Cycling with DE Feb/March 2010

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  1. Cathy, I am just catching up with your News!!!! And a great beta number as well, nice and strong girl. I am so happy for you and I had a little secret feeling that it would turn out for you!!!!! Hooray! I got my BFP finally after all these years and am now at 9w2d with a singleton (we only tx 1 and have 7 frosties) Not many symptoms except very very tired. Oh and to answer your question, I have been on the boards for years but just recently started posting.

    Monica, sounds like a great transfer, now to relax and put your feet up and allow a good ole snugglin in of your two embies and I would go enjoy the game!

  2. Cathy
    That is such an amazing beta!

    I just tried beta base and it works fine?? Were you talking about a different site?

  3. Wow Cathy! Great beta! How many did you say you tx'd? lol!

    congrats to you as well! Glad you don't have any yuck m/s.

    Casey- When is your beta??? I'm so glad you got the two lines!!! Woo hoo!

    Dale- hang in there. I believe your m/s will one day be gone! Then you'll just be getting big and have a hard time moving around. J/K!!! The end result is OH SO WORTH IT!

    Just loungin around soaking up the generosity of DH and DC. They're the best. Except if DH gets an order wrong, he gets a bit cranky.
    The embryologist called this am and said we have 7 to freeze! I'm still in shock!
    Did you guys see any implantation spotting? I did w/ my last chemical on the 2nd day. Haven't seen anything this time.


  4. Monica - wow 7 frosties. That's amazing news!!

    jahman - I think the betabase must have been down. I tried it on 2 different days, but you are right, now it can be accessed.

    Beta is tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a nice number. The meds are wearing me down - headache, fatigue. The clinic thinks it might be a side effect of my estradiol rising - it has gone up alot in 4 days. I also think I have had a mild reaction to the PIO - the injection site stays red for a day. I realized it's been that way since I started a new container which is now done. I guess I'll see what happens after tonights shot.

  5. Casey
    Good luck for a nice number tomorrow!

  6. Casey-
    GL today! We're rooting for a good number!

  7. Hey, everyone!

    Casey - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news! Can't wait to hear the beta!!!

    Monica, you are next! I am so happy for you with your embies and 7 frosties!!! WHOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Dale, I could not hold that news back...I can imagine how you feel!

    AFM, my donor's next couple has been asked to move up to May. I may be able to cycle in August or JULY!!!!

  8. Results are in 77!! DS started at 27, so we are pleased.

  9. Whoohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. YAY CASEY!!! That's wonderful!

    Christie- Great news! Will that be a good time for you to cycle?

    Feeling a bit quesy this am. Is it possible to get m/s symptoms this early? I was fine after eating some really salty chips. I had NO m/s w/ DS and DD 7 yrs. ago...


  11. Monica, I bet those are symptoms....everytime is different, isn't it? That is exciting!

    Yes, things will be calmer summer

  12. Casey
    Congrats!!! That is so great!!

  13. I have some updates on my cycle...
    My donor went in for her pre-cycle visit on Monday and it looks like everything went well. The Dr. has decided to stim her with 2 vials Menopur and 112.5 of gonal-f per day. She is scheduled to start stims on the 21st.
    I'm trying to find out what her doses were with her previous cycle. Supposedly she might have had OHSS, my Dr was going to talk to her to see if this was the case. I just hope if he decides that she had it that her new dosages aren't too much less. I'd hate to go too far in the other direction.
    Good news is that a previous patient had donated her unused bottles of Menopur so that gave my donor 12 for free!!! This has been my cheapest cycle for meds yet which makes me very happy.

  14. jahman, great news that you're saving dough on meds. That's huge!

    Christie, July or August is a great time. Then you'll be nice and plump over the holidays. Imagine being able to enjoy all that great food for once, without guilt! Tee-hee.

    Monica, for some women, I've heard their m/s starts immediately. It's different for us (IVFer's), however, because it could be the progesterone OR the real thing. I want to think it's the real thing.

    Casey, congrats on the nice beta. 77 is a great number. Anything over 50 is golden, and you know from experience, things can work out even when it's well below that. Great job!

    Cathy, what can I say you fertile queen? Wow, that's some beta. Good girl!!

    Afm, are you sitting down? Yesterday at my ultrasound (7w3d), we saw TWO heartbeats! I'm still in shock. The second one is hidden pretty well, so we couldn't get a good size or a heartbeat measurement. We both (the nurse and I) saw both heartbeats at the same time. She said, "Do you see what I see?" Of course I did. Baby B's heartbeat visually looks strong, but we'll know more next week, I suppose. Baby A is doing well, averaging about 7 weeks with a heartbeat of 157 bpm. Baby B's sack is tucked under Baby A. Weird position? I don't know. We saw two sacks last week, but as the nurse explained, some embryos start out and then just peter out. So I thought that was what happened. Not so.

