DE2WW - Anyone out there and want to obsess?!

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  1. Just had my DE FET yesterday. Transferred one morula. We had 4 frozen on CD3, but 2 didn't survive thaw and one 9 cell at thaw was a 3 cell and didn't grow. The morula when frozen was a "perfect looking" 8 cell and 8 cell at thaw that continued to grow after thaw. A little nervous that there was only one to transfer, but trying to be positive that of course it only takes one!

    Anyone recently done or doing their transfers and want to obsess with me? Would love to have some ladies to share the excitement/fear of the 2 ww!

    I'll start ... had a lot of lower pelvic tugging yesterday and last night. Very sleepy and very thirsty.

    Best of luck to all,

  2. I would love to read all of your obsessions while you wait. I don't go for my tx till Sept 18th. In the two years we have been ttc I have obsessed. For two years solid. I'm the girl you go to if you want someone to listen. Tugging you say? I have heard that is an early sign. Thirsty? Tired? Think positive. These could all be early signs. How about your saliva? your dreams, are they beyond weird? Isn't the fertilized egg to implant on day 2 or 3? Do you have some light cramps or light bleeding on day 2 or 3? I don't know! See, clearly I can obsess with you.

  3. Kirsten,
    I go for my fet on Monday and I would love to obsess with you. We have three frozen blasts. We will transfer all 3 if they make it. When is your beta? Mine will be Sept 9th. I am thinking lots of sticky thoughts for you.

  4. Kirsten,
    Just wanted to wish you good luck! For me, I didn't feel much in symptoms in the beginning, just a little cramping the first few days after transfer. Then not much until day 9, or 6 days past the 3 day transfer and that's when I started feeling a little sick and more crampy and tired. I tested a very faint positive on day 11, or 8dp3dt. Hoping for the best for you!

  5. Hi daffy125 and Sana! So great to hear from you both.

    jrm -- You are my kind of obsessor, gf! My doctor said based on the growth, implantation should occur last night or today so fingers crossed!
    WRT implantation cramps/bleeding, have not had those (but never had those with my two previous pgs either. Unfortunately both resulted in m/c at 10 and 8 wks but due to problems that have hopefully been corrected). Am still waiting for the big, sore boobs that I had with last pg ...
    Yayyyy to transfer on September 18th! It will be here so soon

    Sana - Your transfer is right around the corner -- yippee! Here's to a great transfer of all 3 frosties on Monday for you
    My beta is one day before yours, on September 8th. Normally my clinic checks on Day 12, but I think it is delayed a day b/c of the holiday.

  6. Hi Marylee,

    Our posts crossed. Thanks so much for your well wishes and also for the reassurance about symptoms. You are my hero -- how are you feeling? Hopefully good and congrats again!


  7. How do you feel? Do tell. Any tearful moments? Any odd changes? Jane

  8. Hi jrm! Well, I have "tearful moments" all the time, regardless of "condition" lol.
    As far as symptoms, I am really tired, taking naps every day, having some weird dreams and getting these horrible headaches (which I did get with both of my prior pgs). Who knows if it's an indicator of being pg or sudden allergies .... we'll see!

    Hi Sana -- You must be getting excited for Monday! Fingers crossed for you for a fantastic transfer!

    Hope you ladies are having a fabulous day!!


  9. Kirsten, I am so glad to hear that you feel like ****! Thinking of you. Jane

  10. Jane,

    You crack me up!! Thanks for the giggle


  11. Hi Kirsten,

    I would love to be in the 2ww with you. I had a 3 day ET on Tuesday and my beta is also on 9/8. Although, I have told myself that I will definitely be poas this time.

    I don't have any symptoms so far. I have been feeling overly full the last two days, but that could just be nerves. I just feel like I am already super full when I have just started eating, so not really nausea just a lack of hunger. Plus, it is hard not to attribute some of the feelings to the progesterone and other meds.....

    I have never had a bfp before so I really don't know what to expect! Please tell me everything you are feeling

    Only 11 more days.......


  12. Welcome apanta!! So happy you are joining us Congrats on your ET. How many did you transfer?

    My symptoms are still waking up in the middle of the night to pee, fatigue, low grade headaches, sore boobs and now dizziness last night and this am (to the point where I thought I might faint at Stop and Shop last night). While I had all of these symptoms for my last 2 pregnancies (both ended in m/c), I am so nervous it is just related to medication/allegies/wishful thinking! Oh well, I guess that is the "joy" of the 2WW. As you said, we will know soon enough.

    When will you poas? I think I will too, but haven't decided when.

    Hi to daffy125 and Sana!

  13. Kirsten,
    I think those are all good signs. If you experienced them last time maybe that is a good sign. Will you poas soon?

