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  1. Emma had to have a feeding tube put in today so it looks like her stay in the NICU will be about a week. I can't imagine going home tomorrow with James and not with her also. Hopefully once they get some food in her she will have more energy and will want to eat on her own. The u/s for the kidney came back as expected (one good kidney and one bad one) so we started the antibiotics and now we just wait to do the reflux test in 4-6 weeks.

  2. WDTTG, congratulations! It must be so hard to have Emma in the NICU, but it's a miracle how they can turn little tiny babies into super healthy babies in there! Good luck with the kidney tests for James. Are you close enough to the hospital to visit often after you take James home? Can you bring him when you visit, or will you and your DH have to take turns? I'm sure you can't wait to just take her home too!

    I'm feeling very pessimistic for myself. I woke up early today and waited as long as I could, until about 6am, before finally getting up to POAS. Negative again, and in the previous time that I was pg my home test was positive by now. I went out and bought another test today to take tomorrow morning before my beta, but mostly I feel like that's just to get one more negative to cushion the blow of the real result.

    I spent a lot of time thinking about it yesterday and this morning, about what I'll do next, if this really is negative. I think I'll start the ball rolling with DE but also do one last try at Cornell with my eggs. Since it takes a few months to get the DE lined up, I'll just do both at the same time and be hush-hush about it (they want you to commit to DE if you're doing that). I figure, if my last shot actually works at Cornell then I won't mind having wasted my deposit because I won't care about anything but being pg, and if my last shot doesn't work then I'll be glad not to have to wait the extra months. (Wow, this process is really efficient at eliminating retirement plans, isn't it.) I'm glad that I have a plan going forward. I'm still really dreading the result, though.

  3. Alas, negative. If my pregnancy had stuck, this would be about when that baby was being born. And here I am, not even pregnant again. And things went so well this time, I just don't understand why it didn't work.

  4. Julie - I am so sorry. I can't believe how everything was so perfect and still ended with a bfn. Did Cornell have any information for you? Did any of your others make it to freeze? You are in my thoughts. It is truly not fair. What do you think you will do next?

    We are home from the hospital with James and Emma is in the NICU. As of now, she will be there until at least Saturday. She is having some oxygen issues that they have not resolved yet. We get to the hospital once a day while grandma and grandpa stays with James. Thanks for all the well wishes.

  5. Julie, so sorry I'm just now getting on to check on you. CR@P! I cannot believe that this cycle didn't work! WTF!

    Are you moving right on to a new plan of action or taking some time? From your prior posts, I'm thinking you're probably moving on pretty quickly.

    I\'d love to talk to you. Email me if you feel like talking.

    Hugs and kisses

    PS - I totally get it if you don't want to talk with someone who just had a baby.

  6. Thanks for the support. It's really very nice to have that. Of all my many embryos (12 that weren't transferred), none made it to freeze, so that was disappointing.

    I'm trying to avoid the \"it's not fair\" thoughts. I have a lot of other good things going on in my life, so in many ways I have been blessed with a good, healthy, happy life. That said, it's getting pretty frustrating that this isn't working!

    I'm moving ahead full steam on two fronts. I have an appointment on Thursday to start the DE process going locally. (My local clinic has their own anonymous DE program, and they say it takes 3-6 months to find and start with a donor.)

    In the meantime, I'm back on Cornell's schedule for another IVF. I have a co-culture on Dec 8, and then the procedure will be in January (TBD). I was glad to get into the co-culture schedule before the lab shuts down. So it will happen pretty quickly. That way, I'll be doing a last-ditch effort with my own eggs while simultaneously moving forward on plan B (which is really probably plan S by this point, since IVF with DS wasn't exactly plan A).

    At Cornell, my doc is inclined to put back even more than 5, since the risk of multiples is obviously pretty low. I'm inclined to agree. Hopefully we'll have a lot of options and will put back even more in January.

    You wonderful women with your wonderful babies are an inspiration -- yes this can work even after a long time. I'm inspired.

    I'll keep you posted.

  7. Julie, I think you've got a great plan. And your outlook is so great. You do a much better job of staying optimistic than I did.


    WDTTG, any word on when Baby Emma can go home? How is James doing at home? I'll bet he misses his little wombmate!

    We\'re doing well here. Ella had gained 8 oz over birth weight as of Friday. She's not exactly packing it on, but she's staying at the minimum gain per day that she needs to meet.

