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  1. salapataras, I have just read your thread. You have really encouraged me! you have been through so much!!!. I also met my husband late at 38 and got married at 40. I'll be 41 next week. Congratulations once again!! .

  2. Julie - I want to hear details of this fall. I love funny stories about people falling.

    Sasha - 9 mature eggs! That's fabulous! I'll say a prayer that they all fertilize and cleave and so on and so on...and you are one day paying to send them to college (maybe not all nine ).

    Okay so you asked about me. I'm 42. I'll be 43 in less than a month. I didn't meet my husband until we were both 37 and we got married when we were 39. That was 2005. We started trying within 3 months of getting married (his need to wait not mine!). When we weren't pregnant in 6 months, I went to the OB/GYN. He got to work right away with tests and several clomid cycles. We started looking at IF clinics about 6 months after that. We did our first stim cycle in Jan 2007. I hyper stimulated and the cycle was cancelled before ER. Next stim cycle May 2007. Hyper stimmed again, but retrieved 30 eggs. 20 fertilized. Froze them all because of hyper stim. Aug to Oct 2007 did a horrible FET cycle. The Lupron nearly killed me. I was so not surprised when I got a BFN. April 08 we were about to start another FET, but I was due for another sonohistogram. I demanded a hysteroscopy rather than an SHG. At hysteroscopy, RE found that my uterine lining doesn't thicken as it should, I have a cervical stenosis, my uterus lays sideways, and my uterus is HALF the size of normal. She told me I would never get pregnant, that I should go straight to surrogacy, and cancelled the cycle (in case you're counting, that was the 3rd cancelled cycle). It was a HORRIBLE day. I cried for 3 weeks. We actually already knew about the tiny uterus and I had seen a perinatologist for an opinion so we weren't worried about that one so much. He thinks I can safely carry twins. I consulted with my OB/GYN and he encouraged me to try another cycle. He just didn't feel that the problems were insurmountable and since we had so many embryos frozen he just thought it was worth a try. We went back to my RE and told that with the better information we wanted to try again and adjust the meds so that A) I would not get so out of sorts from the Lupron and B) get the lining to the best possible condition for implantation. So that gets us to where we are now!

    Side note: I went by my OB/GYN's office yesterday to tell him in person. I swear, he was practically jumping up and down he was so excited!

    I hope that wasn't more than you wanted to know. I'm flying pretty high tonight. I think the energy is flowing through my finger tips!

  3. salapataras and francescaRomana~

    We have more in common than imagined! I met my husband at age 38 (he was 33) and we got married two years later - me at age 40. We got pregnant immediately after getting married - 1 month later! However, ten weeks later we lost the baby via a natural miscarriage. With the baby growing and my fibroids being present in those ten weeks, my fibroids got so much bigger in size - they compete with the baby for blood and I became anemic, was hospitalized, had to have a blood transfusion...I was a level 5 in blood and the normal rate is 12-14. I was walking around with half the blood amount needed for humans! I had also gained close to 40 pounds due to the pregnancy and fibroids growing! At ten weks of pregnancy I looked like I was six months pregnant due to the fibroids!!! I was wearing maternity clothes! We waited from October '06 (miscarriage) until May '07 for my uterus to heal from the miscarriage and in May of '07 I had an abdominal myomectomy and my fabulous doctor removed 46 fibroids from my uterus!!! Her record had been 22 as an ob-gyn. She had more than doubled her record with me!!! She came out of the OR - after five hours plus - the surgery should have been 2 and a half hours tops and told my husband that I should have had a hysterectomy due to so many fibroids but she knew how much we wanted a baby and therefore kept digging and digging to get the fibroids out!!!! I owe this woman/doc so kmuch for giving us this second chance at mom/pophood!!!! Fast forward and we wait months for my uterus to heal from the myomectomy and in january of '08 we begin to ttc natuarally. Nothing happens for 5 months. In our six month or right before - we go to a fertility specialist who ironically I went to right before getting pregnant naturally - in that story she gave me a rx for clomid to take right after our wedding but we got pregnant naturally! Th clomid pill box was never even opened! Okay, back to Mayish of '08, the fertility specialist says to do IVF and be aggressive due to my age of 42 and my eggs and has us on clomid and then we do IUI once which does not work. We then go right into IVF cycle #1 with 13 eggs retrieved and 7 fertilized and 6 transferred and tnat doesn't work. So now we're in IVF #2 with 9 eggs retrieved and will know this morning if any have fertilized!!!!! So, along with you's to salapataras for being 42 and pregnant and giving us older mommy wannabes HOPE and reality!!!!! Have a great day!


