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  1. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. i appreciate it. I started my IVF cycle today. I will start taking my first BC pills today. As per the schedule I am suppose to have the EG on 11/06/08. Keeping my fingers crossed for that. I just found out today from my nurse that I will also not be taking Lupron and instead of that will be taking Microdose Lupron. I am not sure whats difference between both of them and how the Microdose Lupron is helpful. Any idea ? Its so nice to talk to you guys. may god bless all of us. I will pray for everyone.

  2. hi again so i found out today that we will not be shortening the hormones instead i start another pill pack this sunday so by the end of October i should be starting FSH and any other drug they decide to RX.

    WOW my husband came home and told me another set of friends is expecting. i know i have a little PMS but i cried for while. i cant believe how many friends and coworkers are getting pregnant and having their babies all in the time we have been trying. i find myself less tolerant to peoples comments. i never thought that i would carry this deep frustration. tonight really surprised me!

  3. I feel your pain LMB!!!

    itsme what is the EG?...I am scheduled for my ER around that same time...

    pedi87 does that mean for Menopur your only on for 5 days then?...Sorry for all the questions but havent got to talk to the RE yet about all this and figured you girls are my best option...

  4. I will be talking BCP on Friday and then for 21 days, wait to get another period and then start BCP again, THEN meds start.

    I\'M DOING MICRODOSE LUPRON TOO!!!!! I literally have spent three hours tonight researching it. It seems that it is geared towards poor responders. My first cycle was Antagonist, so let's hope the Microdose works better. What I have read is that it's a much smaller Lupron dose, forcing your body to make FSH along with the FSH-making drugs. And - it seems that you have to take it twice a day.

    LMB, we'll probably be pretty close in nice to have a friend to compare notes. What protocol are you on?

  5. I think that I was on menapur for like 10-15 days actually. There's just 5 in a box. I remember going through at least two boxes and then having to get another one because I was progressing slowly. I can look at my calendar tomorrow and let you know exactly what days I was on each med and what dosage.

    Ask any questions...I'm an open book and am happy to help!!!

  6. LMB - hang in there...I know it's hard to hear of other people's pregnancies. It's okay to cry (and scream and have a moment) and I feel better after letting it all hang out rather than holding it all in. I always wonder why no one else seems to have IF problems and why we're the \"lucky\" ones in our group of friends...if I were there I would give you a big hug right now

    itsme - Here's what I found on the MDL protocol in medical speak:

    \"The protocol takes advantage of a special property of Lupron. When used in tiny amounts, Lupron stimulates the release of natural FSH from the pituitary for several days before exerting its suppressive effect. During this 'flare' period, the ovaries are stimulated by natural FSH. The subsequent addition of high doses of FSH from medications gives the ovaries maximum stimulation.\"

    I think that if you do the long Lupron protocol, they just use the Lupron at a higher dose throughout the entire cycle to shut down your natural hormones and then you rely entirely on the stim meds to get the follicles to grow.

    pedi87 - sorry to hear about your chemical. It's hard to get so close yet be so far. My clinic made me go back for repeat b/w until the beta dropped down to zero which I found excruciating. Are you doing okay? Just looking forward to the next cycle?

    Chick - don't sweat the menopur and mixing your meds. Just remember to change the needle though after you mix it like pedi87 said. The one they give you to mix it with is like a cattle prod so you definitely want to change it to the much finer needle they give you to do the injection

    In summary, here is who we have so far:

    gabbros: fresh IVF #3, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    gkalian: fresh IVF #4, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    LMB: IVF #1, stims start Nov 1 (est)
    Apple: IVF #2, Lupron start 10/23, stims start 11/7
    Busybeef: IVF #2, stims mid – late Nov
    Chick: IVF #2, stims start Oct 22
    itsme: IVF #?, ER Nov 6th
    pedi87: IVF #2, stims start beginning of Nov

    Did I miss anyone?

  7. P.S. I'm also on the MDL protocol as well as I am a poor responder so I'm hoping that this will be the right protocol for me. Cross your fingers!!!

  8. Thank you gkalian for the explanation. It was helpful.

    This is my first IVF.(IVF#1). I am exteremely nervous. I had 2 unsuccessful iui's. After which I had to go thru Lapro and found out that my right tube is completely blocked and left is a little bit abnormal . I was very sad. I just did not expect this. No one in my family has ever had this problem. I am just praying god for this to work. I have all my hopes built on this. Thats my history for you all.

    I am trying to keep calm and be cheerful.
    I do have a question. How many of you all are working and homemakers?The reason I ask is I heard from many ppl that it gets very diff to sit and work when you are on stim shots. Is that true bcoz ur ovaries are biiig and you feel sooo bloated. Can someone please help me here.


  9. itsme yes its very uncomfy when your stiming and your ovaries are full with eggies...You get pretty bloated at least I did...I work part time 3 days a week and all i did was wear baggier clothes...Im looking forward to this cycle as its gonna be winter and I can hide the bloating with my baggie sweaters haha...

    gkalian thanks for the info on the menopur...Im just nervous on the mixing part...i've done PIO shots adn the needles are huge and had to change to a smaller one to and I ALWAYS remember to change haha...

