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  1. Hi everyone...

    well....I was hoping i'd never have to post here but here I am....I just got my BFN Beta yesterday with my 1st IVF and I want to jump right back in the game...

    Drs say I have to take one cycle off to do 2nd IVF so November it is....of course i'll try naturally this month....but hey..does anyone really have babies that way anymore??? haha....

    I\'m going back and forth trying to decide if I should switch Re clinics...anyone doing that after a failed ivf#1?....

    anyone considering going to Cornell? any pro or con Cornell stories?....are they really better? they don't take insurance so it's a gamble...

  2. itsme - you normally just get the meds from your clinic so don't worry. If not, they can tell you which pharmacies in your area stock these meds and often, if they don't have it, they can order it for you. Also, there can be huge markups on the meds so if you shop around, sometimes you can get a better deal on some meds, which makes a big difference to me since I am self-pay. Are you feeling better today? No more cramps?

    Welcome supergirl! Sorry about your BFN and having to wait the one month...I'm always impatient and want to get going ASAP so I understand your frustration. I am on my 3rd clinic and switching doctors has given me three different perspectives and three different approaches. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I considered SIRM and Cornell but ultimately chose CCRM over them - better lab, CGH testing, seemed that they want to identify and treat cause rather than just symptoms. That being said, I have heard wonderful things about Cornell's just what you think and where you think you have your best shot. At the least, do a phone consult with them to see what they say and then you can decide if you want to pursue it (Dr. Spandorfer at Cornell will do out of town phone consults - $550; SIRM does phone consults for free; CCRM does phone consults as well - $250). Check the stats on clinics you're considering as well on the CDC website as that can be revealing.

    LMB - I have given up caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine supposidly restricts blood flow...something I found out when I had a doppler u/s done at CCRM (checks blood flow to uterus) and was advised no caffeine for 3 days before the test or results would be compromised. I love my tea though so I just drink herbal teas now or a naturally decaf tea if I am really craving orange pekoe or something. We're asked to give up so many things though...I haven't heard of the hair dye one.

    Anyone have any good ways of coping with seeing pregnant women around town when you're running errands? I usually look the other way and pretend they're not there although lately I've been superimposing my head onto their body in my mind (except this one woman whose brain had clearly been addled by pregnancy hormones because she was wearing this hideous outfit and I just *couldn't* imagine myself wearing THAT )

  3. hi gkalian,

    Thanks for asking. I am feeling much much better today. I had severe cramps of Friday. I was in tears and cdn't tolerate the pain. I then took a tylenol and that gave me relief. I was then so scared abt taking the tylenol that i called up my nurse next mrng and informed her abt it. She said it was fine to take it. Maan this is all sooo scary...I am trying my best...God Bless all of us..

  4. Hey everyone,

    Found this site about a year ago while i was on the waiting list for IVF. I've been dying to write something but it was so far away to my appointment it would've just made the wait even longer. Just had my first consultation and found out why i'm not getting pregnant naturally and that my egg collection will be in December if everything goes well. Haven't slept since all I've done is lie in bed and look at the ceiling, i'm so excited that its finally here, feel like i've won the lotto or something, I know it might not work but i'm just all hyped up with optimism at the mo. I'm just dying to start my medication. Is anyone else due to have there eggs collected in December ? As to how you cope seeing pregnant women when your out. I've gotten into the habit of calling them every name under the sun in my head!!! I know its not very nice but it makes me feel better and I have my partner at it now. Everytime we spot one we roll our eyes and say something yucky about her! If only they knew.

  5. Hey epehlivan- I'm going to be starting my BCP in about two weeks and should be having my ER sometime in the beginning of December. I am excited as well, but cautiously optimistic. Since this is my first IVF cycle, I think the thing I am most worried about (besides it not working) is the shots! Does anyone have any encouraging words with how they have delt with them? I watched some videos of women on youtube do the shots and they looked like it was a piece of cake. Please tell me its that easy!
    I have a hard time seeing pregnant women too. I think about 15 women in my neighborhood have been pregnant and had their babies since we've been trying. Some of them are even my good friends. But for my own sanity (and my husbands sanity ) , I have just needed to stay away. I guess I'll just try to patch up those friendships when I'm stronger.

