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  1. Hi jahman, I hate that this baby making machine is such a cash cow. I did do the preg loss panel and everything came back normal. RE thinks I just had too much stress last year. I really feel that I could be successful with OE but my sister's 9 frosties are the next best thing for now. So I'll stay positive for BFP in Feb'10.

  2. Welcome to the group Pepsi - So nice of your sister to donate for you.

    Christie - I do think you need to do the uterine eval and the mock cycle for SDFC but they will let you do it at home so hopefully that can save you some money. I can't wait to confirm our donor and have everything settled and ready to begin. When are you hoping to be able to do that? They told us we could choose the first week in January for our March cycle.

    Hi to everyone else.


  3. pepsi - Welcome to our group!! Thats great your sister donated for you and it sounds like she has given you great eggs. 9 frosties is amazing!! Sorry that your fresh cycle didn't work though but this FET is going to be it for you! Sorry to hear you had to have a D&C in Dec last year. I had one on Dec 9th of 2005 after finding out we lost id twins at our 7.5w appt. It was horrible and def put a damper on the holidays, plus it was our 1st pregnancy together. We were so hopeful then, who knew what we were in for and the challenges that were ahead of us.

    Dale - praying for normal test results today.

    Christie - that is great that your clinic is being so thorough. I would ask them if you can space out your payments, they may be able to work with you on that. How much is your donor's compensation? (if that's not too personal a question). I can't even put a figure on how much we have spent on all these cycles combined. DH knows but I don't even want to ask him b/c it'll make him grouchy. LOL. I had no idea about neg effects of alcohol on implantation. I think some would be fine, like the occasional glass of wine. So did DHs repeat SA test okay?

    hi to e/e. Gotta get off the computer as DH is leaving for work soon. I'll be back tonight to update our chart.
    Have a good week ladies!

  4. Benign!!! Thank you for your prayers! More later; writing from my phone and just wanted to let you know.

  5. Dale - HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! (<sp?) I am SO happy to hear this!

  6. here's an updated chart. Ladies, let me know if I missed anything or if you want to add anything to yours.

    makrakis/Cathy 39yo
    history: 3 m/c's, 1 chemical: conceived naturally
    IVF#1 w/own eggs-BFN
    IVF#2 w/DE - Donor takes trigger shot on wrong nite! Eggs destroyed
    IVF #3 w/DE - ID twin boys

    FET#1 - chemnical
    FET#2 - BFN (no more frosties)

    gearing up for IVF#4 w/DE (same donor 28yo) Feb/March

    "alexvas"/Lo 44yo
    6 IUI's/Femara - BFN
    Split cycle DE...Got 7 eggs and 5 matured nicely
    IVF#1 w/DE - x-ferred 1 (4aa) - BFN
    FET#1 - x-ferred 1 - BFN
    FET#2 - x-ferred 1 - BFN
    FET#3 - x-ferred 2 - BFN

    Now planning IVF#2 w/DE: what does one do with all this wanting?

    nadia_f/Shannon 35yo
    IVF#1 own eggs - DD born 2006
    IVF#2 chemical, IVF#3 chemical, IVF#4 BFN
    DE #1 and #2 chemicals - both cycles poor response from donor.
    DE #3 - New clinic - SDFC for March

    jahman/Lori 37yo
    History: Poor Responder, .3 amh, 9.9 FSH, 3 m/c's, 2 from IVF's, 1 natural/unplanned/ectopic

    IVF#1(3/07): OE, BFP, m/c 8.5 wks
    IVF#2(7/07): OE, ET cancelled, all embryos arrested
    IVF#3(11/07): OE, BFP, m/c 6.5 wks
    Natural pg(3/08): Found at 6.5 wks, saw HB, Ectopic from IVF scarring, Lap to remove
    IVF#4(7/08): OE, BFN
    IVF#5(11/08): OE, BFN
    IVF#6(9/09): OE, I cancelled at Stim day 13, going too slow, I'm done
    DE#1: Jan/Feb 2010, Donor age 25, 2x proven 27 & 25 eggs, cycling at ORM