  4. Hi francescaRomana, thank you and welcome. I see on another thread that you're just starting an FET cycle. Stay here with us and we will support you through it. I'm so pleased that my story inspired you.

    I can't believe what a difference IVFC has made for me. I give a lot of credit to the fact that I have other people to think about rather than obsessing about myself. My husband even mentioned tonight that he can tell a difference in me because of IVFC.

    ETA - A hint: Stay away from the negative boards. It can be hard because you'll sometimes stumble across one where you don't expect it. I find that sometimes they'll bother me for a couple of days. That said, when I was between cycles I found that the vet board was a really good place for my bad attitude.

    Good luck with your cycle. Keep us up-to-date on your progress.

  5. Such hopeful stories, thank you all so much for sharing. It's a long, circuitous path, isn't it. It's nice to know that it can end well, even after so many cancelled cycles and bad news on the way.

    That fall was really pretty hilarious. Since I had gotten my BFN, of course the first thing I decide to do is go out to get some wine. Since I can. I had parked in the lower level of the parking lot (in the shade) and walked up the stairs to the wine store. Then I came downstairs with two bags each of which had a couple bottles of wine. As I walked around the stairs, there was a rivet or something that jutted out, and I noticed it and stepped to the side to avoid it, but didn't realize that I would step off the curb. So of course I lost my balance, but I didn't want to drop my bags since I knew the bottles would smash. So I tried to recover without dropping the bags, which of course made it impossible to recover, and I ended up dropping the bags anyway and falling completely flat, shoes flying off behind me, and wine running in the streets. I guess you could say it was an alcohol-related injury. So there I am, lying in the street, knees and hands bleeding, reeking of liquor, seriously, what kind of mother would I be.

    So ladies, I've got my (bloody, mangled) fingers crossed for you all. Sasha, good luck with your nine. Let us know how many fertilize! francescaRomana, welcome and good luck with your FET. Miss Sunny, keep us posted. I'm glad that your ob can be as happy as you are about your pregnancy. That's the best.


  6. Julie, thanks that gave me a really good laugh. I can't believe how much I'm laughing suddenly. I have laughed so little over the last 3 years.

    Okay, I have soooooooo much to say in reply to the last few posts, but I'm and worn out from driving back and forth to Atlanta for my b/w and visiting my BFF's dad in the hospital so I'm just going to update you on my beta.

    It more than doubled to 502. I'm so very relieved. This is just the best news ever.

    I'm going to go collapse now. More tomorrow....or possibly later tonight.

  7. Palavouzopoulos~ Funny story!!!! I hope your hands and knees are healing!

    salapataras~ Your beta number is super cool! You must be so happy!! I hope it keeps on climbing and climbing!!!

    I got the call from the lab this morning. Out of the 9 eggs retrieved, 7 fertilized. We are very happy with these results. Tomorrow, we'll know if they've started to divide well. And hopefully, we're looking at a transfer for Friday. I am starting to get more excited!


  8. thanks salapataras, I will need support when i have transferred. Over here in NZ, we are allowed to carry on as normal after the fet, but this time, I am going to rest all day and not exercise. What do the dr's recommend to do over in the U.S.?
    annaronca-you have been through such an awful lot in a short few years. Like u I got pregnant naturally very early in my marriage and then miscarried (i'v been married less than a year).
    Must go and get dinner ready.

  9. Sasha, great news!!! I'm so happy for you 7 little fertilized eggs. So probably a transfer tomorrow -- yay! How many will they put back?

    francescaRomana, I've also heard mixed advice after transfer. My doctor says to take it easy for that day (watch TV, nothing more strenuous than that, although I guess it depends what you're watching!) but my friend who got pg on her 4th IVF did 2 days of bed rest after that transfer and hadn't done any bed rest of the first three. So I have been staying home from work for 2 days, doing very little. Next time I will try to literally do bed rest for a couple of days.

    Miss Sunny, your taking-it-easy advice is good. I wonder if that makes a big difference. It worked for you! And great news on the beta doubling, that really is the best news! What's the next step? Do you have an ultrasound soon?

