Cycle buddies for July?

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  1. Palavouzopoulos and Miss Sunny I have my fingers crossed for you both. Palavouzopoulos so sorry to hear about the 4 eggs. Though they keep on saying all you need is one good egg!

    Good luck on your transfer Miss Sunny!

  2. Oh Julie, I hear you! We're now on for a Wed transfer. They thawed 8 2pn's this am. 4 survived, but apparently don't look so good. The embryologist wants to get to transfer asap rather than wait until Fri. They gave us the option of thawing our other 6, but we chose to take our chances with the 4 little iffy ones that are thawed. It's funny. A week ago I thought I wanted to thaw them all and take my chances and be done with this. I just didn't think I could take another cycle. Now, faced with the real possiblity of thawing them all, I just couldn't do it. Hell, I even started talking about doing another stim cycle this morning, which I swore I would never do. A week ago I was not going to use a surrogate. Today, I feel as if I need to save those 6 in case we decide to use a surrogate. Could this whole process be any harder? There are so many decisions and there's no way to know if you make the right one. Really, there are no right or wrong decisions. Only ones that you can live with...or not.

    Sorry to talk about all my embies to you. I know you'd be thrilled to have this problem. Let me know if it bothers you.

    There is data out there that suggest that PGD can damage the embryo. We opted against it. My nurse at my clinic and my nurse advocate with my insurance co both encouraged us not to do it. However, my dr wanted to. It's such a hard decision to make. I'll be thinking of you as you make it and try to send you some happy/strong energy.

    Let me know what you decide and what day you'll do transfer.

  3. Well we've definitely decided to forego PGD, just to get the embies back into my body asap. My understanding is that the PGD doesn't pose a big risk, but that keeping them outside the body is harder than having them back in. When I had 9 to choose from, it was fine to wait 2 extra days and use the PDG to decide which ones to put back. But this time I'm just putting everything in anyway, so my doctor says (and I agree) that there's no point in PGD this time.

    So I'll have a Wednesday transfer also, assuming at least one of the two embies is still growing. True, all I need is one good egg -- hopefully that's what I've got between the two. I guess I shouldn't hold out a lot of hopes for twins this time, though.

    Miss Sunny, don't feel bad about sharing your embie issues even though they're problems I'd love to have. I haven't thought about the surrogate issue (I guess for me the next step would be donor eggs, given the issues I'm having). Isn't it amazing how involved this all gets. After my last try, which went very well but failed, I decided not to put a limit on the number of tries that I give myself, just to see what happens each time and decide from there.

    Good luck on Wednesday, to both of us!


  4. Hi sasha 777.
    I have the same story as you, I am 40yrs how old are you.
    I had 40 fibriods removed, in march and I did my first ivf in july which was bfn. Had 7 eggs and 5 by fertlized by icsi. I had the 5 transfered and nothing implanted, was also devastating, cause I taught the more the better!!. I also used lupron, follistum, ovidrel.
    I am happy you have started your next cycle, I am inspired and I wish you luck.
    I am taking a break for 2-3 months to try naturally and also to save up some money,.
    I wish all best of luck!!

  5. Hi. This is my first post on this site. I am so glad to have found it - especially the fact that we are all over the age of 40 and trying to conceive with IVF! I tried IVF for the first time two months ago and it ended with a BFN. It was our first and we used lupron, ovidrel... We also tried IUI right before the IVF and that too failed. We were pregnant naturally two years ago and it ended in miscarriage at ten weeks. I had so many fibroids and had them removed - 46! With this last IVF cycle, we had 13 eggs retrieved and 7 fertilized. We transferred 6 hoping for at least just one and nothing happened. It was devasting for a day or two but now we're gearing up for our next retrieval and transfer. I have been on lupron for over a week and got my cycle and will have my first baseline tomorrow morning to check my follicles. I am guessing that if all goes well, we could be retrieving and transferring late next week. It is good to share stories with others and I so hope that we all end up with BFP's sooner than later! Sasha~

  6. Hi ramakrishna! I am 42 years old. I'll turn 43 next year in the spring and my doctor said that if it doesn't work by my 43rd birthday, I should consider using donor eggs. Of course I want so much for it to work! Wow! I can't believe our stories resemble one another! I, too just thought that with so many eggs being transferred we were going to have a very high chance of a BFP. I was so wrong. It was definitely a lesson for my husband and I. I am so hoping that tomorrow's baseline ultrasound shows follicles growing. Here we go again...My husband's insurance covers two cycles so we hope this one does it. If not, we'll be paying out of pocket. We will continue to try until I reach my 43rd birthday. Not sure what we'll do if we don't get pregnant by then. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I am glad to hear that you are going to try again after trying on your own for a few months! Sasha~

  7. Hi Sasha
    Hope your folliles are doing well, If they are not growing that much, a friend adviced me that she took slightly a higher dose of the injection and thats what helped her to produce more eggs (e.g 250 increase to 275) etc and see what happens, you have to help those follicles sometimes.

