Cycling with DE Feb/March 2010

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  1. makrakis/Cathy 39yo
    history: 3 m/c's, 1 chemical: conceived naturally
    IVF#1 w/own eggs-BFN
    IVF#2 w/DE - Donor takes trigger shot on wrong nite! Eggs destroyed
    IVF #3 w/DE - ID twin boys

    FET#1 - chemical
    FET#2 - BFN (no more frosties)

    gearing up for IVF#4 w/DE (same donor 28yo) Feb/March

    "alexvas"/Lo 44yo
    6 IUI's/Femara - BFN
    Split cycle DE...Got 7 eggs and 5 matured nicely
    IVF#1 w/DE - x-ferred 1 (4aa) - BFN
    FET#1 - x-ferred 1 - BFN
    FET#2 - x-ferred 1 - BFN
    FET#3 - x-ferred 2 - BFN

    Now planning IVF#2 w/DE: what does one do with all this wanting?

    nadia_f/Shannon 35yo
    IVF#1 own eggs - DD born 2006
    IVF#2 chemical, IVF#3 chemical, IVF#4 BFN
    DE #1 and #2 chemicals - both cycles poor response from donor.
    DE #3 - New clinic - SDFC for March

    jahman/Lori 37yo
    History: Poor Responder, .3 amh, 9.9 FSH, 3 m/c's, 2 from IVF's, 1 natural/unplanned/ectopic

    IVF#1(3/07): OE, BFP, m/c 8.5 wks
    IVF#2(7/07): OE, ET cancelled, all embryos arrested
    IVF#3(11/07): OE, BFP, m/c 6.5 wks
    Natural pg(3/08): Found at 6.5 wks, saw HB, Ectopic from IVF scarring, Lap to remove
    IVF#4(7/08): OE, BFN
    IVF#5(11/08): OE, BFN
    IVF#6(9/09): OE, I cancelled at Stim day 13, going too slow, I'm done
    DE#1: Jan/Feb 2010, Donor age 25, 2x proven 27 & 25 eggs, cycling at ORM

    Me(42), DH (35)
    OE IVF#1 FSH 8.9, 3 day 5 embryos transfer with M/C and D&C at 9 weeks in Dec'08
    OE IVF#2 FSH 10.2 OE cycle cancelled due to low response in Mar'09
    DE IVF#3 with Sis (she's 39 year old). 25 mature, trf 3 blastocyst with 9 frosties. BFN.

    peter.ivanic/41 yo
    1 IUI in 2006, DH could not produce sperm, IUI cancelled. (Boston IVF)
    2nd IUI in 2006, BFN. (Boston IVF)
    OE IVF - cancelled, poor response to meds. (Reprod. Science Ctr)
    2nd OE IVF - 1 fresh embryo transferred on Christmas Day 2007, no pressure! BFN, no frozens. (Reproductive Science Ctr)
    3rd IVF OE - 4 fresh embryos transferred, BFN, no frozens. (Boston IVF)
    4th IVF DE Feb 2009 - 3 fresh transferred, BFN, no frozens (Boston IVF)


    Me, 41. Dh, 50. No children. Ever .
    FSH 12.7
    MF issues (low sperm count, 1.9 m, and 17 percent motility)
    IVF #1, 8-08, two eggs, one fertilized, BFN
    IVF #2, 10-08, three eggs, two fertilized, BFN
    Hysteroscopy, 2-09, removed scar tissue and two cysts blocking my tubes. Other than that, healthy uterus.
    IVF #3, 10-09, two eggs, no fertilization

    Now on to SDFC for a big, fat miracle--early February!

  2. Jade - thank you for sharing your incredible journey and those precious boys!!! Wow - I had tears in my eyes reading it...a whole slew of miracles!!!!!!!!!!

    alexvas - I am glad Shannon was able to help you out as I don't know much about that topic.

    AFM, I started AF but Chris said we need to use this as an evaluation cycle since I am not cycling until March. Also, that DH and I need to repeat some bloodwork (like the HIV, syphyllis, etc) since it expired in August. I am waiting to hear what to do next.

  3. Cathy - Wow what a story. There are such cute little boys! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Christie - Sounds like we are so close in our cycles. I just got AF today and need to repeat bloodwork too. Can I ask, do you know what week you are going to try to be in SD or are you going any time that month? And when will they let you confirm a donor? We are hoping to have ER the week of March 7th so we can line things up with my spring break.


  4. Shannon- OMG..we may overlap. I have not thought of a week but I know that late March is bad as DH and I may have a business trip...if I am pg I probably will not go.