    Me(42), DH (35)
    OE IVF#1 FSH 8.9, 3 day 5 embryos transfer with M/C and D&C at 9 weeks in Dec'08
    OE IVF#2 FSH 10.2 OE cycle cancelled due to low response in Mar'09
    DE IVF#3 with Sis (she's 39 year old). 25 mature, trf 3 blastocyst with 9 frosties. BFN.

    peter.ivanic/41 yo
    1 IUI in 2006, DH could not produce sperm, IUI cancelled. (Boston IVF)
    2nd IUI in 2006, BFN. (Boston IVF)
    OE IVF - cancelled, poor response to meds. (Reprod. Science Ctr)
    2nd OE IVF - 1 fresh embryo transferred on Christmas Day 2007, no pressure! BFN, no frozens. (Reproductive Science Ctr)
    3rd IVF OE - 4 fresh embryos transferred, BFN, no frozens. (Boston IVF)
    4th IVF DE Feb 2009 - 3 fresh transferred, BFN, no frozens (Boston IVF)



    Diamond - I hear you on $. We both lost our jobs so it is hard. My insurance covered 80% but they don't cover SDFC so that is another reason to do success guarantee. If that does not have a good result, we will move to surrogacy. But, I am optimistic with SDFC!

    Jade - our donor comp is 10k. ..I know...!

    Strochs - they told me we can be officially matched after the uterine eval. I think I should get AF anyday.

    Pepsi - that is great you have your sister's!

    Jade - thanks for chart. I forgot to include that on the onset of all this my FSH was 12. Funny enough, last one was 8.

    What is involved in a mock cycle?

    Here is a thought for our group....we could share success stories every now and then to put positive vibes and outlooks and hopes in the group...bad English but you know what I mean. I do believe thoughts are things!

    Here is one: My friend who is exactly my age (41) did DE at 39. Fresh failed but after transfer of two frosties, she found out she was pregnant with triplets! Well, about 18 months ago she felt ill. She went to the doctor and after being told she could never conceive her own child, she found out she was pregnant! Now she has two twin girls, one boy and one girl!

  8. I contacted the Donor Source to ask if my old donor was still a listed donor. This is a donor who my RE at BIVF told us was "not optimal." The embryos started to fragment on day 1. I had three fresh transferred and no frosties available. All in all, she had 50% fertilize and only 9 all together on transfer day. Her fee was 5k and she was out of town.

    I feel sorry for the person who may pick her. I hope they get to know the outcome of my cycle. I picked her because she has red hair and so do I. There are few redheaded donors.

    Makes me feel more secure with the SDFC donor!

  9. Dale - So so relieved for you. Now on to better things.

    Christie - I suspect this sort of thing with donors goes on more than we know. I'm shocked at the two donors chosen for me at old clinic. I agree so glad we are both moving on.


  10. Strochs - you are right. I have to let it go and focus on the positive. I am so glad I moved from that clinic and that agency! I am grateful, not mad.

  11. Hi!!

    I had such a terrific day yesterday! My phone conversation with Dr. Hummel went well, and I'm close to becoming "matched" with our donor. Still much to do, but I've got some checks marked off already, so hopefully, we're looking at the beginning of February. Whoopee!

    Just so I can be added to our list, here's a little background:

    Me, 41. Dh, 50. No children. Ever .
    FSH 12.7
    MF issues (low sperm count, 1.9 m, and 17 percent motility)
    IVF #1, 8-08, two eggs, one fertilized, BFN
    IVF #2, 10-08, three eggs, two fertilized, BFN
    Hysteroscopy, 2-09, removed scar tissue and two cysts blocking my tubes. Other than that, healthy uterus.
    IVF #3, 10-09, two eggs, no fertilization

    Now on to SDFC for a big, fat miracle--early February!

    Hi Christie. Mock cycle. Forgive my rudimentary explanation, but here it goes: A mock cycle is to make sure your uterus is optimal for pregnancy to take place. You'll take Estrace, or another form of estrogen, starting on day 2 of your period. I took 2mg three times a day. On day 10 (or so) of your cycle, you go in for a uterine lining check--nothing more than the same kind of monitoring you've had with every IVF cycle. They're looking for at least an 8mm, triple layer lining by that day (I believe). If you've achieved that, you stop taking estrogen. If you haven't achieved the proper mm lining, you continue on Estrace until you do. Some clinics put you on Provera after the Estrace. Mine did not.