    I heard acupuncture also helps

    I went to see my Re today, and next time I try we would be doing PGD and day 5 transfer, If the embi survives to day 5,

    juliju good lokk with your transfer, and maybe remove that fibriod, if need be, they are aliens in our womb ,but I hope this time it would be BFP for you

  8. Hi annaronca,

    Welcome! Good luck with this cycle -- I hope the follicles are growing well.

    I also have fibroids, at least one pretty large one, but haven't had it removed. I wonder if that's causing any of the problems I'm having...?

    Those BFNs are so discouraging. I am already gearing myself up for that this time, because I have so few eggs (my transfer is tomorrow -- only 2 to work with, and I'll find out later today if they're even still growing). So I'm already mapping out the timing of the next try, even though there's still a long shot chance that this time will work.

    Good luck with things. Do you know about what day your retrieval will be?


  9. Hi Palavouzopoulos! All the best to you tomorrow with your transfer! I know you've heard this before...but here it is again...\"It only takes 1\" so I'm hoping that your 2 are 2 good ones that implant!!!!! By the way, what is your age? I know you said you're gearing up for the next IVF cycle if this one doesn't take. Are you currently in your second cycle like me? How many more will you attempt?

    Hi ramakrishna! Thanks for the info on the increase in meds. At this morning's baseline ultrasound things looked good but it was too early to see any follicles. I will start my stims - follistim - this Friday and have another ultrasound on Monday. I suspect my retrieval and transfer will take place the week of August 18th! Here we go again! P.S. I hope you become preggo naturally while you're taking a 2-3 month break from IVF. Sasha~

  10. Palavouzopoulos, Don't loose hope anything can happen. Think positive!!
    I would like to change your song to Baby you are good,you are so good, you are my one and only !!, so do the best for me!!

    I was given letrozole by my RE to take orally instead of clomid for the next 2months while I am waiting and trying naturally

    Sasha Let us know how the follicles are doing by monday.

    Has anyone heard of raspbery leaf tea, I heard it helps the linning of the womb!!!

  11. Sasha, good luck with the stims. I hope it all goes perfectly! I am 41, and this is my 3rd IVF. (And already thinking about the 4th.)

    Miss Sunny, I hope your transfer today went well. Are all 4 embies growing? Are they putting all 4 in?

    When I talked to the lab yesterday they said that I should prepare myself to cancel this cycle, because my two embies were both very fragmented and may not continue to grow. So when I went in this morning one was no good and the other was very marginal (only 5 cells, and 'C' quality, meaning very fragmented). They left it up to me about whether to put that one in, and I figured I may as well, even though it's even more of a long shot than the other times. So it's in there, that one, tiny, fragile embryo. I keep telling myself that \"one good egg\" thing. We'll see.

    On the way home from the doctor there was a song on the radio that totally made me laugh about my own pessimism -- that Linda Ronstadt song, \"you're no good, you're no good, you're no good, baby you're no good...\" I hope it wasn't about my \"baby\"

    So now I just wait. Test on the 18th. In the meantime I am hanging out at home today with my consolation puppy. It's nice to have a soft, fluffy puppy to lighten the spirits. I can loan her out if any of you want to borrow her.


  12. Miss Sunny, congratulations on your good-looking embies. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (and for me).

    I've never been able to resist POAS. I probably will do it this time too. Just a couple of days before the actual test date, not too soon. I'm going to a wedding that week-end, and will be visiting other family for all of next week before that, so I'm hoping that will be a good distraction.

    I've been really imagining my tiny embryo dividing, growing, and implanting. I like that phrase you said Angel, \"my one and only\" -- that's true! I'll just hope my hopes and see what happens.

    I need a new theme song.