    The last email I got from Chris was EST 7:15pm last night. I am waiting for her to respond as I asked, "what do I do next." She did say this would be an evaluation cycle but I don't know what to do. Where are you doing the bw? Wow! We are close! Isn't it funny....we were on that other board together and here we are! I am so happy to have changed clinics!

  5. I walked in the den just now and my elderly mother's home health aid was watching, "The Bold and the Beautiful" and the opening scene was at a fertility clinic and the actress goes, "You know sometimes you have to do in vitro several times before it works." The next actor (dressed as a doctor) comes out and says, "It's confirmed, so and so is pregnant!" I was chuckling to myself!

  6. Christie - that would be so cool if we overlapped. I'm doing the bw with my local Gyn. I live in a small city with no REs so my GYN is the Dr in town who does the early stuff (IUIs and testing) and then the monitoring for patients doing IVF out of town. So he's pretty used to all of this and has a nurse who helps coordinate all of it. Since this is DE#3 for me, my mock cycle/evaluation cycle I did previously will count and I just had another sonohysterogram in August so I only need to do the extra bloodwork.

    Also, its so funny that that was on TV. The show Brothers and Sisters has some story line about IVF and donor eggs right now. I watch desperate housewives (my guilty pleasure) and after its over, the next show comes on and a couple times the first scene is these two guys. One time they were looking at the data base on the computer trying to decide which donor to use and the next they were in the clinic waiting to be called back to give their sample and 1 one was nervous and the other guy was telling him about the po*rn choices. So funny. Anyways, not real sure of the story line since I always flip away but definetly seems like it is getting to be much more mainstream.


  7. Shannon, forgive me, I do remember in an earlier post you said that about your GYN; hopefully, your insurance will cover the bw since it's with the GYN.

    I will have to watch Brothers to see!

    I still have not heard from Chris...

  8. Hi Ladies, it's been a while since my last post. Not much going on on my side. I'm just counting down to my vacation out of the country for the holidays. Then FET in early Feb. I'm trying to quiet my thoughts about this FET until after my vacation. Lately, I've been overwhelmed thinking about my 39 yo Sis donor frosties. I have some hope for the 4 day 6 frosties to work but I don't know what to think about my 5 day 7 frosties. I have never heard of anyone getting pg with day 7 frosties. My RE feels there is a chance otherwise Embryologist would not have frozen them. What you ladies think?

  9. Pepsi, I know it is hard not to stress but your RE thinks there is a good chance. Remember, they want to increase their success numbers too! Look forward to and enjoy what sounds like a great vacation. I have been trying to meditate each's nearly impossible!

  10. WE'RE MATCHED!!!!! WHOOPEE!!!! And we're approved for the Success Guarantee. Late January, early February. This is really happening. Now to figure out how to pay for it . It'll be worth every penny.

    Christie, thanks for the advice. It helped us to cement our selection. She's more expensive than the one who petered out, but she's proven, so hopefully, this is the golden egg.

    I watch "Brothers and Sisters." Hubby hates it because it's all over the page and the writers use it as a forum to pitch their political views. He's not going to come around on this one. I love it; the characters' lives practically mirror everything we've gone through in the past several years.

    Cathy, your twins are just beautiful!

    Pepsi, pardon my ignorance, but wouldn't day 7 be a good thing? Dunno. I've never gotten past a day three transfer, so I'm an idiot in this area.

    Hi alexvas!

    Okay, good pregnancy story... A friend of mine who swore she'd never have children and didn't think she could, got pregnant a year and a half ago. In December, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. My friend was 43 when she conceived. She's now 44 (she'll be 45 in April). I'm so happy for her now, though admittedly (and quite shamefully) I was jealous when I first heard the news. So... miracles happen. Now it's our turn. !!

  11. I hope that my good news post wasn't insensitive. It's tough to know what we can take and on what days. You know?

    Af is late. She's NEVER late. Did the Estrace do that? I find no Internet info concerning Estrace and delayed periods. Hmmm?


  12. Hi Dale, usually an embryo makes it to blastocyst in 5 or 6 days. So 7 day blastocysts are slow developers or you can call them fighters cause they didn't want to arrest. In fact, I heard that great quality embryo start hatching by day 7. I think for my Feb'10 FET i would unfreeze the 4 day 6 frosties that I have first. Hopefully, I won't need the day 7 frosties.

