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  1. Anyone starting a cycle this month? I will probably start stims around the 14th, with retrieval around late July. I'd love some buddies!

    Some background on me: I am 41 and single -- doing this on my own (finally realized that prince charming was never going to materialize). This is my 3rd IVF after a year of failed IUIs. My first IVF (March 08) was pretty poor response (enough eggs, but most of them didn't develop). My second IVF (May 08) was great -- other than the BFN at the end of it. Two hatching 5-day blasts and a mediocre morula, but none of them stuck. I did PGD for IVF#2, which ruled out the rest of my embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.

    I plan to follow pretty much the same regimen this time as last, and just hope for a different outcome. So that is: Lupron for one week before AF, then on day 3 start Bravelle (or Gonal-F -- there's a remote outside chance that my insurance will cover this even though they've covered *nothing* up to now), and add Luveris right at the end. Do PGD on day 3 post-retrieval, and transfer on day 5. Also doing accupuncture. I'll try anything!!!

    Anybody else for July?


  2. Hi! I am also doing IVF this month. This is my first time. I started the medication last week. I am having egg retrieval on Wednesday and then egg transfer on Saturday. I thought I would be nervous, but I'm actually excited! Good luck!

  3. I am scheduled to start stims on July 12th and have my baseline check tomorrow.

    Some backround - I just turned 40. We had a c/p last May trying on our own. We did 3 unsuccessful IUI's and switched to IVF. IVF #1 - I was oversupressed and we converted to an IUI which was BFN. IVF #2 we did an antogonist protocol and ended up with 7 mature eggs and 5 fertilized. We transferred 2-6 cells and 1-5 cell and it ended in a BFN. We did ICSI because of severe morph issues.

    We got a second opinion at CCRM (the opposite coast for us) but ended up staying with our clinic because I have elevated FSH and they told me it might take several times for it to work. We are OOP so the only way we can do several IVF's is by staying locally.

    We are doing an antogonist protocol again and I am taking DHEA. It has only been 6 weeks so I am hoping it is enough to make a difference.


  4. Wow, thanks! I was in DC this week (in fact, I had to delay this cycle due to my travel schedule), but now I'm back and just waiting for AF so that I can start.

    ajaafar, how did your retrieval go? Do you know how well the embryos are developing yet?

    WDTTG, good luck with this round. I don't know how people do IVF in other cities -- it's hard enough just doing everything here (and I can walk to my Dr from work). Do you think the second opinion changed anything about the way your own doctor is doing things? It seems like there are so many possible protocols, there's bound to be a good one for you. A friend of mine took several rounds before finding one that produced any eggs at all.

    Good luck!


  5. So far day 3 of stims and the only s/e is just being tired. I could sleep 10 hours at night and nap for an hour every day. I have my first stim check tomorrow. I'd like to see my estrogen over 75, but if it is like previous cycles I am sure it will be between 40-50. I am hoping I am surprised.

    Palavouzopoulos - Did you start stims today?

    I am not sure it changed our RE's mind about how we are doing things, but it changed ours. I feel like our RE doesn't give us all of the information so we never knew our options. Now that we know we definitely have an egg quality issue, we know what questions to ask and what to expect. If this cycle doesn't work, then we probably will be doing an estrogen priming protocol next round and our RE has agreed to that.

  6. Hi! I had my egg retrieval last Wednesday and then I had an egg transfer on Saturday. I had 4 eggs transferred and now I am waiting to see. It is so nervewracking but I am trying not to concentrate on it.

    Palavouzopoulos how are you doing?

    elisagennaro are you still tired?

    Oddly enough I have been fine with everything. I haven't had any bad reactions to any of the medications and egg retrieval and transfer went fine. My problem was the bedrest after the transfer. I stayed in bed for 3 days! I am a very active person so it killed me. I watched movies and read. That was the worst for me. I just want to say that I tried everything and I don't want any regrets if I don't get pregnant.

  7. We have to cancel this round I had basically no estrogen on Tuesday and 3 follies. We decided to ride it out until today. It looks like I have 1 dominent follie at 14 and another at 12 and a whole bunch under 10. We can wait until tomorrow to see what happens, but essentailly the RE said that we should think about converting to an IUI or just TI this round.

    We opted out of the IUI and will just try on our own. Next month we will do estrogen priming protocol in hopes that we don't have the same issue. I seem to have a problem with coming off of the bcp and starting stims.

    ajaafar - GL with your transfer!!

    Palavouzopoulos - how are stims going?