  13. Hi Girls,
    Today went well. We did transfer all 4 embies 3 of them looked really good and the 4th one didn't really look too bad.

    Julie, I really hope your one little embie is tough and hangs in there. It amazes me how many times I read in these posts that women had embies that didn't look good, but that's the one that gave them a healthy baby. My pg test is on the 18th as well. We can be anxious together. I'm really going to try not to POAS. However, I've never been very good at resisting in the past. Even my accupuncurist is anxious for me to do an HPT! I swear, I think she's more excited than I am.

    Angel, I've seen the rasberry tea mentioned on other threads. I don't know anything about it. I do recall that in the book \"The Infertility Cure\" Randine Lewis recommends eating raspberries.

    E/e thanks for your good thoughts. Hope all is well with you.

  14. Palavouzopoulos~ I am thinking of you as you near the results of this cycle and hoping for the best for you!!!!!! I think it's great that you are doing things to distract you from thnking of it! I am planning a large brunch gathering at my home around the time of test results so I know my mind too will be focused somewhat elsewhere.

    Miss Sunny~ I hope the best outcome comes your way as well now that your transfer is done! I'll be standing by reading the posts!

    ramakrishna, ajaafar and elisagennaro~ You'll start up again next month right? You all too must be nearing excitement!


  15. Hey Palavouzopoulos~

    How are you doing and holding up? I know your test is coming up on the 18th. I'm sending Baby Dust Wishes all the way form Ohio to you! You went to a wedding this weekend right - or rather you're at a wedding this weekend...

    I go for another ultrasound tomorow morning to see how my follies are doing. I'm doing good so far. My right ovary is producing many more than the left though. I have a few fibroids which are in the way of the left ovary. I believe I'll have my retrieval and transfer sometime next week. Can't believe the time has come already for this! Then I too, will be in the 2ww period.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    salapataras~ I see that your test is also on the 18th!!!! Wow!!! Hoepfully, we'll have double BFP and maybe even triple BFP if I get one in the middle of September! That would be AWESOME!!!

    How are you feeling gearing up to your important test date?

    Hi ramakrishna and ajaafar!!!!! Thinking about you two as well!

    ramakrishna... I have about 3 or maybe even more fibrids that have grown back since my myomectomy last may 07!


  16. Julie - I'm dying to know how things are going with you. Please check in.

    All is good here. Either my breasts are getting a little tender or I'm going to squeaze them until they are!

  17. Tomorrow is the big day for Julie and me.

    Sasha, thanks for your good thoughts. I'm feeling good. Thanks for asking. I definitely feel different than I did with my last transfer that resulted in a BFN. Sure hope I'm not wrong.

    Julie, I'm thinking good things for you, too.

    e/e what's the latest with you?

  18. Palavouzopoulos and salapataras, I'm saying a \"very special prayer\" tonight for you two for tomorrow!!!!! Keep positive thoughts no matter what!!! We will all have babies in our arms one day!!! I just know it!!!


  19. Thanks all for the kind thoughts and prayers. Sorry I was out of the loop while I was out of town. It was all I could do to keep with the most critical work stuff, and even that I didn't quite manage.

    Just got back last night, and then had to move my pg test appointment up an hour so that I could attend my best friend's father's funeral this morning. A sad day.

    And, of course, bad news from the doc. I pretty much knew that it was going to be negative (between the long-shot chance to begin with and then negatives for the last three days of POASing). So, back to the drawing board. I have an appointment on Thursday to meet with my doc and decide on next steps.

    I've been trying to think of reasons why I responded so poorly this time to what started out as the same protocol that worked so well last time. One thing that is different is that in the last couple of months I've started carrying my cell phone in my back pocket. I had been carrying it in my front pocket, then switched to putting it in my bag after poor IVF #1 when I figured that it might be too close to my ovary. But then in June I started putting my stuff in a cart to push (I walk to work, about 2 miles) and the cord for my phone (it's an iPhone, so I use the headphones to talk on it) wouldn't reach all the way to the cart, so I put it in my back pocket thinking maybe that wasn't too close to the ovaries. Am I crazy to even think that that might cause a problem? I don't spend hours and hours on the phone, but I do use it to listen to news podcasts while I walk, so it's on and playing and in my pocket for at least an hour each day. Anyway, I just bought an armband two weeks ago, so if that was an issue, it won't be for the next time. I feel like I'm grasping at straws. The only other thing that was different was spending that extra week on Lupron (wouldn't it be ironic if that was what caused my poor response, causing me to not need the microscope because I couldn't do PGD, which was the reason for the extra Lupron in the first place). Anyway, I won't let that happen again.