  13. Pepsi - I think if they froze them they must have thought them possible to make babies. I know one clinic I went to said they saw absolutely no difference in success between day 5 and day6, that slow early growth was ok. I think your plan to use the day 6 ones first is good.

    Dale WooHoo - So excited for you! I have a few San Diego questions I'm going to PM you if that's ok. And AF is always late for me after a cycle I was on estrace to build lining and didn't ovulate. No idea why but it clearly does change things for a bit.

    Hi to everyone else. So glad its Friday. We are going to the city this weekend to go to the science museum, out to korean BBQ and to a waterpark. Its DHs birthday tomorrow and he made the plans. Should be fun to get away for a couple days.


  14. Dale - I liked your post! Postive energy! I don't much about estrace. I will be starting it next week. I am so psyched you got matched!

    Shannon - have a great birthday weekend with DH!

    AFM, I spoke with Jenna who is covering for Chris. I go in on Day 5 (Mon) for bw and ultrasound. She faxed me scripts for Estrace, Provera and Desogen.

    The remote clinic can see me tomorrow but said day 5 was also okay. I opted for Day 5 since it is 50 miles away and tomorrow I had other plans. Was that okay?

  15. Have a great weekend ladies!!

  16. Thanks ladies for letting me share my journey and success story with you all and for taking the time to read it.

    Christie - if you dont' mind me asking, what is an evaluation cycle?

    pepsi - I envy you for going out of the country for vacation! Where are you going? I think you have a very good chance of getting pg with any of those frosties. I know someone on another board that is pregnant with b/g twins from transferring 2 - 7 day frosties. So it does happen. We just did 2 FETs back to back with our 5 and 6 day frosties and none took . ended up with a lousy chemical and a BFN. You just never know what embryos are good enough. Did your clinic freeze them with the slow-method or vetrification? I have heard & read that vetrificaton does have a slightly higher success rate. At the time, our clinic froze our embryo's using the slow-method. I think it was too much for them.

    Dale - Congrats on being matched!! Fantastic news!! That's great news about your friend! I am sure you are happy for her, but its normal to feel the way you do about it as well. I know I have about ppl I've known or friends who have gotten pg. For me, it was always easier to "accept" when I knew it was hard for them than if it came easy. Has AF shown yet?

    nadia_f - sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy the science museum, BBQ and the waterpark. Isn't it cold where you are? What kind of waterpark is it? Happy Birthday to your DH!!!!

    AFM: Its been another crazy few days here. My LO "P" has had a cold and the last couple of days he just wasn't sleeping. And neither was I. Last night was a better night and even though he tossed and turned some (he's been sleeping with me for the past 3 nights so he doesn't wake up his brother) we both finally got some sleep and he slept until 6:45am! Which is really late for my early-riser. Hopefully he kicks this cold soon or its off to the pedi.

    On the donor front, we received legal clearance this week from both parties. And the wheels are in motion. We also found out this week when we received the final costs for our donor that she waived the travel expenses! About $1200 !! So between the $250 discount from the law firm, a $1K less compensation for the donor and this, we are saving $2450.00. That's just amazing. Its nice to see how ppl can really come together and do something nice. And for us, it all helps in the end.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Weather if finally beautiful here!

  17. Hi Cathy, I'm going to Kenya for a safari. I'm so excited to get away before my FET in Feb. Thanks for the success story regarding the day 7 frosties. I feel more hopeful now. By the way, my RE uses the Cryopreservation method (I assume this is the slow method). He said they have a 80% thaw rate. Very promising.

  18. Pepsi - how exciting!!! Have a great time!

    Jade, an update, I just remembered I have done 5 IVF's...the 4th was with my owns eggs. No transfer, embryos did not grow. Thanks!

    I went in for monitoring for Day 5 on AF today - ultrasound and bw. I was able to do it at RSC which is great because although their own success rates are much lower than SDFC which is why I left them, the nurses are great.

    Jade, this is for the evaluation cycle. It looks like I start Estrace tonight. I go in for bw and ultrasound on 12/14 and 12/21. They also have told me to get scripts for bp and another drug. I have a wicked cold so I am out of it a bit. I hope your LO feels better!

  19. I just got an email from Chris that we can't be matched with our donor unless we wait until May or June. She got snagged. I couldn't be officially matched until today when I started my ultrasounds. She has had 5 cycles and 5 pregnancies. She is an amazing donor. Must talk to DH.........

