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  1. Oh Casey, I too hope it is just an error.

  2. Thanks everyone. It was the same lab I went to on Wednesday, I know them well, so they reran the results before they called me. I have googled and read about the possibility of a twin vanishing and that nothing is fact until there is a second drop ... but that is one in a million. It just leaves me in good 'ole beta heck .

    Dale - I appreciate it, but sometimes bad news happens. We still need to congratulate those who are sharing their happy news.

  3. Casey-
    Vanishing twin sounds good to me. Fingers crossed!

  4. I literally just got off the phone from Cornell. They said not to rule anything out (ie losing a twin), to stay on the meds and do a repeat. The lab is closed on Monday, so I will be in on Tuesday.

  5. Casey - My heart is breaking for you right now, I am so sorry. I know how hard chemicals can be if that is what this is. I'll still be hoping for a rise next week but hope you can find a way to take care of you and DH this weekend.


  6. Casey, hang in there. Hopefully you'll get some good news Tuesday. We're all pulling for you.

    Cathy, your beta is really big. You don't think you've got twins? Hmmm? At any rate, congrats!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy this time without morning sickness. As you know from experience, once it hits, life is way less than comfortable. You should see my house right now; you'd NEVER know that I'm a clean freak. It's terrible! Btw, can you submit the $300+ bill to your insurance company yourself? If they cover the services elsewhere, they might cover at least part of it there.

    Monica, how are you feeling? Are you going to poas? When is your beta?

    Good to see you Shannon. How's school going? How many more weeks with the little critters?

    Afm, boy am I sick. Imagine the worst hangover you've ever had, AND you're getting your period. That's how this feels. When my husband showers in the morning, I almost gag from the smell of soap. Strangely, the soap doesn't bother me when I shower, but I can't get through brushing my teeth without losing part of whatever meal I last ate.

    Thanks for all the kind words regarding the two heartbeats. I'm still in shock. And of course, the worrying began before I left the clinic... What if s/he's behind? What if s/he doesn't make it? What if having two compromises their health? Why is s/he hiding and is s/he in a compromising position in my uterus? We originally said twins would be wonderful. Then, when we saw two sacs but only one hb at 6w3d, I was fine with that. I started thinking that God must know what He's doing and maybe He thought I couldn't handle two. But then, one week later, the fluttering of a second heartbeat in what we originally thought was an empty sac. Holy cow!

    The funny thing is, during our tww, I knew when they both attached, or so I thought. One attached Super Bowl Sunday before the game. The other one attached two days later--Tuesday evening. If those sharp pains and tugging are any indication, then I felt them both. So, if I'm right and that's what I felt, then one is a full two days behind.

    At any rate, I feel blessed, but nervous. Hopefully, next week (at 8w3d ultrasound), we'll see more and have a better overall picture of how things are going with Baby B.

    IT'S FRIDAY! Too bad I don't feel like going out with hubby for date night. I need to take a nap now.



  7. Dale
    It's a bummer your feeling sick, that is the one thing that scares me the most about getting pg, imagine that. At least the sickness is for a good cause

  8. Casey - oh no. I am so sorry to read your news tonight. But I am going to remain hopeful with the possibility of a lost twin as well. I think since Cornell is staying optimistic you should be too and that its a good sign that things could still be ok. I will be praying for good news on Tuesday.

    dale - that's amazing that you could feel both attach. I did not feel any implantation this time, thus causing me to feel so discouraged in the tww. I knew I felt implantation when I got pg with the boys so that worried me. I dont' think your 2nd twin is too far behind, even several days can be ok. Did you get to take your nap? I was so tired today and took two naps this afternoon! that's crazy, so not like me but atleast I have a good reason. sorry you are feeling so sick, are you vomiting at all? I had quite a bit of m/s when pg with the boys but I never threw up and then it just gradually went away by week 13 so I think I got pretty lucky. still no naseau, actually, if I get hungry and don't eat my stomach starts to hurt alittle. No my insurance company will cover the lab work but only if I had it done at Quest and we had to have it done at our clinic so the results are accurate against the first beta. oh well, we do what we have to do.

    Shannon - so happy today was your last day of work and you are on your way to Portugal! You are going to have such a fabulous time!! Glad you are sticking around, so be sure to pop in when you can or when you return from your trip! Have a great time!!

    Christie, Monica, jahman -

    Has anyone heard from alexvas and Pepsi??

    AFM: not much going on here today. It rained all day so I really couldn't even take the boys out. Was tired and took a couple of naps, which was nice. Busy day tomorrow, taking the boys for they're Easter pics at Penny's and then mattress shopping (again). Hopefully we go home with something this time. I go back for my 3rd and last beta on Monday, and I'll be glad when that's over.

    Hope you ladies have a great weekend!

  9. Happy Saturday everyone-

    Dale- thanks for asking...I am feeling fine. I have sore bbs and have felt sharp pains now and then and feel tighter in the abdomen. Hoping those are good signs. I do have some m/s every now and then, and I have a strong stomach. Idk if that means anything or not. My smeller is better too. I thought I was gonna lose it this am when DH said something to me before brushing his teeth. LOL!
    I'd love to POAS, but I can't find the 2 I thought I had leftover from last time. I mentioned it to DH, but he says we can wait till Tues, can't we? UH, NO! I wanted to POAS tomorrow am! I'm not driving to town tho. That's 20 min. away. NO thanks. Maybe tomorrow.