    Hey Shannon,

    I'm pm'ing you a long list of things to do in SD. I can't wait to go back, not only for the obvious, but I LOVE that city!!!! If anybody else wants the list, I'll pm you; don't want to bore everyone else with it.

    Btw, I'll write a positive vibe story next time. Want to get this off. Lots to do!


  12. Dale - The list was fantastic - Thanks! You made my day with that because we are hoping to turn this into a vacation too and so its great to have someone who really knows give advice on what to see and do. I think we will skip Tijuana, we went scuba diving on the Baja peninsula a few years ago and drove through and didn't look worth visiting. And I doubt we'll be doing anything to fancy, just won't have the budget for it, but coming from MN it will be so wonderful to be by a beach in March. I do have a question for you. What about a rental car? Should we get one? Get by on public transit? (And we'll have three people so maybe a car is cheaper?) That can vary so much depending on the city. Glad your phone appointment went well. I just got an email from Chris with the checklist of what we still need to do and its just some blood work. Feels so good to be getting closer isn't it.

    Christie - I don't have a positive pregnancy story but I love the idea. So my positive vibe for today is that there are several new donors listed on the clinics site and its so wonderful to have a choice of good donors. I'm feeling some hope vibes returning. So wishing everyone else good hope.


  13. Hi Ladies - I have been keeping up with some of you and reading about your upcoming cycles in San Diego. As some may know, that's where we finally got our positive, so I am definitely partial to the clinic. I wish you all the best no matter where you are cycling, but San Diego, even in March, is just awesome.

    nadia_f - on the rental car, definitely get one. Look up on orbitz and you will find great rates. you can reserve a car with no deposit and we just kept changing as our dates changed, especially since it is so easy and doesn't cost anything. It isn't cheap to get around and a car will give you so much flexibility.

    I can't wait to watch you all cycle and hear some wonderful stories.

    Hugs -


  14. Hi Shannon,

    I'd definitely rent a car. Mass transit is great for locals, but the area is very spread out. Personally, I wouldn't want the aggravation of buses. I think you'll need/want the flexibility.

    Oh, the list... How could I forget Old Town? Good family fun for a day. There's a restaurant there we love, Rockin' Baja Lobster. Food in a bucket and a go-zillion kinds of salsa. One of our favs.


  15. Dale, Am and Shannon -ER you all are getting me psyched about San Diego! THe hard part will be aftert the transfer when you have to stay in bed for 3 days I believe Chris said?? What a old clinic...the RE literally said, "You can do cartwheels afterwards." Whereas his nurse was like, bedrest. Talk about not on the same page!

    Thanks for the mock cycle description. I am starting AF today so have emailed Chris. I think I am supposed to go in for a uterine check in a few days depending on what she says. I am on no meds for now though.

    I hope everyone has a fabulous day! It is sunny here in RI and we have not even had a frost yet!

  16. Dale - I would love the San Diego list. What hotel do you reccomend? Something nice to pamper ourselves - staying a few days in bed in the hotel will be hard!

  17. Christie - Isn't it fun to start to think about these things. Congrats on AF so you can start the next step.


  18. Christie,

    I sent you the list in two parts; over the maximum 5000 characters. Enjoy!

    As for where to stay, hmmm. We lived there, so I didn't stay in a San Diego hotel, but I'll think about it and ask my husband. PM me and tell me what you're looking for.

    To you ladies not going to SDFC, I hope you don't feel left out. I'll try to keep this SD specific stuff to pm's when I can.


  19. Thanks, Dale. Will do!

  20. Most of you are officially matched, right? I'm having a tough time. For various reasons, e.g., changing clinics, etc., we've selected four donors and they've all petered out. So right now, I'm looking for donors that are available that I like. I'm not even looking at matching our characteristics. Is that nuts? How did you all choose your donors? Is it bizarro to be matched with a blonde/blue when I'm brown/brown? Ahhhhhhh!!!! Why can't this be simpler????