  8. I am 40yrs, had 5 emb transfered, on day 3, but BFN on 17th july

    I am going to try again
    A friend told me her secret for age above 40yrs, she took slightly higher dose than the recommended dose of her injections e.g lupron, follistim,ovidrel, progesterone
    She produced 27 eggs compared to the last time of 6eggs, she didn't tell her RE, who was suprised at the number
    She has had 2kids now.
    I am not recommending this but it is good to know

  9. I found a website below in LA in which you can blog an RE, Dr Wisot
    and you can ask any questions you like and he would reply immedately

  10. Hi Ladies,

    Can I join you? I'm in the middle of a frozen cycle and I'm scheduled for transfer on 8/4. I'm 42 and this is my 2nd FET after 2 cancelled fresh cycles.

    WDTTG - I'm so sorry to hear about your cancelled cycle. I know first hand how disappointing that is.

  11. Sure Miss Sunny! How are you doing? I am also trying to stay positive. However last night I started feeling like I was getting a hormonal migraine. This morning I definitely feel crappy. I don't know if you can be pregnant and have a hormonal migraine. I am supposed to find out on Thursday if I am pregnant, but this hormonal migraine has thrown me for a loop.

  12. Hi ajaafar - I've read that headaches are more common in early pregancy. I hope that you have a pregnancy headache. Only 2 more days til your test. Are you going to POAS?

    I'm doing good. I'm a little nervous because I go for my lining check tomorrow. I have several uterine issues. One being that my lining doesn't thicken. If all looks good, we'll do tranfer on August 4.

    ramakrishna - when are you planning to start another cycle?

    WDTTG - Are you going to try again?

    Palavouzopoulos - Have you heard from you AF? Are you doing a stim cycle or frozen?

    GL to all.

  13. Hello!!

    WDDTG, I'm so sorry about the canceled cycle. That's so disappointing. Good luck with the natural way -- you never know, maybe you'll get lucky. I've got my fingers crossed for you... And I think each cycle you learn a little bit more about how your body reacts to things. Maybe estrogen priming will be the key.

    ajaafar, how is the 2ww going? To me that's always the hardest part. It's funny, in the run up to it I get so focused on the minutiae, but once the 2ww starts it's just torture. Only 2 days until your test date -- good luck! Maybe the migraine is a good sign. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

    Angel, sorry about your recent BFN. Was this your first IVF? I'm wondering about your friend who increased her doses -- I would be terrified to change anything, because it all just seems so complicated. On my first IVF my response was mediocre (to bad), but my RE changed things and on my next try the response was much, much better (although ended with BFN). I would think that telling my RE what I had done would help to reach the optimal protocol for me. On the other hand, if the RE is not responding to the problem then maybe it's time to find a new doctor?

    Miss Sunny (I like your disposition!), good luck with the lining check tomorrow. Think thick! I've never had enough embryos to freeze, so I'm not sure how things are different for FET. How many do you have on ice for 8/4? It's good that you have them waiting so that when you're ready, they'll be good to go.

    My situation has become absolutely ridiculous! AF arrived on schedule, and I had my day-3 blood work a week ago. But then the weirdest thing happened. Last time (IVF #2) I had PGD (pre-genetic diagnosis) to look at the chromosomes of the embryos. It was definitely worth doing for me, since many of them had serious issues, and then we just put back the normal ones. So I want to do PGD again this time. But I got a message from my nurse the day before my day-3 tests saying that I wouldn't be starting my stims on day 3 because they didn't have a microscope for the PGD. It turns out (I found out today) that my doc was sharing a microscope with the genetics lab, and they (the lab) decided to take the microscope back with no warning a few weeks ago. My doc ordered a new one but it won't arrive until August. So in the meantime, they just have me in a \"holding pattern\" (as they call it) on Lupron until they know the microscope will be ready. Isn't that insane? I was explaining the situation to my mom and she said, it's like how in a dream someone tells you something crazy, like you have to wait until the microscope gets there, and in the dream it sounds reasonable and then you wake up and say, that's absurd why would I have to wait for a microscope?! But that's the reality. Today I pushed them on when it would be there (turns out they were allowing an extra week to be *sure* it was there), and they said maybe I could start stims tomorrow. They're going to call me and let me know. But puh-lease! It's killing me! I already waited 2 extra weeks for work travel (turns out I would have had to wait anyway, so at least I'm glad I didn't pull too many strings to get out of that trip), and now I am just waiting and waiting and waiting...

    So that's me, still waiting. Story of my life.


  14. Hi Girls

    Well it was 7.3, which is really good because we're still 3 days ahead of the point where they want it to be at 8mm. I go back on Monday for another check.

