Cycle buddies for November - December 2008

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  1. I am looking for cycle buddies for November/December 08. Anyone out there who would like to join me?

  2. I would! I think I will be starting BCP mid October, stims Nov 1 with retrieval estimated around mid November. When is your cycle ramping up?

  3. OMG, gkalian, we are very much on the same schedule. I start BCP also in mid October. That is awesome! I hope we can go through this together and successfully. While I am looking forward to starting the process, I am also very apprehensive of the whole process. So are you doing anything special like Yoga, acupuncture etc? I did aerobics for a while but now my schedule does not allow me to.

    I look forward to 'hanging out' with you during this journey.

  4. Awesome!! I'm so glad we're going to be on similar a's always nice to have some company but I'm sorry that you're going through this as well as I wouldn't wish IF on anyone.

    You are speaking my language too - really excited and apprehensive at the same time to cycle because I think this will be our 4th and final IVF cycle. Have you done IVF before? We've just switched clinics and I am working with the best of the best but scared because if this doesn't work, I don't know what will. This is also completely out of pocket for me and the $$$ is freaking me out as this clinic is out of country and on the expensive side.

    Since this is our last IVF, I am giving everything and anything I think will help a try so yes, there are lots of things I am doing. I am doing hot yoga right now as a deep clean to get any and all toxins out of my body pre-stimulation because everyone tells you not to do hot yoga during or after stims. I also do acupuncture, take DHEA, loads of vitamins and supplements, wheat grass juice and I also meditate. You name it, I've probably tried it at some point in time.

    What is your diagnosis? I'm unexplained which is why I think I've had such a hard time letting go and moving on to anything else like adoption because no one can give me a reason why we can't have kids. What's your diagnosis? I'm Canadian, cycling with a clinic in the US...where abouts are you located?

  5. hello! i will be starting a november ivf cycle. i have 3 days to go on this pill pack then i start a new one. Mid october doesnt work for us so we have to wait a few weeks. pumpkin oil when do you start? budnud it looks like we will be starting our cycles/stims on the same date. my period should start by october 31st so i might start injections around the 1st as well. i am excited and nervous. i have had 3 failed iui's with Follistim.

  6. LMB, welcome aboard! As gkalian said, it is always nice to have company, although this is not the type of company one would want to find themselves in. But hey we will walk through this together.

    Wow, this is rather scary! Our stories are almost similar. We have done IVF before. We had to turn to IVF due to an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in one tube being taken out and we later found out that the remaining tube was blocked. We have had two fresh cycles and 3 FETs- two miscarriages and a chemical. We stuck with the same clinic for too long and just decided this year that we would switch. Just as I was preparing for another cycle, I found out that I had huge fibroids that had to be taken out so I had a myomectomy in May this year. This will also be our last attempt and just like you it is out of country and the $$$$$$ is freaking me out as well. If this does not work, it will be the end of the IVF road for us, but I will be able to say I gave it all I could.

    I can understand your frustration at not knowing the root cause of your problem. Hopefully the new clinic works its magic this time for you. You have given me a lot of food for thought- you are doing a lot to prepare for this! What is wheat grass juice? I have never even heard of it. What is it for? I don’t know what DHEA is either? Boy am I going to hit the Health Food Store this evening!

    I am starting BCP in mid October and stims scheduled to start November 1.

  7. Starting Lupron around 10/23...stims around 11/7...xfer by 11/20 (Thanksgiving is going to be interesting)! This is IVF #2 and we're out of pocket too so I know your pain. I take prenatal vitamins w/DHA, do Pilates 3 times a week and I'm going to throw in some Yoga too. My last cycle I did acupuncture and it was very helpful - so I think I may add that in before I start Lupron.

    I'm 37 and DH is 47. We've been TTC for 7 years and we just recently discovered that part of our problem was uterine scar tissue (which was the result of an ectopic pregnancy that was treated w/Metholtrexate). I am so thankful that I switched to a different RE and that he diagnosed and treated my problem before starting IVF #2. I've had 2 surgeries in the past 3 months to remove the scar tissue and today my RE told me I'm finally ready to go - yeah!!!

    Glad I found this's nice to talk to people who know what you're
    going through.


  8. gabbros,

    I get my wheat grass juice from as I am local to the farm and can go pick it up from them. It's just supposed to be super healthy and super nutritious for your body. From what I have read, it helps your body to repair itself at the cellular level and can put your body back in balance so it can heal whatever is wrong. I also have a lot of digestive upsets so I was doing it more for overall health and help with my digestion...any positive impact on fertility is a bonus!