  21. Dale - here is it, my best advice...pardon incorrect English but I am the poster child for this topic (somewhat). I have red hair, green eyes...very hard to match. My first donor pick during my first DE cycle was a redhead from CO. My clinic was in Boston. She appeared, driven, beautiful, healthy ....I was DETERMINED to have a redheaded donor. The agency fee was 5k, the donor fee was 5k, her travel was 4k. Well, we got a BFN and no frosties. Of course, that was at BIVF.

    Well, when we decided to go to SDFC, we were at first dissapointed because there were no redheads. I decided to go with proven more than matching characteristics. Don't get me wrong, the donor is attractive but she looks nothing like me. I have to say, I know biological kids who look nothing like the parents. On the flipside, my acupuncturists has many clients who got pg with DE and she swears they look something like the mother! DH has a quote from one of his science books about how the womb affects the fetus even if it is not the egg of the mother.

    Another thought, my friend in ME who got pg with twins...she is blonde/blue-eyed and she ALMOST didn't go with the donor because she had brown hair...three babies later...she is glad she did.

    I hope this helps!

    I know it is difficult at first. First you have to get used to the idea of using someone else's eggs then that they may not look at the end, I don't think it will matter.

  22. Dale - I'm in this particular anxiety boat with you, re: donor resembling us. I'm only looking at SDFC's proven donors, but one I related to less was something of a superstar, whereas the one I liked better - who looked more like me but I just otherwise felt better with - was also great but less of a superstar in terms of mature eggs & embies making it. I agree w/ Christie re: moms and dads and kids very often not looking alike. But I had a dilemma deciding between proven's! I went (just yesterday) with "slightly less of a superstar." My BF felt she was great in all ways and her fee is also $1K less.

    All - Nor do I have a positive pregnancy story. However, I just got a book out from the library called Positivity (author is a psychologist named Frederickson), and I recommend it! I'm hoping that by the time I'm done reading it, I'm going to be 100% optimistic about this cycle!

    More on the nerves front, could use input...

    SDFC wants my local RE to do a sono HSG. Local RE is very obsessed with my
    small cervix, and wants me to take this scary drug Misoprostol (aka Miso) in
    prep for the sono: it softens ("ripens" - eeww) the cervix, apparently. Everything on-line is about how it induces labor, gets used
    to abort. Is anyone familiar w/ it? Will it leave my system by the time of

    Also, whereas Chris - SDFC RN - put me on BC pills in preparation for the sono HSG, I'm spotting. She is saying they'll probably double my BC pills. Is that okay for the cycle? Local RE absolutely won't do the sono unless I stop bleeding, so I guess I have to take the extra pills.

    I wish that the medical people would preface *everything* they decide to
    do/prescribe with "This WILL NOT hurt your chances of getting and staying
    pregnant" because that is ALL I care about.

  23. Dale - I don't think it is nuts at all. We all have to balance availability in a good time frame, looks, other characteristics, health, cost etc. So the donors that I like so far don't necessarily look much like me either. I'm just afraid there won't be a donor I like available by the time they let me confirm in January. Also, what your donor looks like doesn't necessarily mean anything. My sister and I look NOTHING alike, at all. But we definetly have the same parents. The genes for stuff get pretty mixed up.

    alexvas - I really don't think that Miso will still be in your system by the time of the transfer. I just looked up the half-life (the time for half of it to be cleared from your system) and it is something like 20 minutes. So looks like it would be completely gone within hours. But can you run it by Chris at SDFC to make sure they are ok with it? I would say the BCP are probably fine for sure. Modern BCP are typically very low dose hormones and going to higher levels is still safe. I think the thoughts are why use more if you dont have to. But if you do, it should be fine. There are so many things to worry about aren't there.


  24. Thank you so much, Shannon. I was looking for that half-life info (re: Miso) and couldn't find it. As per Chris/RN, I will indeed be doubling up on the BFP. What you wrote about both med's was a great relief to me.

  25. hi everyone!

    alexvas - not sure about the Miso being in your system but it seems like the ladies were able to help you out with that. It sounds like it should be fine.

    Christie - Again, how disappointing your last donor gave you a less than stellar cycle. Onto a successful cycle in 2010! I agree, it must be difficult to find a redheaded donor. I recall when we looked, there was only 1. Your DH's book is correct, the mother's womb and body does affect the DNA of the baby/ies you are carrying. I read alittle something about it on here, I think its called Epigenetics. Scientists are only just starting to research it now I think. Pretty cool huh? Apparently our DNA turns on and turns off certain DNA in the baby.