    Julie - I cannot believe what your dr is doing! Lupron should be used sparingly and no one should have to be on it one day longer than absolutely necessary. That is one evil drug. I hope that you're dealing with it better than I do. I really react very strongly to the reduction in estrogen.

    Is he worried about what the prolonged Lupron usage will do to your lining? I know that can become a concern at some point. It may be worth bringing it up. I hope you can get going soon. Keep us posted.

    ajaafar - How's your headache? How are you holding up with the waiting? I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you positive energy. Good luck!

  15. miss sunny - Sounds like things are progressing great and you should be ready to go by Monday.

    Palavouzopoulos - I can't believe you are going through this. How frustrating. I can't believe they didn't call you before you started lupron to let you know about the issue with the microscope. I hope you can start your stims soon!

    ajaafar - Goodluck today. I hope your migraines are pregnancy related.

    ramakrishna - So sorry about your bfn. How soon do you think you can try again?

    Update on me - I finally got my positive opk so we are giving it all we got In the meantime, we are preparing for our next IVF. We will be doing EPP for sure and start the estrogen patches next cycle. It looks like my new ER date will be mid-September.

  16. Hi! Well I am BFN which I guess means not pregnant. The dr's nurse called me with the bad news this afternoon. She says when I am up to it I can have a phone consultation with the dr.

    Is it a bad sign our first attempt failed or is that more common? I knew when I had my hormonal migraine that it wasn't the best sign. However, I still don't have my period - which must be from the drugs.

    Anyways I wish everyone else luck and I will let you know what the dr says when I call him. I might call him soon, because I work at a university and now is the best time for me to take off work, etc., if we decide to do it again. September would be really bad, and I just don't know if I have the time to wait either.

  17. ajaafar, I'm so sorry to hear about your bfn. It's so disappointing. The day after my last bfn (2nd IVF) I went out as an impulse and got a puppy. I call her my consolation puppy, and she is perfect. She definitely helped with the sadness, and continues to be the cutest thing on the planet. Hopefully she will be the dog for my kid(s) to grow up with. I think if you want to try again there's no reason to wait, especially if now is a good time. I also work at a University and know how crazy September can be. Wouldn't it be great just to be pregnant then (or at least waiting), and not trying?

    As for number of tries, a friend of mine just had twins from her 4th IVF. She was 41 when she got pregnant. I think the hardest part is just keeping trying time after time -- between the cost and the physical trauma. But each time is a new chance.

    Miss Sunny, things sound good. How is your lining today? I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    WDTTG, so I guess you are in your 2ww now? I hope you had a nice, romantic week-end, and now maybe maybe something more.

    Angel, are you getting ready for another cycle?

    My update: I did start stims on the 23rd. But my numbers aren't as good as last time, although they're not as bad as they were my first time. So I'm upping my dose for the second time tonight. I've got 2 good follicles on the left plus 8 small ones, and 1 good one on the right plus 4 small ones. Hopefully things will improve with the increased dose. I've got my next appointment on the 30th.

    At least I'm not still waiting for the microscope!


  18. ajaafar, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know so well how hard it is. Even when you know it's going to be negative, it's still so painful when you hear it from the nurse. It's just so d@mn final. The night of my BFN after my FET cycle I took a sledge hammer to a tile surround around our bathtub. I had been wanting it out and it was just the kind of therapy I needed at the time.

    I think the statistic is that 75% of all people who go through IVF have success by the third time. Don't know how that translates to our age group.

    Let us know what's next. I hope your dr lets you get right back to it.

    WDTTG - Try to enjoy this cycle. Maybe you and DH can make some special memories.

  19. Thanks all, for the concerns
    I have not been visiting this site often as I am taking a break
    to try naturally and to save some money.

    Someone adviced me to go to RPMG in LA, that they are used to seeing older patients but we would wait and see.

    Goodluck to you all

  20. Hi! Thanks for your kind responses. I am feeling better today. I talked to the dr and he says the next time we will try lupron. Has anyone ever used this? I got my AF on Saturday and the dr wants me to take this month off. So the good thing with the lupron is that we can delay ovulation if we need to. At least that is what the dr said.

    Ugh! It still is so disappointing. My husband is scared to try again.