    DHEA is a supplement that is also experimental and there has been a lot of buzz about it over the past few years although no conclusive research that proves that it can positively impact fertility. It's supposed to improve egg quantity and quality during stims...since I am not a great responder to meds I thought that it couldn't hurt and more than 1 doctor has recommended that I try it. DHEA is the building blocks for hormones.

    Apple - we've been ttc for 6 years so I feel your pain. It has been a long, long road. Welcome to this thread! It took me a long time to pluck up enough courage to switch doctors to get other opinions but I am glad that we did as well. You never know what a fresh perspective will bring and it sounds like your new RE has made a difference already.

  9. Welcome aboard Apple. There is always room for one more. You are absolutely right, it is great to talk to people who are either going through the same thing you are going through or have been there already. I find that each time I go through the process, the stress and anxiety gets worse with each try and the girls on the boards are always really supportive and that makes a big difference! You girls are putting me to shame! I am almost panicking now thinking that I have not done enough in terms of preparing my body/system for this cycle. I guess it is not too late so I will see how much I can squeeze in within the remaining time. My problem with acupuncture is that I am really afraid of needles- I am generally afraid of anything that inflicts pain or assaults the body! I know many people have said it does not hurt at all but I just can’t get over the fact that those are needles they are sticking on the body! I am so glad that they found out about the scar tissue problem before starting your cycle. I hope that does the trick!

    gkalian, I did a lot of reading on Wheat grass yesterday and I am sold. I will order some today and see how it works. Isn’t it nice that you can just go over to the farm and pick up some products! I really hope that we all get lucky this time around. As Apple was saying that it will be an interesting Thanksgiving, I am thinking it is going to be a different type of Christmas for us – depending on the results we get! The Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, right?

    LMB, how is the pill coming along? I guess tomorrow you start a new one. This is the first time I have been put on the pill to regulate my cycle and I am dreading it! I hope all is going well.

  10. gabbros, if you can do all the shots associated with IVF you can do acupuncture, honestly. It takes only a second to put the little needle in and then you just relax and take a nap for about 30-45 minutes. I don't like needles either (magnified by all the IVFs and IM shots I've had to do!) but the needles that they use for acupuncture are super thin, thinner than the syringes that we use for injections and the ones they use to draw blood. One other important difference - if they use Japanese acupuncture needles, those ones are coated and I find that they go in easier than Chinese acupuncture needles. They say that the most important acupuncture is done immediately pre and post ET as there are specific protocols to assist with implantation so if you are interested, you can just do those two although I would recommend that you go for a treatment before just so you know what to expect. And of course, if this just stresses you out completely, than don't do it! That means that it's not right for you. I remember the first time I had an acupuncture treatment, I came out of the room feeling like a wet noodle...couldn't tell you my name, what day of the week it was...totally and completely relaxed.

    LMB - I noticed that your post was your first one on these boards - that's awesome! I remember when I switched from IUIs to IVF, back to the unknown and trying to figure out what everyone is telling you.

    So in summary, here is what we know about everyone who has joined so far:

    gabbros: fresh IVF #3, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    gkalian: fresh IVF #4, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    LMB: IVF #1, stims start Nov 1 (est)
    Apple: IVF #2, Lupron start 10/23, stims start 11/7

    Good luck and baby dust to us all

  11. Thanks for the welcome cycle buddies.

    Okay guys, I'm going to admit something...I'm really clueless on some of the complementary treatments you're talking about. For example, the wheat grass juice. gkalian, how much do you need to drink to get the benefits? Also - what does it taste like? I have a feeling you're going to say \"grass\" - if that's the case, can you mix it with orange juice to disguise the flavor? Also, is DHA and DHEA the same thing? It's all so confusing - imagine how nice it will be not to have to think about this one day.

    Pumkin, I totally second what gkalian said about acupuncture. Like you, I hate needles - but acupuncture needles are super fine, thinner than a human hair. After my first session, my whole body was humming. According to Chinese medicine, we all have an energy called a Chi - and acupuncture helps release your Chi (sometimes it gets blocked). When the Chi is unblocked, the various systems in your body (lymphatic, neurological, reproductive etc.) run more smoothly. Maybe it was my Chi, or maybe it was just laying in a quiet place for 45 minutes with needles in random places on my body - but acupuncture did have its benefits. I was, as gkalian explains - a wet noodle after my sessions too.

    Glad you found these boards Virginia. The girls on these threads were a huge support for me during IVF #1, and I knew exactly where to go when I decided to get back on the IVF bus for #2. This is a wonderful place to share your feelings and get helpful information from people who have been/or are in your shoes.

    Question for your guys...have you told any family or friends that you're doing IVF? Just curious what your thoughts are.