    I'm so glad I've found you guys! Best of luck to all of us!

  6. marzouq....the shots are NOTHING...even easier than the youtube videos--i watched them all the first night i had to shoot up......and just so u know..i have an official diagnosed phobia of needles.....seriosuly i do..and this is coming from me.....i swear to you its absoluely nothing--the way i do it is i sit down and lean over my thigh--after i put alcohol on the spot im gonna do it...i let it dry for a few seconds and then i put my needle over the mark--close my eyes and push in...u wont even know when it goes in because it's so fine that it pushed in as if u were putting it in pressure needed to do it...after u do the first one youll come back to the boards to let me know how happy u are that i was right!....

    one tip though....when choosing the spot on your outer thigh (id start with the outer thighs not the stomach as the outer thigh is less sensitive--ive done both--neither is a big deal but the thigh skin is even thicker so psychologically easier to start with).....anyway....right before u apply alochol to the spot u choose....sorta pinch around and find a spot that isnt as sensitive to your pinches.....that'll be the best spot---you wont even feel it going in.....

    before i did my first shot i was just as panickeddddddddddddd-------after the first shot though i was a total convert....i wanted to pass that along to u bc i know what it feels like to be scared of the shots.....its really just being scared of the unknown....youll see...

    i hope this get past that fear and get to worrying with the rest of us about it actually working!!! hahaha...

    re preg women....i always try to small talk with them and find out all the sorted details of their pregnancy...i use it as a reminder of what it is im fighting so hard for....

    but for the sake of solidarity w-u girls i will say this.....what does annoy me is when i see a preg woman that even with her bump is thinner than me! haha....i actually just saw one..models body with a 'cute lil bump'.(and i just know ill be one of those oompa loompa pregos haha)....this girl actually had a half shirt on w-her preg belly out....u know she was on in a bikini bc her tummy was really tan too and her hair was just perfect...color--highlights--the whole thing.....and here my hair is a mess bc ive been scared to color in case i was pg..then when i did color the hair came out a horrid color bc when ur jacked up on hormones ur hair color takes differently...not sporting the tan either because i wouldnt go out in the sun bc of the ridiculous belief id cook my imaganary such a mess i tell ya....

  7. ill likely be going to retrieval (EG) in early it looks like we'll be going through this journey together...

  8. I am home recovering from an abdominal myomectomy to have a 7cm fibroid removed on Sept 22. I will start my BCP first week of November and stimming late Nov. This is my second IVF. IVF 1 was in July--BFN. Found out about the fibrioid at that time. My RE feels that I have no time to waste...her words. I am 37 and aside from the fibroids---DH has fluctuating sperm count. All of this is out of pocket for us. All this is stressful and unless you are going through it...most people don't understand. Hope to find a community here.

  9. Hey girls...

    I got my calendar and am now excited again...Getting nervous the times coming so fast...With my first IVF I was freaking out big time by now and couldnt sleep or eat lol...Im trying to take it easy this time (easier said then done lol)...Im really nervous on the new protocol but its new and maybe it'll be teh \"one\" to wrok...

    Apple: Cant wait to hear your results from the ER etc and I will keep you updated as well...I go the 22nd for my first Ultrasound to make sure I suppressed enough then start my meds on the 23rd...I havent been told about the estrace pills or PIO shots yet if those were increased this cycle or not...

    Any of the new girls looking for tips on shots...Anything such as Gonal F or Follistim the easiest is to do it in the tummy rather then he thigh, doesnt hurt at all there...PIO shots are easiest when you raise the leg your injecting in while your partner gives you the shot...I hardly feel the shot at all when my DH gives it to me...I dont use all those creams etc they tell you to buy to numb your hip before giving it, waste of money to me...

    I hope to hear all the BFPs this time around, I cant wait...