    Thinking of you both all the time.

    Take care.

  8. Optimistic, delusional, call it what you want.

    I'm glad Ella is making progress and doing well. Are you starting to catch up on sleep at all and get into a routine?

    WDTTG, is Emma home yet?

  9. Julie - I am glad you are giving it one more try and have a plan of action just in case. I agree on putting back 5. On our last attempt we were putting back as many as we had - which was only 4 so that is what we went with.

    salapataras - So glad to hear Ella is putting on weight. I hope things keep going in a positive direction.

    Things have not been easy for us. I have been splitting my time between home and the hospital and trying to recover from my csection. Emma is still in the NICU so it will be 14 days of tomorrow. I feel like there is no end in sight. She is having issues with her heart rate dropping. They feel like it is size and development related and eventually she will grow out of it. She is up to 4lb9oz so weight gain is not a problem for her. We are hoping she will be home by Thanksgiving. They are talking about sending us home with a heart rate monitor which scares me to death. James is doing well. He is now 5lb10oz.

  10. WDTTG, I've been think of you and little Emma. Do you have her home yet? How are the rest of you holding up?

    Miss Sunny, how is Ella?

    I'm sure you are both moving on to the next phase of life with little ones, but I'll keep you posted here if anything positive develops. In the meantime, any updates on how the babies are doing would be wonderful!

  11. Julie - Thanks so much for thinking of us. I hope you keep posting your progress.

    Emma is still in the NICU. It has not been easy. Every time I start to feel really down about it I just keep remembering that she is a healthy baby for the most part. The NICU doctor has called in a pediatric cardiologist to review our case. She will have tests run this week to see if she has a problem with her heart or if we can eliminate that as an issue.

    James is doing really well and has his kidney test next week. I just keep praying that it comes back with no issue. I don't think I could take it at this point if they tell us they need to remove the bad kidney.

    salapataras - I hope all is well with you and your little one.

  12. Just wanted to drop a quick note that Emma came home today. It was all last minute but her cardio tests came back with no issues so they let her come home on a heart rate monitor. It has been so great to have James and Emma together again after almost a month of being apart.

  13. Oh that's so wonderful! What a long month it must have been for you! I'm so glad you're all out of the woods and your babies are starting their lives together now! Congratulations!!

  14. Julie and salapataras -- I just wanted to wish you both happy and healthy holidays!!

    Emma is doing very well. We have had lots of doctor visits since she has been home, but that is much better than the NICU. We are hoping that she will be off the monitor by Christmas. She has had some heart rate drops since being home so it probably is not likely but I stay hopeful.

    James had his second kidney test and things look good. They bad kidney has no activity and that is exactly what we wanted to see.

  15. Hi Girls, sorry I've been away. It's been a combination of being busy and I've been staying off IVFC b/c of all of the nastiness and spam going on on other boards.

    WDTTG, how are Emma and James? How are you holding up dealing with twins?

    Julie, how's the cycle going? You've probably had another transfer by now.

    We're doing good here. Ella is up to 9 lbs 9 oz. She wasn't keeping up b/c breastfeeding wasn't going well, but we got a scale at home so that I can weigh-feed-weigh and then we make up the difference with formula. Now she's on a steady growth pattern and is even catching up some. We've gone to a four hour feeding schedule (as of yesterday) and going 8 hours at night. It is life changing. The difference in every 3 hours and 6 hours at night and this is amazing. I feel so much better after just a day of it!

    Take care. I'd love to hear what's going on with you both.

  16. Miss Sunny - Great to hear how well Ella is doing! I'm sure the sleep will help a lot. How wonderful that she's catching up. Now that you have a system I'm sure she'll grow in leaps and bounds.

    WDTTG - it would be great to hear how James and Emma are doing. Is Emma done with the heart monitor now? How is James's kidney? How are they doing?

    I'm back in New York now (just drove out today) for my next (last?) IVF. I've been posting on the Cornell series 83 board, but there are so many people I have a hard time keeping up. Not like our intimate little board.

    I'm pretty seriously looking into donor eggs now, and will probably go that route next, if this doesn't work. But maybe this time will be the charm. Dr. Davis said that he'll transfer more embryos this time, if I have them. (As he said, it's not like we're worried about multiples at this point, and twins would probably not be a bad thing.) So, we'll see what happens.