    Good luck to all of us!


  12. hi,
    we are doing our 2nd ivf. hoping to stim in mid to late november. dates tba.

  13. Im also starting my 2nd IVF cycle soon...I will be starting Depot Lupron tomorrow so will get my IVF calendar tomorrow or this week...Anyone else with me?

  14. hello everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome!

    Has anyone ever shortened their 21 day pill pack on BCPs? I called the office today to see if i could start hormone pills earlier and they said to wait the seven days and we will cut short on the hormone side. i thought that was interesting. they will be calling me to explain more tomorrow.
    This Friday we go to a class on the intramuscular injections. i wish i could give them to myself. i hope my husband doesnt pass out!!!

    i did acupuncture for two of my IUIs. i have seen three different doctors and i only liked the way one of them did it. Unfortunately she never show'd up on the morning of my IUI after she spoke to me the day before. It was really strange. I lost trust in her.

    Our doctor refuses to implant more that 2 embies. Is that the norm i keep reading people having 3-5 transferred.

    Apple- when i had my 3 IUI's most people knew about it. This time i feel like not telling anyone when i go. Some know but not when.

    Is anyone from Connecticut or the Northeast?

  15. My first IVF I was on a full pack of birth control and then another week of pills extra...I was told it was becasue the doc didnt do IVFs on a certain day so I had to do a extra week of them...
    Implanting 2 embryos is normal...If your RE decides later to put more in then he may BUT 2 is the normal...usually if you have healthy eggs etc you put back 2...I had 3 put back because my eggs were of poor quality...
    I hope you have great luck this time and hope to hear about your BFP!!

  16. Busybeef and Chick, welcome aboard! It is really nice to see our numbers rising! As they always say there really is strength in numbers.

    LMB, don’t worry about the shortened pill schedule. They probably have a good reason for doing that. Just a word of advise- don’t feel intimidated by either the process or the doctors; you need to be very assertive in asking questions if you do not understand anything the professionals tell you. This process is daunting enough to confuse anyone so don’t hesitate to ask a question if you do not understand something. Most of the doctors and nurses are however very professional and they will treat you well but there are a few who may treat you just as a number so make sure you get all the information you need. The girls here are very good too at answering questions so feel free to ask- anything goes! In terms of putting back embies, Chick is right, 2 is the norm but you may also find some doctors who are very aggressive especially if there is an age factor.

    Apple, I have not told anyone that we are doing IVF. I would not want to explain the whole process to anyone and then update them at all stages just to get a bfn in the end and have to tell them that too. The worst part of it would be people who will tell you not to bother and just adopt. While it is not a bad idea to adopt, shouldn’t it be my decision to make?

    Apple, trust me, I had no idea what gkalian was talking about either when I first saw her post about wheat grass and all! It sent me into a huge panic thinking that I completely wasted a lot of preparation time! However I think it is better late than never so I will start working on some of the things I can realistically do.

    Ok, after gkalian and Apple’s very convincing arguments re: acupuncture, I have decided to give it a try. I will make an appointment to try at least one session and see how that goes.

    Just to update gkalian’s chart on our members (thanks Bud!), here is the latest:

    gabbros: fresh IVF #3, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    gkalian: fresh IVF #4, BCP mid Oct, stims start Nov 1
    LMB: IVF #1, stims start Nov 1 (est)
    Apple: IVF #2, Lupron start 10/23, stims start 11/7
    Busybeef: IVF #2, stims mid – late Nov
    Chick: IVF #2, cycle tbd

  17. LMB - my first experience with birth control pills was last month, when my RE put me on them while I was waiting for my 2nd surgery. I got to day 18 (which was the day of my surgery) and he told me to stop. He said I would get AF within 4 days...well I'm still waiting - but it seems like any day now. Some clinics like to cycle people together and they use the pill to control when that happens. It sounds very normal so don't stress...just be glad you're off the pill! I agree w/Pumkin - you have to be your own advocate in IVF. What I mean by that is be assertive and ask as many questions as you need to. If you're in a large clinic, it can be very easy to get lost in the shuffle of girls, so speak up for yourself and make sure they know your name.

    Busybeef & Chick23 - welcome! I just joined this thread Monday and the girls are very sweet.

    Pumkin, like you - we're not telling anyone either. I found out after IVF #1 that I'm not they type of person who likes to grieve openly - in other words, for me, misery does not love company. That's just my experience, I know there are people who benefit from sharing - and I think that's wonderful too.
    I'm so glad to hear your going to give acupuncture a try. If you hate it, you can complain to me & gkalian

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  18. Holy cow! I wander away for a few hours and the board just exploded! Awesome to have more people join - welcome everyone! Apple & Pumkin - sorry ...didn't mean to freak you out with all the things I'm doing. I'm a little fanatical about this cycle since it is our last and I want to be able to say that I did everything humanly possible.

