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  1. I just could not wait. I know it was not FMU but I caved and POAS tonight.

    BFN. Not even a hint of a line.

    I suppose I still need to go to RE's for beta tomorrow. That's gonna suck. I should have stuck to my original plan and waited until after my appointment in the morning.

  2. Virginia Thanks so much we are so happy that we are finallypreggo Its the best thing in the world, I pray that thing will continue to go good. And the little peanut grows big and strong

    tasnimerob I am still amazed at that little heart beating away. I cry just thinking about it!! I cant wait to finally hear it I look at my U/S pics all the time I cant belive its finally real.

    HUGS to all of you!!!!

  3. cyndie- I hope that the stick is wrong. I will be praying for you.

    gigi, lmb, future, mrssanders, hannah- how are you all feeling??? I am alittle naseous on and off but nothing too bad. I am just so excited to see the little jelly bean on friday. It is the best Christmas gift ever.

    gigi-when do you get to see your dh??

    future- my due date is August 4.

    Al-Ani-I feel terrible that you are on such a roller coaster but there is a reason that those numbers are rising. I am praying that your little miracle keeps making those numbers rise even more.

    pebz- I am so sorry to hear your news. But, those three frosties are waiting for you. Lots of baby dust to you on your next cycle.

    marzouq- I hope that you are feeling much better now. lots of baby dust for your beta on wednesday. are you poas???

    Mery_c-haven\'t heard from you in a while and just wondering how you are doing.

    To anyone else I missed....have a wonderful Christmas week. dina_pappa

  4. Waiting- you are so sweet to ask. I feel like I am 6 months pregnant and its hard to hide when nobody is suppose to know what's going on. I have been able to sleep the last two nights for the most part, so that is good. The RE has me measuring my weight, output, input, and girth everyday and then call them with updates. I've basically been on bedrest and gatorade. I swear I will never touch gatorade again after this-its just such an overload!

    Tomorrow is my Birthday and I've decided to POAS in the morning so that I will either have a great birthday present, or I will have time to deal with things before being around family on the 24th. Its so scary-I HATE HATE those evil things! Wish me luck!

    Cyndie-I\'m so sorry about your evil stick. Stay strong and lots of hugs to you!

    Merry Christmas to everyone else!

  5. marzouq GOOD LUCK when you go to POAS!!! I know of someone that had hyperstim and she was PG!! So maybe this is a good thing. Are you 9dpt??

    Cyndie i wish you luck today i hope that stick was wrong!!

    Waiting thanks for asking i am feeling ok very tired and nausea on and off some foods bother me. Here comes some TMI....I am sooooo constipated i hate the feeling i have!! I have been getting cramps on and off and cant figure out what kind they are!! I called my DR's office Friday and the on call doc called me back she said its very normal to have cramps and all as long as no bleeding which thank god i dont have. If it gets really bad she said i can take milk of magnesia but that stuff tastes really bad. I will wait and see if it gets better. FIBER here i come!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!


  6. At 4 AM this morning I POAS-and it was positive-and I haven't slept since! I am so excited-this is the best birthday present EVER!
    LMB-I'm actually 12pt, but have been to scared to POAS and my beta is Wednesday, so we'll know more then of course. I also hope your cramping gets better!

    Hugs to everyone!

  7. marzouq- WOOOOHOOOO!!!! COngratulations!! Can't wait to see your beta #s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    LMB- I have the same problem but have not wanted to take anything either.

    waiting- Have a great sono and a Merry Christmas. Glad you are feeling good.

    Cyndie _ I am so sorry. Big HUGS

    Al-Ani- I pray your numbers are still going up

    pebz_ I am so sorry. I hope your next cycle goes really well

    futureIVF- How are you feeling?

    Anyone else. Update me and have a great Christmas!!

    AFM- The nauseau hit a couple of days ago and it is petty much an all day deal. I have not puked yet but I feel yucky. Stil very blessed though. I am trying out these sea bands and I think they help some. I just wish I was home in bed instead of here at work.