  20. Christie - oh no. I am so sorry. This is so discouraging. Please let us know how you plan to proceed. (((hugs)))

  21. Jade, thank you. The donor we wanted has done 4 cycles, 4 pregnancies and has had 35-51 eggs.

    There are some runners up: 7/7 but one was FET and 3/3. The 3/3 is 26 with 12-39 eggs and the 7/7 is 13-25 eggs. The 7/7 available in April, the 3/3 in March. Our number one choice is May or June.

    Need some advice here. We are moving in late May again...we only rented a house through May because it is 30,000/month in the summer and the owner comes here in June and rents it for July and August. We hope to move back in in Sept. but we may go to our home in Saratoga Springs for June and rent for July and August here. We just bought a home in SS and we are closing on the 18th of this month. If I do a May/June, it will be moving time.....I just don't know what to do???? Sorry to ramble.

  22. Christie - I'm sorry the donor you wanted has been taken. I can empathize, I have to say I'm not sure that there is going to be anyone left for me. Chris told me I couldn't confirm anyone until January for March but now I see that others and you are so I'm not sure why I can't. I'm going to call again at the end of the week and see if I can now. There are only a couple left that we will consider at this point or maybe going with someone new but that feels like such a risk. I don't know, we may be waiting until summer to go with someone we really want too. Sometimes I just want to cry this feels so hard.

    Pepsi - What an exciting vacation, wish I could go somewhere like that right now.

    Cathy - Wow things seem to be moving along for you, glad the donor stuff is all working out. Hope your LO is feeling better now, so hard when they are sick. (And yes its cold here, freezing actually, 7 degrees on my way to work and supposed to snow today and get colder yet, sigh. Somedays I really wonder why we left CA, the water park is indoors)

    So AFM - really starting to worry that there won't be any donors left for me to choose from. There are only a couple left I would consider and if they are taken then its either go with a new donor or wait until summer, sigh. So what do you think of new donors? There is one who has similar interests to me, smart, reasonable physical match. She really is great in every way except she's never cycled before. She's 24. Would you risk it? This is DE #3 for us and I really don't want there to be a #4 so very scared to take the risk. But also don't want to go with a donor who just doesn't match me at all and that I'm not thrilled with. Any thoughts?


  23. Hi ladies,

    Christie and Shannon, I pm'd you regarding the donor snags. That's FUBR!

    Shannon, I was going to risk a first timer, but only if I was approved for the SG plan. Then she got snagged and I didn't have to make that choice. SDFC has a fabulous screening process. Consider that, along with the SG plan and your personal timeline. If those three things align favorably, why not? On the flip side, I was nervous about a first timer; let's face it, I'm no young filly and I want to be able to pick up my children when I have them.

    Christie, I'm confused about the moving dilemma. You're closing on a home, right? Why would you go back to a rental?

    ...If this helps at all, this is how I'm dealing with my life and all of its parameters: this donor egg cycle is my focus. It's the only thing I have clarity over right now (which is not saying much ). Everything else will fall into place. Dh and I have decided this is our last shot. So whatever mountains we have to move, they've gotta be moved. This is too expensive, and I'm too fragile to be riding fences. As for a cycle timeline, trust your heart. I know it's hard, but once you decide on when the time is right for you, I think everything else will fall into place. When you have a million balls in the air, set your sights on the most important one... the rest will fall on their own.

    Jade, way to save money. We're saving on everything we can, too. Everything!

    Pepsi, you lucky girl! Have fun.

    Hi jahman and alexvas.

    Afm, still no period. What in the world!!! I'm never a week late. Not even on progesterone. Geez.


  24. Thanks, guys, for empathizing. You are the only ones other than DH who understands and who I tell abt something like this. I have asked Jenna to call me to discuss the three donors. I just don't know what to do?

    Shannon, I am gun shy on new donors just because what happened the last time. Granted, that was a Donor Source donor. I think that SDFC screens like mad. That being said, I am gun shy about choosing a donor with only 3 cycles now! I am overboard probably. I told DH that the most stressful thing is choosing a donor right now!

    Dale - no AF could be stress, that happens with me. Don't worry at all.

    Shannon, Chris said I couldn't be matched till I went for the baseline ultrasound at start of eval. cycle which was yesterday. That is frustrating.

    I am moving again because the house in Saratoga Springs is really a property we will enjoy some but hope to rent out to pay for itself. When we have more funds, we will divide it so it has a true in-law suite we can use and rent out the rest. My mom lives with us with her home health aid. We don't plan on living in Saratoga as primary home.

    I hope Jenna emails soon.

  25. Dale and Shannon, I PM'd you too. Thanks!

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