    I don't understand how this happened. My beta was strong, but it wasn't like what I've seen on these boards for twin pregnancies. Mine: 10dp5dt=299. Then it doubled in about 44 hours. My husband is over the moon, but I am trying to keep my emotions in check. Anything can happen, right? Anybody heard of a twin showing up at week seven?



  15. Oh Dale, that is so great and so exciting! Keep up the good work.

  16. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the second great email of the day that has made my Thursday!!! I am SO HAPPY for you! Yes, I have heard of twins, and even triplets showing up well into the first trimester. This is great! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lori - that is such a nice surprise on the meds!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dale-
    That is SO AWESOME!!!

    Lori- GREAT news on the meds savings!

    Have a good Thursday everyone!


  18. Dale - wow! What a nice surprise!! It can definitely happen where a sac is hidden behind the other or sometimes the tech's just don't see it or miss it somehow. but you mentioned that you did see two sac's last week, was that at 6 weeks-ish? And they didn't see anything in it? Could be just alittle behind? Hopefully you will be able to get a better view and measurement at your next appointment. How exciting! I'm glad that you and DH are excited at the possiblity of twins! That would explain your m/s, wouldn't it?

    Casey - Great beta! Congrats!!

    jahman - Glad your donor's pre cycle visit went well. So she'll be starting stims any day now, yay! Double yay for free meds!!

    monica - yes, I believe m/s can start as early as in the TWW! I know it did for me when I was pg with the twins. They say every pregnancy is different, and they were so right! I don't feel anything like I did when I was pg with the boys, totally the opposite.

    Christie - Glad to hear that your donor's next couple moved up to May! That would be great if you could cycle in August or July! Finger's x'd for you!

    hi to everyone else who still checkin' in!

    AFM: 2nd beta came in today at 3,439 (16dp5dt = 21dpo). Everyone was happy about that. Doubling time is good I think.

    Honestly, I was really nervous driving there and up until she called, its hard not to worry and get nervous. They also tested my P4 and E2 and can you believe we had to pay a whopping $307.00 bill for labs! My insurance covers it, just not at THEY'RE lab and we had to use they're lab because the 1st beta was done there and if we had it done somewhere else they may use a different methodology which could skew the results, so we had no choice. I go back in for a 3rd beta on Monday and then we'll schedule the u/s. I know it will start to feel real when I get the u/s and see what is going on in there. I really don't think there's twins in there, but I know many of you do! I feel really normal, hardly any naseau. Just been super tired and sometimes have lower back ache, lots of belly stretching. but otherwise, I feel really normal.

    got a nice relaxing neck massage today and a much needed pedicure.

    DSL package arrived today, hopefully I will be online tomorrow during the daytime! I can't wait to have internet access during the day now.

    Glad tomorrow is Friday! Looking forward to spending some time with DH. He has been working alot of hours lately.

    Good nite ladies!

  19. Lori - Just wanted to say Congrats on your pregnancy!! HH9!!

  20. Cathy- Sounds like a GOOD STRONG BETA! YAY!!!!

  21. Cathy, that is a great beta! Have a wonderful weekend spending time with DH. I am so happy for you!

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  22. Hi Everyone, What exciting news here lately.

    Dale - Congrats on the double! What a surprise to see a second. SDFC does really seem to know how to get things done don't they. So glad that DH is so excited. What fun you will have.

    Cathy - Great numbers. Ugg to the big bill. Won't it be wonderful some day to let all this money stuff just go away and not think about that part any more and just enjoy our little ones.

    jahman - So great you are almost started. And a big bonus to get some free meds.

    Casey - Great number! Congrats.

    Monica - Congrats on the 7 frozens. How are you feeling now?

    Christie - So glad your donor is going to be available sooner. Is this the same one or did you have to choose a new one?

    This group is such a great group, so much success. I plan to stick with you all and have your results rub off on me. It has been a crazy couple weeks but today is my last day of work and we leave tomorrow for Portugal. I would rather be getting pregnant but if not that then I'm glad I have a trip to look forward to. 12 weeks to summer now. Have a great week everyone. Good luck with all the upcoming betas and u/s. I'll be back to check in after our trip.


  23. Will do personals later, just wanted to share that my beta dropped to I think 38 or something like that so it's not looking good. My local dr. called me, so I will just wait for the clinic to call. I am sure they will want me to go back in a few days to confirm it's dropped again. This sucks

  24. Will do personals later, just wanted to share that my beta dropped to I think 38 or something like that so it's not looking good. My local dr. called me, so I will just wait for the clinic to call. I am sure they will want me to go back in a few days to confirm it's dropped again. This sucks
    Oh Casey! I'm praying that it was just a lab mess up! ((hugs)) ((BIG HUGS))


  25. OMGish, Casey, we must have been cross posting. I'm so very sorry. Please be good to yourself right now.


    I deleted my previous message. I'll post later.

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