    Casey- Hang in there. I think you have a much better chance than the one in a mill. you mentioned earlier. I think things could be just fine.

    Cathy- I hate those rainy days too. Bring on the sunshine!!! We need it!

    Shannon- I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip to Portugal!

    talk to you all later!

  10. Today is my first Delestrogen shot, I hope it goes okay. This is the first time I will be taking this drug.
    Anyone else do the IM shots in the thigh?

  11. Dale - great news - congratulations!!

    Cathy - a massage and pedicure sure sound like a nice treat.

    jahman - I have always done my IM in the butt - I am no help.

    I am just laying low until Tuesday. I'll post the news then.

  12. Well, I'm 7dp5dt and got a snow white - on a hpt this am. This cycle is prob. over for me.
    Just really bummed this am.

  13. Monica
    Try not to feel bummed, this is just too early. My friend did a DE cycle and got a snow white hpt the day before her positive beta. Those stupid sticks should be outlawed in IVF or DE cycles.
    Try to hang in there.

  14. MonicaTry not to feel bummed, this is just too early. My friend did a DE cycle and got a snow white hpt the day before her positive beta. Those stupid sticks should be outlawed in IVF or DE cycles.Try to hang in there.
    Thanks. And yes, the clinic says not to test of course...but here I am. The only hope I have is the stories out there where somebody tested neg. up until 9dp5dt, etc.

  15. Monica - try not to read too much into in. My beta with my son was only 27 and it didn't show up until beta day and even then was the faintest of lines. Hang in there until tomorrow.

  16. Thanks Casey. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow too.

  17. Monica, I know you feel deflated right now, but it really is early. Either way, you have much to look forward to... FROSTIES! How does your clinic do with FET's? Hang in there.

    Cathy, I did get that nap. All I do these days is deal with my constant non-alcoholic hangover and sleep. I don't know how women do this with full-time jobs and kids. I salute you all!!!! Did you get your mattress?

  18. Their FET rate is in the 60%s very similar to fresh DE rates.

  19. hope you ladies had a great weekend!

    monica - oh no. I'm sure you feel discouraged but don't be. It is still really early for you yet. I will be praying for you. Hopefully you won't be needing your frosties yet but if you do, your clinic has excellent rates!

    Dale - yeah, I think my strongest symptom is fatigue right now. Hard to take naps with two little ones's running around and screaming though. Its a good thing I have help around here lately. We did get the mattress!! We found one at Mattress Firm that created specifically for you. So DHs side is firm, my side is the softer side. Its one of those split mattresses. It comes on Thursday.

    Casey - praying for a great rise and number for you tomorrow.

    jahman - yay for starting your Delestrogen shots! I've never taken them in the thigh though, is it going okay?

    AFM: Well, exciting and successful weekend here. The boys Easter pics on Sat am went surprisingly well. No crying for the most part and they switched roles, this time Peter was kinda whiny and Christian was great, no crying! I think we got some pretty good shots. Then we went mattress shopping (again) and FINALLY agreed on a bed!! Mattress Firm makes a bed that you custom design by your bodies needs, so 1/2 is for me and the other 1/2 is for DH. He got the firmest and I got the softest. We both liked our sides, which was a battle for him really. The only downside is that you don't flip it, you rotate it and then you have to switch sides but they said you don't have to rotate it, ever. Guess they are made specially that you don't have to do that. We get it delivered thursday.

    Sunday was pretty uneventful except at night I started getting this really bad back pain. Not the typical lower back pain that you'd expect, but a sharp pain on the right side, sorta in the middle. DH thinks maybe I pulled a muscle? IDK. It hurt some today but it seems to be getting better but in certain positions it comes back full force. It really got me nervous last night and today. hopefully it isn't something serious. And oh, I think I've come down with a cold. boo.

    Lastly, 3rd and last beta was today (whew) so at 20dp5dt = 25 dpo =

    Everyone at the REs said doubling was good, # was good. So we are happy and relieved. U/S is on Monday the 22nd! I was so surprised they scheduled us so soon, I thought they were going to make us wait until 7 weeks or so.

    And I'm finally on DSL! So I can keep up with my online friends more often!

    Good nite all

  20. Cathy
    That beta is great! You must be so excited for your u/s on Monday especially with such good numbers behind you.
    I'm jealous about your new mattress. I didn't know there were ones that were split like that.

    The shot went well...almost too well. I'm scared that it didn't really hurt, but then it was using a 25G and my DH darted it really fast so maybe that was why. The next one is on Weds I think. Donor is supposed to start stims this weekend. I can't wait.
    Question to everyone...did any of you have spotting after your period but still on Lupron? I stopped BCP's, got my period, lowered Lupron by half and have been spotting ever since. I took the Estrogen shot Sunday and I was hoping that would make it stop but it hasn't. Maybe I am not giving it enough time??