  10. Welcome to all the new girls - marzouq, Supergirl, Nicole, and Mery_c! This is great. We will be able to give each other great company!

    Mery_c, I also had a myomectomy done in May of this year- four large fibroids removed! I can relate to what you are going through. I hope it is smooth sailing for you now. Let me know how the healing is coming along.

    Chick, I think I am around the same schedule with you and apple- my Calendar has been revised and I will post the revised dates when we re-do the list of our members on this thread.

    gkalian- OMG the grass thing.... I don't think I can take the juice, I will try the one in pill form and see how that goes!

    Hello to all the girls- I hope everyone is fired up and ready to go!!!

  11. Hi Cycle Buddies!

    There are so many girls on the thread now – it’s wonderful!

    amina_s: We purchase our drugs from a pharmacy in California called MDR. Your RE will send your prescription to a pharmacy where they sell injectables. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to panic. Your RE and his nurses are there to help – so don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. We’re also here to answer your questions, so ask away!

    Virginia: For me, the key to the PIO shot is ice, heat & massage. I haven’t heard anything about hair dye during IVF, but I have heard about avoiding hair dye when you’re pregnant. As far as the other things to avoid, My RE says no smoking, caffeine, alcohol or over the counter meds (unless approved). I have to admit that I’m still drinking caffeine, but I’m going to cut back this week and hopefully be caffeine free by Friday (I just took a sip of my Diet Coke as I typed that).

    gkalian: Glad you’re not getting your meds from the UK – you were kind of stressing me out with that decision! This weekend I lost my wheat grass virginity – and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (as long as I closed my eyes and held my breath). I couldn’t see myself drinking it everyday so I purchased a bottle of 500mg tablets instead. Sorry gkalian, you’ll have to drink alone! As far as tips for “pregnants” (that’s what I call them) depending on my mood, I will either ignore them or smile at them. Loved what you said about pregnants in ugly outfits – that’s the only time I actually enjoy seeing a pregnant woman! I have a really hard time with the maternity clothing stores…I avoid those like the plague!

    RIDCSP: Sorry about your BFN after IVF #1. I know exactly how you’re feeling and I think it’s great that you’re getting right back to it. I’m also on IVF #2 and we switched to our new RE for a number of reasons – but mainly we wanted was more personalized treatment. I think if you’re leaning towards switching, you should trust your gut. Your fears about the sun & cooking your fetus are classic…I was laughing out loud reading your post!

    epehlivan: Congratulations on starting the IVF process! I’m fascinated that you’re in Dublin; I think that’s so cool! I was on another cycle buddies thread and there was an American girl living in Japan doing IVF. It was interesting to hear about her cycle and her clinic – they had a very different approach to IVF. For example, her clinic administered all of the daily IVF shots which I thought was nice but slightly inconvenient. Anyhow, looking forward to hearing all about your experience and hopefully your success!

    marzouq: Glad you found our thread. The needles are nothing to worry about – I promise. One trick I use is 10 minutes of ice to numb the injection site beforehand. I liked what you said about avoiding your pregnant friends and patching up those relationships when you’re stronger – perfect. I live by the same motto and I think my family and friends understand, as will yours.

    Mery_c: Sorry to hear about your fibroids. I recently learned I had scar tissue and underwent 2 surgeries to remove it before moving on to IVF #2. I’m also 37, and any set-back at this point is very stressful so I know how you feel. You’ve come to the right place for support.

    Pumkin: My cycle dates are changing too. I’ve been waiting for AF for several days and still nothing! The pill really screwed up my cycle this month. Anyhow, I think all of my dates are a week off, but I won’t know for sure until I get AF and get my new schedule from RE. Did you try the wheat grass juice or gross out? If you grossed out don’t feel bad, DH wouldn’t try it either.

    Hi to anyone I missed !