    Why do you have to wait so long for your beta? I would be poas too. When will you start?

    I am getting nervous. I am already experiencing sore bbs and nausea and I have not even had my transfer. Must be the pio right? How much progesteron are you all on? I am on 2cc of peo.

  14. Hey Sana! I hear you on the nerves. I am sending positive vibes your way for Monday! To answer your question, I am on 1 cc of peo nightly.

    When do you ladies typically POAS?

  15. Hi Sana & Kirsten,

    Kirsten - we transferred 3 embryos, because the quality was not stellar. Our RE said they were good, but not perfect.

    My beta is 9/8 I think because it got pushed back due to the weekend and the Labor Day holiday. Typically I think they do a 10 or 12 day past transfer, but this will work out to 14 (for me, but the 5 day transfer ppl at the clinic will be at 12). I am going to start poas on 9/6 which would be 12dp3dt for me. I think I will just do it once on 9/6 & once on 9/7. Oh it makes me nervous though!

    I am on 2ml (2cc) of PIO a night, and one Prog. suppository. I also do a .3ml injection of E2V every Tuesday & Friday. Those double injection nights are tough, but my clinic let me downsize to a 25 gauge needle. Boy does that make a difference.

    Kirsten - Those symptoms sound like everything I have been reading for pg signs. Unfortunately, I am having none of them. I only have tender breasts and I think that is from the PIO.

    Sana - Good luck on your ET! Transferring all 3, just like me!!! Let's hope it's lucky for us both.


  16. Hi ladies! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    apanta - That is tough with those double injections. I had to do that last cycle. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I swear my butt has permanent lumps in it! Hope you are doing ok.

    I had the worst night's sleep last night Kept waking up with headaches; then, just when I would fall asleep it seems I would wake up and have to go to the bathroom or the dog woke me up ... ugh. I am trying hard to keep the anxiety from seeping in. I am so jealous of people who just get pregnant.

    Good luck tomorrow Sana! Please let us know how everything goes.


  17. I am with you on the lack of sleep. I must agree with you also on feelings towards women who just get pregnant and take it for granted. I saw a very young girl (maybe 17) standing outside of the mall, about 8 months pregnant and smoking a cigaret. Life truly is not fair.

  18. daffy125 -- I second that! Also high on my "hate" list today: pregnant women with young children who say, "We weren't even trying. We really wanted to space them farther apart, but what can you do?" Ok, i am done ranting !!

  19. Good luck today, Sana!! Hope everything goes fantastically!

    As far as symptoms, I was bumming yesterday as I felt completely normal/no symptoms at all. in fact, full of energy - made Snickers cupcakes. Today I woke up with really painful boobs (but of course is probably from progesterone). Then when I was doing dishes, I had this huge wave of nausea (sp?) come over me b/c all I could smell was Teflon and it was making me sick! I pray this is not just some crazy hypochrondriac phase I am going through!

    Hi to everyone

  20. Thanks everyone. We ended up transferring 2 hatching blasts and one expanded. Now I am home and resting. My doctor doesnt require bed rest but i am definitely doing it today. Good luck to everyone. I am off to take a nap, i think the valium is kicking in. I will probably start poas in about 3 days although I know it wont be accurate.

  21. You felt sick over teflon?! what a great sign. I was overwhelmed with nausea once. it was the hardware department at lowes. When I was preg. I had energy, felt great. Boobs ached and odd smells made me ill. A wave! Oh girl, I think this is a good sign. Keep obsessing. Jane

  22. Sana -- What a great transfer! Get some rest and let those embies snuggle in!

    daffy125 -- Guess what tomorrow is? September It is your month, gf!!

  23. I cannot believe it is September! I am a wreck. but I got my hair done yesterday and feel so much better. We are off to NJ tomorrow to freeze up some sperm, in the event that things don't work well on tx day. How do you feel? I have been thinking of you, and teflon. Any new signs? Do tell.

  24. How is everyone doing? Kirsten have you poas yet? i think the teflon and getting sick is a great sign. I have been tired and a little crampy. Hoping they are good signs. I am thinking of poas tomorrow, i will be 3dp6dt.

  25. I was wondering when you girls would be poas. Sana - are you really doing it tomorrow at 3dp6dt? That seems risky, although I guess it is around the same as my 7dp3dt, right? Your embies were just outside, but about same age.

    I am nervous to do it, but I desperately want to. I have not have any symptoms really, past what I think is the PIO shots talking. Just tender breasts and weird sleep patterns (but I know that is from the dexamethasone I take). Oh it's tough!!!

    Please let me know when you two (Sana and Kirsten) decide to do it.


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