    I was just looking up some information on royal jelly. I'm usually skeptical of things that don't have scientific evidence, but there's one study where they gave RJ to ewes and it increased their chances of going into estrus -- maybe that's not *quite* the same as my egg problem, but I guess it's close enough. I may as well give it a try. I asked my doctor about it and she said if it's natural to go ahead and give it a try. I just ordered it at Amazon. I'm also going to do acupuncture again this round. I did it several times on the try that went well, but last time I only did it on the transfer day. Next time I'll do it starting a week before my cycle starts. Maybe that will help.

    My hands and knees are healing nicely. They hurt a lot less now. And, yes, of course, about a billion people saw me fall. They stopped in their cars, they came running over, oh my goodness oh my goodness! They offered to help me to my car, and one woman went and got me a cart to put my (remaining) wine in. Two bottles had broken, and actually the woman who got the cart for me said that I should take the broken bottles back and ask the wine store to replace them, which they did. So once I got home, at which point I definitely felt like having a drink, I had some wine. Of course, at first I couldn't work the corkscrew with my one remaining functioning hand, but eventually I managed to leverage it against my whole body and got the bottle open. Wow, I feel like an alcoholic just describing that. But, you know, sometimes a glass of wine just hits the spot.

    Anyway, now I'm on track for try #4. I'm hopeful. (Against all odds.) The timing will be: start Lupron on Sept 12, aiming for day 1 of my next cycle around Sept 19, start Follistim on day 3, which should be roughly Sept 21, which puts retrieval somewhere around Oct 6 and transfer somewhere around Oct 10 if we can do PGD, Oct 8 if not. Roughly.

    And until then, just hanging out with my consolation puppy. She's very good at that.

  10. Sasha, I'm dying! What have you heard about your embryos? Have they given you a day and time for transfer yet? Hope it's all going splendidly!

    francescaRomana, it really varies from dr to dr. My clinic tells you to take it easy for a couple of days. With my first FET, I went to the grocery store the evening of transfer and came home and cooked dinner; then the next night we went to a wedding. I got a BFN that time.

    This time our mantra was \"do everything different.\" I did three days of bed rest and then continued to take it easy up until one week from transfer. I didn't go to work at all that week.

    Something else that I find interesting: I asked for valium this time because my dr has so much trouble getting through my cervix it causes me quite a bit of discomfort. Last week I was reading in one of my many books on IVF/IF that women who get nervous at transfer will have uterine contractions and are less likely to have attachment and that when they are sedated they are more likely have a successful attachment. I thought that was so interesting given my result. When I didn't take valium, I didn't get pg then took it and did.

    Julie, I was in the shower laughing at your story last night! Isn't it amazing how you can have such a clear mental image of someone you've never met. Did anyone see you fall? Did you go back for more wine? Or did you opt for hard liquor after that? What's the schedule for your next cycle? Did you tell us? I looked back, but we're posting so fast right now, I probably didn't go back far enough.

    WDTTG, how are you doing while you're waiting to cycle?

  11. I go in for more b/w on Mon. If I stick to a normal doubling pattern, my first u/s will be Sept 2. If my beta \"skyrockets,\" they'll bump up the ultrasound to Fri. because they'll be expecting to see multiples.

    Another thing on transfer, my acupuncturist says that she's had the best luck with patients that do a treatment the day of tranfer after they get home from transfer. She does a home visit. I can't remember the details, but she had one client that had a really bad transfer experience with some bleeding and she still got pg.

    I really think the valium thing makes sense. And if it doesn't do anything, who cares! You get to have some valium and be super happy for transfer! It can't hurt to be in that happy, stress free place.

    Julie, your story about buying so much wine made me think of a really funny book I read recently. It's called \"Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair.\" It's from the blog and is hilarius. It only takes an afternoon to read, but it's a great distraction for an afternoon.

  12. Hi everyone~

    My transfer yesterday went well! We transfered 7 embryos. The funny thing is that 6 went in and one obviously stayed back in the catheter. The embyologist instead of saying, \"all clear\" told us that one was still in the catheter so in we had to go again with a new catheter. Well, lo and behold, this little guy STILL did not want to come outt and we now had to change catheters again! My doctor said this rarely happens with the changing of one catheter to get the embryo out and twice is extremely uncommon! The doc and nurses and my husband and I all laughed at the whole thing! My doc then said that this will be the one that sticks and then the nurse added that this will be the one which we will get all the calls from the school about! Again, too funny! Well, we are just praying that 1 out of the 7 stick and survive God willing! If more, that's wonderful too but we have our hearts set on just one since I am 42 and the chances are so slim - 10%. My test date will be at 7:00 am on September 5th. Thanks for the support ladies!!!