    So... here I am, bummed but not surprised. And I still have my consolation puppy. As for getting through the 2ww, I highly recommend taking a vacation where you visit lots of people that you don't see very often. I still thought about it all the time, but I couldn't really talk about it because I didn't want people to know, and at least I was doing stuff.

    Anyway, that's me. Miss Sunny, I hope you have better news!

    Sasha, I hope those follies are growing nicely. Your retrieval must be coming up soon! I'll send some baby dust your way -- I'm only a few miles from the Ohio border, so it will get there for sure. (Too bad I was in California last week, so yours got lost en route -- or maybe I'm still saving it up for the next time.)

    Good luck to everyone, and maybe my good luck will come in October...

  20. Oh Julie, I'm so sorry. I'm glad that you were prepared for it. I know it's still hard no matter how much you expect it. I so hope that next time will be different. Try Royal Jelly and acupuncture. I swear by them both. Royal Jelly is recommended for women of AMA to stimulate the ovaries to produce healthy eggs and accupuncture helps ovarian function and the condition of the uterus. I'll continue to send you positive energy. Hopefully, it will get to your ovaries!

    AFM - It was a BFP! I'm so very happy. I cried A LOT! I know I'm going to be obsessed about doing everything I can possibly do to make it the healthiest pregancy that it can be.

    Everyone please remember. My ER told me 4 months ago to go to surrogacy!

  21. salapataras - CONGRATS!!!! That is so exciting that you got your bfp. What is royal jelly by the way?

    Palavouzopoulos - I am so sorry about your bfn. I hope your October cycle brings you your positive.

    GL annaronca - it sounds like you are doing great so far.

    We had a month of trying on our own after our cancelled IVF cycle and it was a BFN of course. I just got my positive OPK so we are in the 10 day count down to start estrogen patches for our EPP on IVF #4. Looks like my estimated ER date will be around 9/15.

  22. WDDTG - Welcome back! Sorry that you didn't have any luck trying on your own. I hope that you and your husband were able to enjoy the time off though.

    Royal Jelly is the bee pollen that worker bees make just for the queen bee so that she will be fertile.

    I get a high quality gel cap from a good herb and supplement store that we have here. It costs about $30 per bottle for 90 caps and you take 2 per day. The brand I'm taking is Premier One.

    From what I've read, I think the chemical make up of it is mostly B vitamins.

  23. Palavouzopoulos~ I'm sorry that it didn't work for you this cycle. I hope your appointment with your doctor goes well as you begin to plan for your next cycle. I know when I got a negative beta two months ago, it felt good immediately when I spoke with my doctor and started planning for my next cycle.

    salapataras~ Congratulations to you on your news of pregnancy!!! I am so happy that it happened for you!!! I reread your posts to get a sense of what you've been through sort of while waiting. How many cycles did it take you to get to a BFP? And, please tell me your age. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had my retrieval this morning. I had nine \"big\" eggs removed! I'm happy about this and will know tomorow if any have begun the fertilization process. If it looks good, i'll have my transfer probably on Friday and then begin the 2ww process. Here I go again!


  24. Miss Sunny -- Wow!!! Congratulations! That's the best news I've heard all week! I am so happy and excited for you, and inspired by you for my own future hopes. You must be so happy!

    WDTTG, sorry that your independent try didn't work. That's disappointing but I hope this IVF goes better.

    I'm having a bad week so far. I'm writing this -- one-handed -- on my phone in the emergency room. Yesterday I tripped and fell (quite humorously, actually -- my shoes literally flew off my feet), and today my hand is still swollen so I had to come in for x-rays. Now I'm just waiting for the verdict. Of course each person has to ask if there's any chance that I might be pregnant. Um, that's a pretty solid no. Trust me, no chance.

    Ok, they just came to say it's only a sprain. So maybe things are looking up.

    I've got an appointment Thursday to talk to my doc about next steps. Hopefully things will improve.

    Miss Sunny, keep us posted on your progress. Congratulations again!

  25. congratulations salapataras on your BFP!!!!!thats great!!!!. I'm quite new to this site and am having an FET in about 10 days after my 1st ivf cycle in june/july. Wondering too how old you are.

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