    Dale - sorry your donor selections are petering out. Did they give you a reason why? I wanted to find a donor that did look alittle like me, or atleast be similiar frame and height (I am only 5'), with brown eyes and brown hair. For us, education was also important. We actually went with someone that did have those characteristics, but in her picture her hair was highlighted with some blonde, so when we were first searching for our donor I passed her by b/c I thought she was a blonde. I don't think choosing someone with blonde/blue is crazy, if she matches all the other criteria, then sometimes we overlook the other stuff, like if she has a good medical and familial background, education and proven. We took a huge risk in our 1st cycle as we went with someone who was not proven, but we just felt the donors who were proven were asking just too much compensation money and we just couldn't afford it. In the end, my boys look exactly like my husband and nothing like me, but I couldn't love them more. I do see some of her in there as they have beautiful big eyes.

    AFM: Here is my success story (I hope that's okay that I share this with you ladies). After my failed IVF cycle with my OE, we decided to move onto DE. That was in April 07. We had to wait 6 months to cycle with her til Sept/Oct. between getting all the paperwork and testing in order. It took FOREVER!!! Those 6 months dragged. Finally, our cycle is going well, lining good, she seemed to be stimming well until we find out at egg retrieval that there are NO EGGS! We are in shock! How can this be??!! It turns out that the donor took the trigger on the wrong nite and all the eggs were destroyed. The cycle was a complete bust. The donor was very regretful and sorry for her mistake that she cycled for us again. We worked out all the financial details with both the agency and the clinic so that we can recycle again with her. We are so glad we did......

    We wait 3 months to cycle again in Jan/Feb 08 and she gave us 26 eggs/25 fertilized. Transferred 2 blasts on Day 5, froze 7. Beta #s through the roof and found out at 6w4d that I was pregnant with triplets, though the singleton was behind development. We lost the singleton at our 8w4d u/s but our identical twin boys were going strong. We knew our twins were at risk in getting twin to twin transfusion syndrome. The pregnancy went perfectly until our u/s with the MFM at 21w6d when my boys were diagnosed Stage I TTTS. We were told that with TTTS, we could walk away with both babies, 1 baby or no babies!!! We were devastated and asked ourselves, why would God put us through so much. 3 m/c's, a chemical, a failed IVF and now our ID twins have TTTS. Why would he give us this gift of twin boys and take them away. Four days later we had a pre-op u/s with the head laser surgeon Dr Quintero for TTTS. A miracle happened that day and in those 4 days between those appointments. Baby's A's amnio went down to 7.5cm and Baby B's went up to 2.5cm, just enough to get them out of Stage I. Surgery was for now, post-poned. We then went EVERY Monday for a Level II u/s to monitor they're progress. Baby A raised his blood pressure sending more blood to his brother and things improved at each appointment and they got further and further away from TTTS. It was a miracle. I went on maternity leave and STD from my job (I did lose my job in the end since I couldn't go back) and by 30 weeks I graduated. At exactly 30 weeks, my inside of my thighs started to hurt. My legs were incredibly swollen and my skin hurt. 2 weeks later of suffering I was dx with cellulitis in my legs! It was so painful. I could barely stand or walk. My mom stayed with us for 7 weeks to help take care of me and the house b/c I couldn't do anything. I was even administered into the hospital for 8 days b/c we were so worried about our boys and how this infection would affect them. it was horrible. Thankfully, our boys survived TTTS and I survived cellulitis and they were born at 36 weeks, healthy and happy. They didn't need to spend any time in the NICU and came home with me 4 days later after a c/s. Christian weighed 6#3oz and Peter weighed 5#2 oz. Lots of baby weight on someone only 5' tall. ha ha ha ha.

    That is my success story. I'm sorry its so long, I just wanted to share what I went through to have them and that it was not easy. We hope and pray that this next cycle blesses us with one healthy baby, two would be a blessing as well, just hopefully not identicals.

    Here is a recent pic of my boys if you ladies are interested in seeing.

    It's almost Friday!!

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