  12. I am two weeks post myomectomy today. I am recovering pretty well and I am already back to work part-time from home. My fibroid was located in the uterine wall but the surgery itself did not enter the uterine cavity. Aside from being very swollen in the belly....I can't fit into any of my pants!---I am feeling ok. I was surprised that my RE gave me the clearance to go ahead with IVF so soon after the surgery but she thinks I have a narrow window of time left. So here I am. How was your recovery?

  13. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  14. Hi,

    Thought it would be useful to summarize our info again so here goes...please feel free to let me know if I've missed anyone or got anything wrong:

    gabbros: fresh IVF #3, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    gkalian: fresh IVF #4, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    LMB: IVF #1, stims start Nov 1 (est)
    Apple: IVF #2, Lupron start 10/23, stims start 11/7
    Busybeef: IVF #2, stims mid – late Nov
    Chick: IVF #2, stims start Oct 22
    itsme: IVF #1, ER Nov 6th
    pedi87: IVF #2, stims start beginning of Nov
    Mery_c: IVF #2, stims start beginning of Nov; ER end of Nov
    epehlivan: IVF #1, stims start in Nov; ER in December
    Supergirl: IVF #2, stims start in Nov; ER in December
    marzouq: IVF #1, BCP starts Oct 19th (est); ER in December

    I'm feeling like a big bundle of contradictions today...excited and pumped to be cycling again but then nervous and scared about what will happen/not happen. Tell me if you think I'm mental, but I've had the script for my meds for a week now and I still haven't gone out to fill the prescription...I'm secretly hoping that I won't need the meds and of course, since you can't return the meds, why buy them until you absolutely *have* to buy them?


    Hope springs eternal right? I figure I will wait until I get AF (supposed to be this weekend - happy Thanksgiving to me!) and then head out to the pharmacy.

    Pumkin - They will not allow you to split the embryos like that - it's all or nothing and I want the answers the testing is going to give me so we agreed with the terms of the freeze all cycle to get the testing done. They told me that they haven't lost an embryo on thawing yet (they use the new vitrification technique) so I have high hopes this is the method that will work for me.

    Apple & Pumkin - good for you both to try the wheat grass juice! You probably both think I have no taste buds and a tongue like shoe leather but the stuff I drink really isn't that bad! You just gotta do what works for you

    Supergirl - just curious to know if you decided to get a 2nd opinion?

    marzouq - don't stress about the shots...they're really not bad at all like the other girls have been saying. I always do mine in the thigh because I have a funny scarring problem on my trunk area (keloids - ever heard of them?) so I try to stay away from there. I just touch the tip of the needle lightly to the spot I'm thinking of and if it feels sensitive, I just move it around a tiny bit to another spot where I don't feel a thing. I think that mentally preparing is tougher than actually doing it. One woman I know always looked at baby photos when doing her injections so it reminded her why she was putting herself through IVF.

    pedi87 & Busybeef - you two still hanging around? What's going on with you guys?

    Nicole - so nice to hear your enthusiasm about your upcoming cycle . I can't believe that you had to wait a year to do this...I thought the wait times in Canada were bad but a year is a really long time! I've flipped around between clinics a lot over the past 12 months and each time, you have to re-do the testing and jump through a few more hoops before they let you cycle so I agree that it feels like you just won the lotto when they tell you that you can finally do an IVF!!

    Hi to everyone else and keep everyone updated on anything new that happens with you and your cycle.

  15. Hi there!
    I hope to be joining you all in the Nov/Dec cycle! I have a situation similiar to Mery_c in that I just had surgery last week removing an abnormal ovarian cyst, but I'm on bcp and my doctor thinks I should be able to do a (frozen) cycle in Nov or Dec. It's amazing that so quickly after surgery, I would be able to do that, but I have high hopes! I see the doc next week so i'll know my timeline better then.

  16. Hello again girlys!!!

    This post is going crazy haha...I miss a day and I miss a million posts haha...

    Pumpkin- When do you start your meds?...My calendar says I start my shots on the 23rd but I go in on the 22nd to have a ultrasound etc to make sure all is good to go...

    We have alot of girls around the same time frame..Cant wait to hear all the BFP stories this time around...