    How is everyone else doing today on our Baby Journey?


  13. Palavouzopoulos~ I think besides motherhood, you definitely have a career in writing funny books on the infertility issue for mommy wannabes!!! You're too funny and too real! I think we all can relate to your stories just a bit! Your new plan for cycle 4 sounds good! I like your optimism. I try to be optiistic myself with each new cycle just moving right along hoping for the best. it only takes 1 embryo to stick!!!! It's amazing though, all the different protocols they put you on that's do different fthan others. It seemed liked I was on lupron for weeks before starting follistim. Are your doctors changing your protocol each time they do a new cycle? If so, how are they changiing it? Also, did you or others have assisted hatching done? Did it help in any way? Was it done for every cycle or jut those cycles done after failed ones?

    francescaRomana~ Happy Birthday to be!!! Thanks for the kind words as well!

    salapataras~ I hope your numbers go up well. If this cycle doesn't work for us I will definitely try acupuncture for the next cycle to see if it makes a difference.

    I go for my transfer today - this afternoon. They were going to transfer 4 with assisted hatching done on all 4 but I mentioned to my doctor that I would like at least 6 transferred with assisted hatching and he said okay. Not sure what the 7th embryo will do. We may transfer it as well without the assisted hatching. Yesterday, the embryos were dividing well so I hope my transfer number is still 6. But it only takes 1! Right salapataras? I'll come home and rest for the weekend then go back to work on Monday. Two weeks from today...I'll kow something. Have a grand day ladies and thanks so much for all of your well wishes!!!!


  14. Sasha, wow, all 7 went back in -- that's great! That gives you a lot more chances. What fantastic news. I'll be thinking of you between now and Sept 5. Good luck!!!

    I'm just gearing up for the next try. I saw my doctor on Thursday and she is concerned about my \"egg quality\" issues. She is pushing me to consider DE or adoption. But I know I had that one good response, and I'm hopeful that it wasn't just a fluke. So we'll see how this response goes, both in terms of it if might actually work (wouldn't that be nice) or at least if I get a better response and can justify continuing to try. Fourth time's a charm, right?

    Miss Sunny, let us know how the doubling goes with today's b/w.

    francescaRomana, are you getting ready for your FET soon?

    I've got my fingers crossed for everybody. Good luck!!

  15. Hi Girls, I tried to post last night, but the website crashed.

    My 3rd beta was 4175. I think that was at 18dpt, but I've got to tell you I'm really not keeping up with that anymore. Anyway, as you can see, it looks good. I go for the first u/s on Fri. Excited to see if there are one or two in there.

    Sasha, you're a brave woman. When do you go back for your pg test?

    Julie, when will you have a schedule for your next cycle?

    WDDTG, how are you doing on your meds?

    francescaRomana, anything new with you?

    Take care all!

  16. sasha - wow - all 7. I am trying to push my RE to allow us to put back as many as 5, but it is going to be a hard sell. They don't even like to do 4. GL!! One of them has to stick.

  17. Hi
    I had a blood test to test my hormone levels yesterday and they are not quite high enough so will be having anoter blood test on Friday. So I will probably be having my FET in the weekend. I am a little worried as I am not feeling very well at the moment with sore chest and throat(it is still winter here)and am working a lot at the moment. However, I am taking friday off to look after myself. So will have an early night tonight (had to cancel 2 apptments)
    Yes, thinking positive really helps, I have been doing positive visualisation too. It is my birthday tomorrow(41).
    salapataras, I am planning to take it easy in the weekend even though that will be really hard for me.
    Good luck to you all. Must go and cook dinner.

  18. Hi salapataras, WDTTG and Palavouzopoulos~

    Thanks for the wonderful words of hope!! I go for my beta next Friday, September 5th. I'm taking progesterone supps morning and night and will start wearing estrogen patches in two days. I am staying very busy with work so my mind is not able to stay occupied on next Friday. I do hope and pray that it is a positive test though. We'll see...

    salapataras~ Those numberrs are so good!! Can't wait to hear your news!

    Palavouzopoulos~ I agree with you for wanting to give it another shot with your own eggs. I would do the same.

    WDTTG~Sept 15th for ER is right around the corner!!!