    I am so happy to hear of all you ladies stiming around the same time...Cant wait to hear all the BFP stories...

  10. HI pedi87 it looks like my protocol will be Ganorelix 5 days after my last pill and i assume FSH on day 2 or 3. We will learn more tomorrow morning. We are taking the class on the IM injections for progesterone. They will go into more detail for us.
    So it looks like we start BCPs (new pack) this Sunday i should get my period last week of October and start meds before or on November 1st.

    ITSME- did the doctors ever do an HSG test before they did the IUIs? We went through 3 cycles of clomid with my gyno the first pregnancy test came back positive but then i got a period within 2 days so that didnt work. Then the RE started us with 3 IUI's with the injectables (follistim)

    I am excited about this because it does look like fertilization can take place its just not holding.

    I just wonder if the IVF cycles shed some light on the unanswered questions almost as a diagnostic tool?

  11. itsme - I did have some bloating...more like a heaviness in the sides of my lower abdomen but it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I think the more follicles you produce the more pronounced the bloating. Career wise, I'm a Chartered Accountant but I have temporarily \"retired\" so I can pursue this with everything I've got. I used to work very high stress jobs (I quit my last job because I was having chest pains) with long hours and guaranteed overtime and I always wondered how much of a factor stress was. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I've been able to take some time off so I can do this and know that I've given it my best shot. Career has always been secondary for me...I've always wanted to have a house full of kids first and foremost. Are you a working gal or at home?

    LMB - IVF can provide you with a few more answers and I was hoping the same thing when I did my very first IVF as well. They can give you more information on what your eggs look like (i.e. normal or grainy with lots of fragmentation) and watch how they divide in the dish before transferring it back to you. They can also confirm if you do fertilize well naturally if you're not doing ICSI (injecting 1 sperm into each egg).

    pedi87 - were your menopur shots IM or subcutaneous? I have done a similar drug to menopur (repronex) and I recall that it stung a bit...does menopur sting? My doctor is using Menopur on me this cycle.

  12. hey LMB...yes they did do a HSG test bf they did the first iui. Thats abt it. They said everything looks ok. I took femara instead of clomid. They dont use clomid anymore I guess. This is all sooo new to me. I am just learning all this. All the acronyms are lil difficult for me to understand if you all cd help me out on that. The only one i know is BFP

    Hi gkalian.

    I am professionally a s/w enginneer. I work full time.I am currently trying to find the right balance btw work and all this. Too tough to handle. I also want two little kids. That wd be awesome.

  13. itsme - try for acronyms...but of course, the most important one to know is BFP

  14. This link is awesome. Thank you....I hv so much to learn ....

    Feeling terrible right now...Stomach hurts like hell...

  15. Take a few deep breaths...really. I noticed when I was under deadline pressure and had a million people asking me for things that my breathing would shorten and become really shallow. You're telling your body to panic by breathing like just breathe deeply a few times, right down into your back and not into your chest. If you put your hands on your waist you should actually feel your belly area expand when you breathe deeply. Everything is going to be fine.

    I stumbled across this blog of another girl going through IF who is also going to my clinic and I have found it to be a great comfort. She has a real way with words and describes this whole journey so accurately and with such empathy because hey, she's one of us and knows what it is like. If nothing else, it validates the whole emotional aspect and how this impacts us. I find great comfort in reading her posts and maybe you will too.

  16. Can I use hot water bottle during cramps during my periods ? I am curious bcoz I was told \"No Heating Pads\". Can someone pls tell me.

  17. Wow, how am I going to catch up with all the postings? You girls have been busy!!! Welcome to all the new girls. I am looking forward to seeing all the BFPs that will come rolling in on this thread.

    Itsme, it depends on the stage of IVF that you are at. If you are just starting especially with the BCP, I think it is ok to use a hot water bottle. You can actually call your doctor's office and ask. No question is too trivial. I hope the cramps have gone down by now.

    gkalian, you are really going all out to make this successful. A CGH testing is a good idea definitely but if I were you, I would split the eggs, that is depending on how many you get, and have some go to CGH testing and use at least two embryos for a fresh transfer.

    How are all the girls doing?