  21. Hello ladies,

    Yes, ajaafar, I am using Lupron. It works well for me because my cycle is not very predictable, so I use hormonal birth control for as long as my schedule requires, then do Lupron for a week before discontinuing birth control, then start stims after AF. It allows you to schedule things more tightly, which is good for me because I travel a fair amount and that lets me start earlier rather than having to miss months at a time. I haven't experienced any noticeable side-effects of Lupron, although it looks from these posts like Miss Sunny might have a different story to tell. The main thing I have gotten each time (plus once when I did an IUI with injectible stims) is from the FSH (I have used Follistim and Bravelle). In the IUI I had OHSS, which was really uncomfortable but in my case not severe. With the Lupron and FSH protocol they can control it better, so I definitely get swollen but not OHSS. The other thing that I added last time was Luveris for the last 2 days of stims. I don't know how much of a difference that made, but I got a lot more viable embryos after adding it and not doing a whole lot else different.

    Good luck -- let us know what you are going to try.

    ramakrishna, good luck with the natural attempts. I don't know anything about RPMG. But a friend of mine in LA switched from one practice to another and it worked for her the first time. I'll ask her the name of the practice she went to, and if she has any advice.

    Good luck to all!


  22. My lining was thinner, only 6mm yesterday. I'm really upset. Thankfully, they did not cancel the cycle. We're just postponing the ET. She upped my estrace dose and I'll go back on Friday to take another look at the lining.

    ajaafar, I've been on Lupron for every cycle (2 fresh, 2 frozen). It was no big deal for my stim cycles and this one hasn't been too bad. However, my first frozen cycle was horrible. I don't think you'll have that experience for a stim cycle. Do you know what dosage he wants to put you on?

    Julie, visualize big, fat follicles with beautiful, healthy eggs. I'll be sending you good vibes.

    e/e I hope you're doing well and enjoying the absence of all of these crazy drugs right now.

  23. I'm on for an Aug 8 ET. Whew! That was close. I just cannot take another cancelled cycle.

    Julie - you should have them send you a claim form so that you can file the claim on the drugs that you paid for out of pocket. If they've agreed to pay for the drugs for this cycle, they shoudl reimburse you.

    I'm so sorry that your eggs are hiding out. That must be so frustrating. Have you tried Royal Jelly? It's one of the things that Randine Lewis (The Infertility Cure) recommends for keeping older ovaries producing. It can't hurt and at this point anything is worth a shot.

  24. Miss Sunny, that sounds so frustrating. Good luck with getting your lining up there. I'm glad they're able to delay the transfer, I guess that's one benefit of a frozen cycle, so you can get everything perfect without the pressure of the eggs maturing.

    ajaafar, do you know when you're going to try next?

    My cycle is going ok but not great. On each side I have on big follicle and lots of little ones, but what they really want is a group of follicles all growing together. And my estrogen levels are not as high as they should be. I'm still going forward and trying to be hopeful, but they can't do the Luveris because that's something they did last time when my E2 levels were very high and they could drop off the FSH. And I may not be able to do PGD after all if I don't have enough embryos to work with. (Which of course defeats the whole purpose of having waited for the microscope, sigh.)

    Also, I finally got a call yesterday that my insurance (apparently) is going to cover the drugs this time. This is after literally a month of being told every day that they just need one more day to process it. So of course, I already bought all the stims out of pocket because I couldn't wait forever. They may still cover the progesterone and the trigger shot. I'm so annoyed and my doctor is furious with them. My doctor said that I should file a complaint form so that at least if I have to go through this process again they will be quicker about things. Honestly, I think the whole thing is a scam by my insurance to try not to cover things, and it totally worked since I ended up paying out of pocket for the most expensive drugs. Maybe the complaint will get me something, although I doubt it.

    Anyway, still on track to do this cycle, even though things aren't going smoothly. But hope is free, and you never know, so I'm still hopeful.


  25. Miss Sunny, congrats on getting a date set for ET. I may be joining you that same day (Aug 8th) but only if I do the PGD.

    I had my retrieval yesterday and they only got 4 eggs, 3 of which were mature, 2 of which fertilized. I was hoping that my couple of giant follicles would produce super-great eggs, but it turns out that they can't even get eggs out of follicles that are over about 28mm, so there were very few to work with. I keep being told all these stories of women who had only 1 egg and now have a beautiful baby, etc. etc. But I know that the chances are a lot lower the fewer there are to work with. In the past, out of 9 fertilized eggs, by day three only 3 had developed to even 5 cells. So I'm not terribly optimistic that there will even be a transfer.

    I'm trying to decide about the PGD question. I'm leaning toward not doing it, since obviously I won't have any decisions to make about which ones to put in (I'll just put in anything that is still around after 3 days). That would probably mean a Wednesday 8/6 transfer. But I just put a call in to my doctor about it, so maybe she has some wisdom to share.

    Sigh. Not how I wanted this to go.


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