    The holidays were good, although my sister was fixating on her own 2ww the whole time we were together, and got her bfp at the end of the week that I spent with her. I'm really happy for her (this will be her second child), but it's also kind of frustrating. She feels highly inconvenienced at having taken several months to get pregnant, and I think she thinks she knows how I feel. That's why I like these boards -- everybody here knows how I feel!

  17. Oh Julie, that couldn't have been easy for you. How old is your sister? I can't remember. Have fun in NYC. I hope it's as beautiful there as it is here. We've got blue skys and crisp cool weather.

    I\'m so hopeful for this cycle for you. You came so dang close last time. No doubt that you're in the hands of the very best dr in the country for your situation. Definitely make time to see Brooke this trip. I just don't think you can overstate the value of acupuncture in conjunction with IVF.

    Did you take your dog with you this time? That probably does you a lot of good, too. What a great friend to have along for the ride! Are you staying with your same friends? Wish I could be there to eat some great Chinese with you.

    ETA: I know what you mean about the Cornell boards. I used to cruise it a little bit, but there were so many people on it that I never participated.

  18. Yeah, I can't quite admit how hard it is/was because I really just want to be happy for her. She's 37, and a possible source of DE for me (she offered, but wants to finish her own family first), so really it's good news for me, too, that she's pg. Still hard, though.

    I am doing acu this time, but with someone else who is more like my old acupuncturist, and also is close to Cornell. I really like her. I'm going to do six sessions total, so maybe that will help. Yes, I have my dog with me again. That makes a huge difference, she's such a little love sponge. I'm hopeful this time, but also trying to set up a DE consult while I'm here, if I can. Even if this works, I may need to go to DE for #2.

    ever optimistic!!

  19. Life with twins is not a quiet one, as you can imagine. James and Emma are doing great. Emma finally came off the monitor last week and now weighs over 10 pounds. James is status quo with the kidney - which is good. We go back in a few months for another scan. As of now, no surgery is needed. James has become my chunky monkey weighing 14 pounds. Neither of them are afraid of food.

    I returned to work this week and both are getting up just once a night - which is really nice.

    salapataras - I am glad to hear everything is going well for Ella. Yes, 6 hours instead of 3 is such a huge difference.

    Julie - GL with this cycle. I am sorry you have to think about a donor but I am glad you are pursuing it if this cycle doesn't work. I am sure you will make an excellent mommy.

  20. WDTTG, thanks so much for the update! It sounds like James and Emma are both doing great, that's so wonderful! Having them off the monitor and no need for kidney surgery is great, I'm so happy for you.

    Thanks for the wishes of luck. I'm actually feeling pretty good. If this works, great. If not, I kind of have things lined up to get started on the DE process, although it looks like it's going to set me back a year or so. Oh well, who said this process was easy?

    Enjoy those babies! Must be nice to be done with all the IVF stuff, isn't it!

  21. Hi Julie, I just wanted to let you know that you're on my mind. When is retrieval? I'm wishing you all the best and fat healthy embryos that become fat healthy baby(ies).

  22. Thanks! Yes, my retrieval was Wednesday and transfer was Saturday, then I drove home yesterday (to 2 feet of snow, yikes!) and now I'm just waiting. It went really well, but it went really well last time too, up until the BFN. So I'm not as optimistic as before. We'll see. Beta is next Wednesday.

    I managed to convince Dr. D to put back 6 embryos (I tried for 7, but the lab held the line at 6), and also did assisted hatching (which is not clinically likely to make a difference, but is one of those things that can't hurt to try), and also am doing an estrogen patch for the luteal phase, which is also apparently something that probably will make no difference but couldn't hurt. I ended up doing 7 acupuncture sessions, so maybe that will also make the difference. Who knows!? I'll let you know next week what happens...

  23. So how many eggs did you get? Did the ones you didn't use make it to freezing? What grade were your embryos?

    What perfect weather for the 2ww! You can just curl up at home with your puppy and a cup of hot chocolate and feel absolutely no guilt about doing absolutely nothing!

    I have high hopes for you even if you don't. Hugs and kisses.

  24. They got 14, 11 fertilized, and they put back 6 (yikes!). All looked pretty good.

    I just poas'd this morning and there was a very faint second line. Beta is Wednesday, so we'll see what happens! That would be the best valentine I could ask for.

  25. What a wonderful Valentine's treat! I'll be checking in all day on Wednesday. All the best to you and the little bean that it would seem is growing in you.

    Six must be the magic number for our age.

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