  19. francescaRomana - Happy birthday and GL with your transfer!!

    salapataras - your levels sound great. I am sure you are excited for your first u/s

    Palavouzopoulos - what protocol are you going to use and when do you start? 4th time is definitely the charm - that is what I keep telling myself right now.

    sasha - I hope the time flies for you until your beta

    Today is my last day of being drug/hormone free. I start estrogen patches tomorrow and ganerelix injections on Satuday. AF should arrive around Tuesday so I will start stims the next day. I thought my ER would be around Sept 15 based on my other cycles, but they say with EPP, you might stim longer. In any case, it will be sometime that week. I am a little worried since someone I know on this protocol just had their cycle cancelled due to poor response (only one egg). I just hope that doesn't happen. I don't expect alot of eggs but I am hoping somewhere between 4-6 mature ones.

  20. francescaRomana~ Happy Birthday and all the best to your FET this weekend!!!! Isn't it exciting? You're almost there!!!

    WDTTG~ Sounds like you're on your way too!!! I know your ER is fast approaching and only takes 1 egg to make it! I am sure you will do well with your egg retrieval. I will be thinking of you and saying a special prayer!

    salapataras~ I have had spotting since yesterday. I hope it's from the progesterone suppositories and not anything else. Last cycle #1, I had the same thing happen and later on my cycle did come on. I have also had some pain every now and then. Hopefully, that's implantation pain as well.


  21. francescaRomana - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! GL with your blood work tomorrow. I hope that everything is just as it should be. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope that clears up right way. This is no time to not feel well.

    WDTTG - have you been on ganerelix before. If not, I have a tip that my nurse gave me that helped with the shots. She said to be sure to pull the plunger back a little bit and replace it to it's original position prior to sticking yourself because they have a tendancy to be stuck. Loosening the plunger before you insert the needle in your tummy can save you some discomfort. I found that those shots were much more uncomfortable than the Lupron injections. GL with them. I'm not familiar with your protocol so have no idea why your friend's cycle was cancelled, but I'm sure your RE is doing what he/she thinks is right for your body. Remember that every body is different. Try to stay positive.

    Sasha - how are you feeling? Any cramping or other symptoms?

    Julie - I'll be sending positive energy to your ovaries. Visualize lots of follicles with lots of fat eggs.

    Okay, we'll know how many we have tomorrow. I'll check in when I get back from the dr.

    Take care all.

  22. salapataras - Thanks for the tip. I have used ganerelix before and I know exactly what you are talking about regarding sticking. I definitely will give that a try tomorrow morning

  23. Sasha, are you still spotting? I hope it's implantation bleeding. Keep us posted.

    Okay, we saw ONE fetal pole, yolk sac, and THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!! I go back next week to check P4 and E2 and I get to get off the PIO in one week and go to suppositories. My next u/s is in 2 weeks.

    Have a great weekend girls. I'll try to check in, but it will be crazy around here. We live in Athens, home of the #1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs and football season starts tomorrow. We've got guests arriving in about 30 min.

  24. Hi there
    Well I am still not ready for my FET!!! I am having 4 blood tests 4 days in a row, the last one being tomorrow(will be monday here) morning before going to work. So the transfer will probably be in the middle of the week. Thank u for the happy birthday wishes!I got very spoilt by my family and friends.
    Well must go and do some gardening...

  25. salapataras~ I must read your story again and again so many times! You're such an inspiration! You too had a birthday recenty right or you're about to? I think you said you'd be 43 soon. Peraps, it's in September. I haven't spotted in about two days. I've felt some cramping and some lower left pain but that's it. This Friday will be my first beta day and I'm hoping and praying that just one out of the 7 stuck! I do not think I am going to poas. I think I'll just patiently wait for Friday's test and then Friday's afternoon - while at work - call. I think I won't schedule any afternoon meetings with my staff Friday just in case. Will want to either celebrate with my husband or cry with my husband and then get ready for cycle 3 if it doesn't work. I was talking with another lady on the boards and her 4th cycle was the one that got a BFP! I'm in it for as long as I need to be in it. Hopefully, it will be a short and well deserved run. Hopefully, this last cycle #2 did it and I am on my way to being preggo!

    francescaRomana~ All the best with hopefully your last bood test and then the transfer soemtime this week! I know it can be crazy with all the testing... First it's all the sticking of needles...then it's all the testing with needles and ultrasounds...then it's all the waiting with the retrieval and transfer over in the 2ww...then it's the testing and waiting with the hope for a healthy pregnany... No wonder, Dr. Seuss' book, \"Oh, The Places You'll Go\" is my absolute favorite! In it, he talks about the \"Waiting Place.\" ladies, I think we can each write our own book about waiting for a baby!!!


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