  4. Your welcome Kirsten. I tested today and got a bfn. My test said test as early as 9 dpo, which I am, so I think once again and for the final time, I am on the bad side of the odds. I have always been the bfn in the threads. I wasnt even going to join one this time. I was crampy up until today where I feel fine, no symptoms what so ever. Hoping tomorrow brings me better news. Hoping for the best of luck to everyone on this thread.

  5. Sana -- I'm so sorry. It IS early though and we all know (personally and through these boards) of so many who tested bfn early on then got a bfp either on a later hpt or through beta. I know how tough it is to see though and I'm sorry. I'm hoping that you get better news in the near future.

    xo Kirsten

  6. Hi Sana - Sorry about your hpt test. But i think Kirsten is right, it probably is too early. When is your beta scheduled? I would definitely hold out hope a little longer.

    Kirsten - I have not had the courage to poas yet, but I think I will crack on Saturday morning. That way I won't have to brood about it at work if it is not what I had hoped for.

    Congratulations to you though! It seems like this could be your time! I can't wait to hear what your beta is. Your testing on 9/8 like I am right?

    Please let me know! And Sana - hang in there!


  7. It was the teflon. I knew it. WTG! That is fantastic news. We did nyc tonight in 2 hours and will get up tomorrow am to do some frozen pops. My husband is very nervous.

  8. Jane -- I hope everything went well today. Did you get to do anything fun in the city? Hope so!

    apanta -- My beta is 9/8. Yours too, right? Good luck with poas this weekend if you do!! Sending lots of positive vibes your way

    Sana -- How are you doing? If you are testing, I hope it has turned itself around to a bfp. I am so hoping for a positive outcome for you.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone!!


  9. We did go into the city thur night. Went into the city to see time square, ran around like crazy for about two hours. Things went well at the clinic. H went in, did his thing and came out. Thinking of you and am so happy for your news.
    apanta! glad to see all is progressing well with you too.
    When someone succeeds it gives us hope. Sana, don't give up hope.

  10. Jane -- thanks for the kind words! Only 11 days to go for you!!! I am excited for you : )

    apanta -- Good luck tomorrow! Does your clinic call pretty early or make you wait all day? Mine is pretty good -- they usually call by 1-ish (as opposed to my former clinic who I sometimes had to call right before they closed as they would forget -- great, huh?). Here's to a ++ outcome!

    Sana -- I have been thinking of you and hoping that you get ++ news at your beta. This is such a difficult process. I really hope things have turned around for you, sweetie.

    Lots of good luck to all and I'm so looking forward to hearing from you all with lots of good news!

    xo Kirsten

  11. Hi All,

    Well I could not hold out all weekend without poas. My dh and I did wait until nearly 10pm on Sunday though (we were too nervous to do it before then!). My dh made me promise that we would only look at it together so I placed it back in the wrapper after using it. And when I pulled it out 3 minutes later it said YES+!!!!! We were in shock - I have never gotten a positive before.

    My 1st beta was yesterday and it came back positive as well. It was 14dp3dt and it was 403!!! We are really excited, but nervous as well. My 2nd beta is tomorrow and I am hoping that everything will be fine.

    Kirsten, Sana - Did you have your betas?


  12. apanta -- That is such great news!!!! I am so happy for you Great high number too. You must be so happy!!

    My beta results on Tuesday (13dp 3 or 4dt -- depending on how you look at it) came in at 941!! I am on pins and needles waiting for the call from this morning's second beta. Praying that everything is going well!

    xo Kirsten

  13. Hi again ladies --

    Am so relieved: beta #2 results are in: 2,674 (up from 941 two days ago). I can breathe again (for today anyway!).

    How is everyone doing?

    xo Kirsten

  14. Wow, that's great news! I have not had time to get online the past couple of days and was wondering how things were going for you. Wow, I am so thrilled for you. As long as the numbers go up things should be good. I am so happy for you.
    I just started my estrogen patches today. Think thick walls! The tx date has changed now to the 21st. Still, it seems so very unreal to me.
    take care jane

  15. apanta, That is wonderful news! I am so happy to hear of your success and will look forward to more great news.

  16. Jane, I am thinking positive thoughts for the thick building of your lining! Oh the things we obsess about, huh? The 21st is around the corner -- I am so happy you are almost there!

  17. Kirsten - WOW!! Your numbers are amazing!! My 1st beta was 403 at 14dp3dt, and my 2nd beta was 1,117 at 16dp3dt. Did you transfer 2 embryos? We transferred 3 based on our RE's recommendation. So happy for you! (and me!).

    Jane - Good Luck! Your ET is coming up quick!


  18. apanta - GREAT #s!! That's fantastic! Do you have another beta or just waiting on the u/s? I'm so happy for you
    We only had one embie to transfer so I don't know what's going on with my #s! I guess I will find out on the 26th at my u/s.

    xo Kirsten

  19. apanta that's great news!
    Kirsten maybe the egg split in two....twins! OMG more to obsess about.
    I'm counting down the days.
    take care ladies and enjoy every pregnant moment.

  20. Hey Jane! I hear you -- I can obsess over anything pg-related! How are the estrogen patches going? Thinking of you and your upcoming ET!

    Sana -- Thinking of you sweetie. Hope you are doing alright.

    apanta - How are you doing, gf?

  21. Hi Jane -- Hope you see this - didn't know where else to send you a message as it looks like you don't accept pms. GOOD LUCK on Monday with your ET I will be away for the weekend, but will say a prayer for you for a wonderful ET. Please check in and let us know how everything goes!

    xo Kirsten

  22. Kirsten! Thanks but it has been pushed forward. my donor will be ready on the 25th ( her period was a little late) That means they will tx on the 29th! Also, I had my lining checked yesterday and it's at 10 and right on track. I hope those results are from me giving up coffee, what a sacrifice. Anyway, my donor is doing really well with her shots and responding nicely. OMG! This is so nerve racking, exciting, and scary. When will your real morning sickness start? 6 weeks I think. How exciting. Take care my obff talk soon. Oh, I don't know how to do the pm thing. I'll try to figure that one out. Jane

  23. Hi Jane! Awesome lining!!! Mine has never been that high. And good news that your donor is responding well Can't wait to hear how she does on Friday ... and your ET is almost here! Can't wait even more for you to tell us you are preggers!!! Keep me posted

  24. Hi Kirsten - have you had your first u/s yet? We had ours yesterday and we are having a singleton! we were kind of hoping for twins, but a singleton is great too! What about you?

    Jane - good luck with your transfer next week. Let us know how it goes!


  25. Hi apanta! That's great news about your u/s! Congratulations on one more hurdle accomplished My u/s is tomorrow -- I am nervous and excited

    Hi Jane, Is your donor's ER tomorrow? I know your ET is supposed to be next week -- I'm so excited for you! Good luck with everything

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