  21. Beta dropped to less than 1. I am done with cycling for the short term, but I doubt I will be back to Cornell. They just don't appeal to me right now.

    Just of out curiosity, can you let me know what clininc you went to, the results (ie fertilized and frosties) and the cost?

    Monica - I hope to read about a good beta for you.

  22. Just got the "so sorry" call. They told me to call w/ my period and set up a "thaw consult". At least I have that after $75,000 of IF treatments.

    But why would thaw cycle work when a tx of 2 expanding blasts didn't work?
    Any ideas?

  23. monica - omg I am so sorry. I was so hoping and praying for some surprise news today. I am truly devastated for you and Casey. I wish I has some answers as to why it didn't work. But I do believe that a frozen cycle can work when a fresh didn't, I know many women that have had success on a frozen and not a fresh, I do not know why. Maybe there are some tests that the RE can run, ie: bloodwork, autoimmune issues? I've had 3 early m/c's and a chemical with my own eggs and my RE ran a recurrent pg loss panel and we found a few issues. 2 blood clotting disorders (MTHFR & Factor V Leiden) and that endometrium was out of phase, though that wouldn't affect you in an IVF/DE cycle. Have you tried taking baby aspirin daily? What about acupuncture?

    Casey - I am so sorry, I was always hoping and praying your numbers took a turn for the best. ((())). I wouldn't go back to Cornell either, how many times did you cycle with them?

    The clinic I go to is Reproductive Medicine Group in Florida. A DE cycle cost us about $30K, that includes everything and cycling with a donor from an agency.

    Our 1st DE cycle - 26 eggs/18 fert. Tx 2 on Day 5. 7 frosties. Identical twins born 9/25/08.

    2nd DE cycle (same donor) - 24 eggs/16 fert. Tx 2 on Day 5. 8 frosties. Pregnant with ??

    Again, ladies, I am so sorry I wish there was something I could say or do that could change this outcome. I know how much of ourselves we put into these cycles. (((hugs)))

    jahman - glad the shots are going well. I have never spotted after AF and still on Lupron. I would mention it to your RE or nurse just in case, but I'm sure everything is fine. I am excited for you that your donor is starting stims this weekend! Is her baseline on Saturday or Sunday?


  24. Monica
    I think we all understand how it feels to get the "so sorry" call. I hate that you have to be going through this. As Cathy said, have you had all the RPL testing just to rule everything else out? Also, there is extensive immune and NK cell testing that can be done if you haven't had that already. It's entirely possible that it really has nothing to do with your body, it could just be that the two picked for the transfer weren't chromosomally normal. You have about 6 frozens right? How were they frozen, in straws of one, two or three? I know you are probably devastated right now but there are alot of girls that got a BFN on their fresh and succeeded with the first FET.

    I hope you are doing okay.
    I'm cycling at ORM, their 2008 DE success rate was 79% and it will cost me about $30,000 (not including travel +$3000) for a proven donor through an agency.
    My friend also did a DE cycle with them and was successful.

  25. Monica. Wow. I know you're bummed and you have every right to be. I was hoping that the stick was wrong. As for frozen cycles, I hear all the time how they work when the fresh cycle did not. And your clinic has an awesome success rate with FETs. I'm with Cathy, though, I hope you have some panels run before you do a frozen. It could be as simple as needing an extra steroid. I don't know, but I'm disappointed for you, to say the least. DE cycles are just supposed to work!

    Casey, I cycled at SDFC. Of 26 mature eggs, 19 fertilized. Mine is a long story, but in the days leading up to transfer, our embryos slowly deteriorated. On day five, we transfered two blasts. On day six, after all of those eggs (37 were retrieved), we had one left to freeze.

    I'm convinced that there isn't a perfect clinic. They are all fallible in some way (or in many ways!). My donor, I believe, wasn't monitored closely enough in the early days of stimming. In my most humble opinion, I think most of her eggs were overripe. The beauty though, is that SD saved my cycle with three great embryos. Two must have been stellar. Initially, I was very disappointed with only one frostie. I wanted the option of having another child from the same donor. But now I'm fine with how everything worked out. It is a great clinic and Dr. Hummel is among the very best. And during the transfer, I felt like my husband and I were the only people in the world who mattered to him.

    Some things that swayed my decision were their 80% stats and the fact that I could choose my donor. That was very important to me. So much of this process is out of our hands, and to have a clinic pick a donor for me, or to not have pictures, was just too much. Also, my doctor told me that they strive very hard for 5 day transfers. I know there are differing opinions on that, but they seem to have a formula that works.

    When it was all said, it cost us around $36,000 for everything. That was for the donor fee (she was expensive!), the clinic fee, meds, psyche evaluation, travel, lodging, car, food, a gift for our donor, and the success guarantee. Without insurance coverage for IVF, I couldn't fathom shelling out all that money without something in return so the $7000 for the success guarantee was worth it to us.

    I hope you find the answers you're searching for, and most importantly, I hope you don't give up. There is great hope and there are some great clinics in this country, and abroad for that matter. You just have to find that one that fits you.


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