  18. Wow – this thread is going crazy !!!

    gkalian: Love your description of the wheat grass juice! I’m going to Whole Foods today to give it a try – hopefully my gag reflex will allow me to consume the whole shot. Thanks for the info on DHEA…sadly I thought I was already taking it - again, no clue over here on this stuff! To answer your question, I’m doing a fresh cycle. We actually prepaid for 3 cycles this time (ouch $$$). I guess we’re hedging our bets by prepaying – I know it seems pessimistic, but I figure that if it doesn’t work again – it won’t feel as bad (or at least I can tell myself that).

    gianna: Like you, my embryo quality on IVF #1 was poor & I will also be taking Menopur this cycle. My RE told me that Menopur helps the eggs mature and improves quality. It sounds like we’ll be on the same drugs (Follistim & Menopur)…hopefully our eggs will like this combo !

    pedi87: I’m so sorry IVF #1 was chemical – that must have been incredibly upsetting. I waited 3 years after IVF #1 (which was BFN) before getting back on the horse. I wish I didn’t wait that long and I think it’s great that you’re getting right back to it! You’ve come to the right place for support .

    amina_s: I’m really happy that you found this thread . I remember feeling the exact same feelings with IVF #1 and the girls on these boards were a huge support. I am so sorry about your tube issues - thank goodness you found out before you got further down the IF path. Regarding your question about how your ovaries will feel during stims…like the others have said – you will probably feel bloated and uncomfortable, especially towards the end. Most people prefer wearing comfortable waistbands with elastic or drawstring. If you workout (run or lift weights) you will want to limit that activity – but you’ll see how you feel. I’m an accountant and I have my own practice so I work mostly from home. A year ago I had back surgery (after the October 15th tax deadline) and as a result I’ve drastically cut down my workload so I can devote more time to my health and baby making.

    Virginia: I can totally relate to your feelings of frustration over other peoples pregnancies. I sometimes feel like IF has been the theme of my entire married life. What’s really weird is I can’t even imagine it any other way – like what would it be like not to obsess over AF & ovulation each month. It's not fair and you're feelings are completely justified - we've all felt the same way. Hang in there – we’re here for you !

    Hi to everyone I missed!


  19. Hey guys,

    I'm looking into different places to buy my drugs and I am considering using Anyone have any experience with them? I'm just nervous because my doctor specifically cautioned me against doing that, saying we could do it but we're taking a chance because these drugs are from the UK and not FDA approved and you don't know what shipping conditions they're subjected to while in transit...

    I'm such a weenie...when someone says don't do it I usually just listen (esp. when it's my doctor, the guru that I am paying big bucks to so I can listen to his advice) but I just costed it out and I would save at least $1,200 on my meds so it's hard to ignore. However, if it doesn't work, I'll always wonder if the drugs were all right now that someone has planted this seed of doubt in my mind...


  20. gkalian,

    I think if you're already doubtful of purchasing drugs elsewhere, you should trust your gut. It sounds like your apprehension about making this purchase will translate into additional IVF stress – which you don’t need. Plus, your RE warned you against purchasing non-FDA approved drugs, so you should trust him.

    That’s just my 2 cents. I am a weenie too, so you’re not alone .


  21. gkalian, Apple is right. If you are having second thoughts, don't. I personally have not bought drugs from an internet pharmacy. I try not to give any excuse for IVF to fail because if I were to buy meds from an online pharmacy, I would forever think it was the drugs that failed us- which would not really be true, but I do not want to have any doubts at all. I trust you will make the best decision that you will be comfortable with- so that makes three weenies.

  22. Hey everyone! I am new to this website and am so glad I found this thread. I am starting my first ivf cycle in a couple of weeks (er around 12/4?) after trying for 2 and a half years. My DH and I have not told anyone that we are doing this, or that we are really trying for that matter, so hopefully I can make it through.

  23. Apple & Pumkin - you two crack me up . After discussing with my husband, we decided not to do the online UK pharmacy for the reasons you guys said - if I'm going to wonder about it afterwards, just don't do it. This is my last time so I don't want the extra worry. Thanks for being my sounding board guys.

    Apple - did you manage to choke down the wheat grass shot?

    marzouq - welcome! I wish you strength and courage in this journey and all the best with IVF #1. I have found enormous comfort on these boards (especially since I don't talk about IF with hardly anyone) and we have a great group of ladies here on this thread so if you have any questions, ask away!

    It's the weekend - yahoo!

  24. Hi everyone!

    Budnud i wanted to let you know that i read that blogspot and it was really good! She puts alot of what we are going through right out there. Thank you for sharing that.

    Yesterday we went to the IVF class and learned the IM injection for progesterone (in sesame oil). Not looking forward to those especially since i cant give it to myself.

    It looks like our plan is to start Follistim on day 2 then ganirelix on day 5 or 6 until they do the trigger day10 give or take which will be HCG or small dose of lupron. I may be at risk for hyperstim so the lupron avoids all that.

    Well i cant wait for the next 21 days to go by!

    Oh a few things they mentioned in the class yesterday was no hair dye? I didnt realize that you shouldnt do that. They also said to try to eliminate caffeine (along with the obvious smoking and drinking).
    I usually have a coffee in the morning and then something tea or whatever in the afternoon to get me through.
    Has anyone else stopped these things?

  25. Hi everyone,

    A Happy saturday morning to you all. First of all. Can we not buy our medicines at our regular pharmacy stores ? You ppl are scaring me. I was planning on doing that .Help me.

    Welcome marzouq :-)...We are all with you. Its my first IVF too. We are in the same boat.

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