  8. jerpil-HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! WOW> This is the best gift in the world I am so thrilled for you.

    I will post more later. Rita

  9. dina_pappa- I am feeling great!!! No morning sickness, nothing, its almost too good to be true LOL. But I am 6 weeks and 5 days today!!! I will hopefully see my hubby right before the baby is born. I pray he will get leave then.

    HUGS to all of you!!!!!

  10. Hi Ladies,

    Hope you all are doing good. Both mine and my husbands chromosome's lab results came back normal. Wohoooo . One less thing to worry about. . Me and my DH were trying naturally this month. I am now praying god that this month I do not get my AF and some miracle can happen. . Still praying and hoping.

    Lots of baby dust to all of you.

    I am so Happy to see all the BFP's. I am soooooo happy for all of you.

    All the BFN's don't loose heart. Please be positive. I am sure there a BFP ahead.

    Love u all

  11. Beta was BFN as well.

    I cannot attempt another cycle and won't be returning to the board.

    Thank you for all of the support and I wish all of you the very best!

  12. Cyndie i am so sorry i hope you can take this time to heal and be good to yourself....sending you a big big hug...

    marzouq!!! I had a feeling!!! Great congratulations!!! Happy Birthday this will be one you will never forget!!

    Mrssanders let me know how the sea bands work. Today i had the worst fatigue EVER!! I felt like i was sedated all day. Its very hard for me to treat patients when i feel like this. Oh and SMELLS!!! Thats an interesting one my nose is working overtime!!!

    Itsme, I am wishing you get that \"natural\" Miracle this month!!

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!!


  13. Please feel free to add in anything that is missing (due dates??)

    Here\'s our updated list:

    LMB: BFP, Due Date: August 3
    dina_pappa: BFP, Due Date: August 4
    gabrilisg: BFP w/ TWINS, Due Date: August 11 (is that right?)
    Gigi: BFP, Due Date: ?
    Future: BFP, Due Date: August 23
    asukork: BFP, Due Date: ?
    marzouq: BFP, Due Date: ?
    Mery_c: IVF #2, BCP 11/3, Lupron 11/20; Stims ?
    Al-Ani-rising beta, beta 12/15

    In our thoughts and prayers:

  14. cyndie_ I am sorry to hear your news but you will be in my prayers.

    lmb- i feel tired pretty much all the time but especially in the middle of the day. I can't keep my eyes open. what do you do for work??? I am a pediatric physical therapist.

    gigi-that is great that you don't feel any morning sickness. with my daughter I didn't have any at all. i was shocked but this time around it tends to come and go but really isn't too bad...i haven't really gotten sick. thank goodness. You are one strong woman to go through being away from DH. Does your family live nearby??? I know this little miracle inside of you will keep you plenty busy and happy as you could ever possibly be. I hope that he gets leave when the baby comes so that he can be here for you.

    itsme-congrats on the lab work coming out normal. what a relief. I am praying for a miracle for you this month. WOW that would be aweome if it happened naturally. thanks for keeping us updated on you. lots of baby dust.


  15. LMB and Waiting thanks for the lovely responses. Great to know that you both are doing fine. I am so happy.

    Happy Holidays to all of you.

    Take care...

    Lots of Love

  16. I am due Aug. 11th!!!

  17. Hi Waiting I am a dental hygienist. We have long days (in my eyes) usually 9am-6pm. By the afternoon i am ready to drop. Tonight on my drive home i just wanted to close my eyes. I at least dont go back until Monday then next week i only work 2 1/2 days. Not too bad. I cant wait until the 2nd trimester!!

  18. Hey everyone! I'm finally awake after a day on drugs, so I thought I would update! I had a really horrible night last night and decided to go see my RE. They gave me two IV drips and then did a tap to drain all the fluid in my belly. They got 2 liters and there is still more in there, but I feel soooo much better! The good news is I had my beta and it came back at 622 (13dpt,5dt) Wahoo!