    Lots of questions so here goes...

    Apple - I drank my wheat grass juice this morning very mindfully and the best way that I can describe it to you is it tastes like chewing a strong leafy green (I'm going for other descriptors than \"grass\" ). If you eat vegetables, you'll be fine. They don't recommend putting it in juice...just non-chlorinated water on an empty stomach. If you're curious, I know that Whole Foods does fresh wheat grass juice so you can buy a shot and try it (although I have never tried the WF wheat grass) to see if it is something that you can even stomach. As for the benefits, they told me that it really depends on you...some people who take wheat grass juice take just a few ounces a day and do well with it...others take 18oz/day for a few months and then scale down. It really is individual and you need to listen to your body and how it's reacting to the stuff.

    DHA and DHEA are not the same things. DHA is an essential fatty acid. DHEA is a \"natural steroid prehormone\" (per Wikipedia) and is the building blocks for testosterone and estrogen.

    LMB - I will only be on BCP for 13 days for my cycle and yes, I have also heard that some clinics will use BCP to get everyone on the same cycling schedule. As long as it suppresses your natural ovulation, it's done its job. For embies transferred, I have had 3 trans in one of my cycles but I have a history of failed IVFs and not producing very many eggs/embies so that is why my doctor was willing to transfer more.

    As for telling people, we haven't told anyone except for my BFF and another friend who also suffers from IF. I didn't tell anyone we were going through IF at first and when I did start telling people, the ones I trusted would tell other people (even when I explicitly told them not to) and come up with terrible advice like \"why don't you just adopt?\" or \"just don't have kids - they're more trouble than they're worth\". I just stopped telling people after that...too painful and I hated telling people about BFNs. I don't think for the most part that people are deliberately being hurtful, they just can't understand what we're going through because they haven't experienced it first hand. That's just me though...some people tell wonderful stories of love and support from those they have told but that has not been my experience.

    Are you all doing fresh transfers? I'm having CGH testing done on my embryos and am therefore doing a \"freeze all\" type of cycle because testing takes about 6 weeks to come back. I will be doing a FET in Jan/Feb 2009.

  19. Evening ladies....

    Just wanted to update...
    I went in today for my lupron depot shot and my ER is around the week of Nov 3rd...

    I was told this cycle I will be put on Menopur (new to my cycles) and jus higher doses of the Follistim, Estrace and PIO...

    Im worried about the Menopur, anyone ever do this before?...I've read you have to mix meds etc...
    I go back the 22nd of Oct for a ultrasound and blood work adn will be starting my meds then...I cant wait so exciting again...

  20. Hi ladies, I'm new here. On IVF#2. Found out Monday that I had a Chemical Pregnancy for IVF #1. Actually got a positive (with very low numbers) on Friday and had to wait all weekend and most of Monday for the final result. Talked to the Dr. today and we're going to do IVF#2 with pre-stims, Microdose Lupron, starting at the beginning of November.

    Chick - my first cycle was with Menopur. NOT A BIG DEAL. You get these big needles, but only for mixing. You suck up some saline liquid and then shoot it into this vial of powder and swirl it for one second until it dissolves. Then you use a much smaller needle, suck up the mixed liquid and inject. It's not bad at all; although more of a production than using the gonal pens or pre-filled syringes. They are planning to up all of my dosages, but don't know any of the meds yet with the exception of the Microdose Lupron.

    Good luck to all of you!!!

  21. What's Depot Lupron?

  22. Lupron is to suppress your ovaries...Its like birth control but its a one time shot that lasts three weeks...Its a intramuscular one like PIO shots are, but your nurse usually has to give it to you from what I was told...

    Thanks for the info on the Menopur...I was researching it and was nervous about all the mixing etc...Do you get a whole bunch of bottles of powder and then one vial of liquid?...My fridge is gonna be full of just meds haha...

  23. Hi..itsme

    I have started my first IVF process today...I am here to talk.

  24. Hi itsme...

    What is your protocol for your IVF?...When is your estimated ER?

  25. Hi itsme...

    Chick - you'll get a box with five tiny saline vials and five tiny powder vials. You don't have to keep it refrigerated, your fridge will at least be free from this one.

    I was supposed to take Lupron with my first cycle in August, but at the last minute got cold feet and changed to the September cycle, then they changed my protocol so I didn't do the Lupron. I'm going to be using a low dose of Lupron, like a microdose or something in November. What's the 'depot' one though?

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