  17. This is great i am so happy we are starting our stims around the same time. I just called the pharmacy and there are medications on there that we have not gone over yet.

    This avoids the body regecting??? I didnt realize all these extra things.
    Some kind of dots? I think they said estrogen dots. Does anyone know when you start those?
    They didnt mention all this during our class. I guess at the basline visit they get more into what and when you take everything.

    My last BCP is Oct 25th so within 4 days AF will arrive then day 2 start stims.


    Oh are you all being prescribed Doxycycline? My husband is as well. They say it clears up the seman.

    Have a good night ladies!

    Laurie in CT

  18. gkalian: You're not mental - just hopeful. Can you pick the drugs up a couple of days before you start your cycle? That's what I would do .

    Welcome to the thread alessia!


  19. LMB your right on track around the same time as me then...Your lucky to not have to take so many stims though lol...I have to take Estrogen Pills which are the size of BCP's usually starting those around the ER and also startin the PIO shots too around the same time...The PIO shots arent as bad as people make them out to be so dont be scared...My husband gives them to me and when he does I put my leg up when he injects it and it doesnt hurt much at all...I dont use ice/heating etc I think its a waste of time really...I dont know what Doxycycline is but I am put on Amoxicillan before the ER to avoid infection etc...Im also given Vicodin for after the ER which last time I didnt take at all...

    Pumkin I cant wait to see your schedule to see how similiar ours will be...I cant wait to see the outcome this time, its seems more hopeful...We do ICSI also do you?...The doc said the day of ET that my eggs were of good quality but then after I got a BFN he decided to tell me no they werent good quality but the ICSI shows my husband and I are both compatible..Im hoping this time hes more honest with me because I want to know the truth...

  20. Hi everyone -- I just finished my 1st fresh ivf in sept --BFN! Now I am doing a FET on Nov 6th. I am starting Lupron soon. I am excited to get started again -- I have 5 emb. frozen.

    I am thankful to have found a good supportive group to go through this with.
    Good Luck Girls!

  21. Welcome elvan...

    Keep us posted on your protocol etc and your BFP!!!

  22. Hey Ladies,

    Have any of your REs recommended accupuncture? Have any of you tried accupuncture in your past IVFs? I hope you all a nice day! Moving slowly but recovering from my fibroid removal on 9/22. I am amazed at how quickly the body heals!

  23. I've been doing acupuncture since July. I was getting awful pains and they'd only stop once I started acupuncture. I was all over the place with my moods over not getting pregnant and I found the acupuncture totally calmed me. New study in the British Medical Journal found that it increases the chances of IVF working by sixty five percent but !hey don't know if that because its doing something or if its cause your giving yourself an hour each week to totally relax. I can't stand needles so I defo don't relax but I know it helps with the pain. Found out from a scan at my first visit I've a cyst on my ovary that they have to take out before I start the IVF and thats whats been causing the pain. Only had keyhole surgery in January to get rid of cysts and had one removed last year the size of a grapefruit, this one is only as big as a plum but I was living off nurofen before the acupuncture. Also my acupuncturists says to go just before and after having your egg transplanted as its your bodies energy that will keep it in. Not sure if I really believe in it but sure every little helps and It's costing that much anyway.

  24. Thanks for the list ! It was great seeing it written out like that and knowing what everyone is going through. I thought I was lucky with a years wait cause we live in the country. My best friends got it done in Dublin during the summer, they were waiting two years and the whole process took them nine months. Talk about dragging it our. Four months of this is bad enough. Wish I had a time machine to fast forward till next year. We've a meeting in November also about adopting so everything is happening, so much on my mind constantly, plus saving hard to come up with the money to do this all again if it doesn't work the first time. Is it expensive over there? It'll cost us around six thousand.

  25. Thanks Nicole! I am not needle phobic so I am hoping that it will be a positive experience. My clinic allows acupuncture treatment on the day of transfer. I guess it doesn't hurt to give it a try. I have an appointment on Tues. I will go and then report back!

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