    Sorry if none of this makes sense, I'm still on drugs

  19. marzouq HOLY SH**!! Your numbers are beautiful!! You must be so happy minus all of the hyperstim. Sorry you have to go through all of this. A friend of the family had that happen after a flight to Florida (from CT). She was told yah go to FL you will be fine. Then she hyperstim'd once she got there. She became PG as well. They told her that was a very good sign as well. I am very happy for you! I hope you are trying all of the flavors gatoraide has to offer!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
    marzouq- wow thanks alot of fluid but happy to hear that you are feeling better. Great beta numbers...congrats!!

    I had my last visit with the RE on friday. We got to see the baby and it looked like a little tiny snowman. too cute. the heartbeat was 175. the dr said everything looks great. I got some very disturbing news from the dr....I am not sure if you girls remember but I had 22 eggs and only 2 fertlized. i was very very confused as my DH is the one with the issue and my eggs have always been fine.The first ivf i had 22 eggs and 14 fert. and we had 6 to freeze and got pg. I was very confused and upset. Well they admitted that the error was on their part. the machine that does the ICSI malfunctioned. can you believe it?!??!? they managed to get 2 eggs to fertilized. thank goodness. My DH and I were in complete shock and didn't know what to say. We are sooooo thankful to get pg but really didn't want to go through IVF again.We really want 3 or 4 babies and were planning that we would have them to freeze and then have the choice of what to do. I am alittle upset that they didn't tell me this before. Originally the lab told me my eggs were immature but as I found out friday this is not true. I am just soooo blessed that we are pg so I don't want to get upset about it. But this seems crazzzy to me.

    I am recovering from a crazy stomach virus I thought it was morning sickness that just went on all day. i was throwing up like crazy but then today my poor daughter got sick too. But, luckily she was such a champ. She threw up and then just kept on going. Nothing stops her. too funny. BUt, luckily now we are both feeling much better.

    I hope everyone else is doing great. much love, dina_pappa

  21. Waiting wow sorry to hear about that stomach virus. Where do those dam things come from anyways???? I hate this time of year just for that reason alone! Was it 24hours?

    Ok so i dont understand what you just wrote. You had frozen embies from your prior pregnancy? No this was a fresh cycle right? So now you have more? I am sorry its probably my brain not functioning!!

    I started out with a scratchy throat on Christmas Eve and now i have a full blown cough and cold. When i cough i get pain in my head the doctors office said i can take regular robatussin. I feel guilty taking anything.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    marzouq how are you feeling?

  22. lmb- yes This was a fresh cycle in which I was hoping to have embies to freeze so that I could do this again when we are ready to have the next babies. If the machine wouldn't have broken I am sure that we would have had embies to freeze as we did in our first cycle. Waiting

  23. Sorry to jump in like this. But my AF is late by 5 days. Today is the 5th day. i haven't done the HPT test. I am extremely scared to do it. It never worked for me before. Tomorrow morning I am going to do it. I am trying to be positive about it. When we spoke to the nurse abt this the only thing she told us to do what the crazy HPT. I wish she cd do the blood work on me. ....I get depressed when i do the Hpt's.Whatever it is we will get to know tomorrow.

    Anyways, I am very happy to know that waiting you recovered from the stomach virus. LMB, I hope you also fell better. During the winter time the cold and cough is very common. I was a victim twice this season. Hated it. Take care ladies.

    Lots of love

  24. Itsme i am wishing a miracle for you this morning. post when you can!!

  25. itsme- Wow what a miracle it would be for you to be pg!! I am praying for you to get a BFP. Please post as soon as you can. Lots and lots of baby dust.

    as for me, I am on and off feeling naseous. I caught a cold from my DH. Too crazy that I go from a stomach virus to a cold. ugh.

    I had my final progesterone shot last night. I am sooo thrilled. I know my buns won't miss those shots. hee hee. NOw they can recover into the new year. Hope everyone else is doing great. Happy new year. Can't wait to hear about all of the miracle babies born in 2009. It is going to be an amazing year. waiting

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