Cycle Buddies for December 2009/January 2010?

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  1. Just looking to see if anyone is planning for a January ER/ET, but starting to cycle in December...would love to have some company!

    DH has NOA and I have endo, APA, bicornuate uterus (septum resected).

    Hope to see some fellow Dec/Jan cyclers soon!


  2. Hi Danna

    DH is fine. I HAD blocked tubes and a large fibroid.

    I cycled in May 2009 in Barbados. Got pregnant with twins. Suffered with OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Simulation Symdrome). Drained 4 times due to the buildup of fluid. Fibroid grew to 10 to 12cm. Stomach expanded to the size of a 5 month pregnant women. Suffered a lot of discomfort and pain. Blead very heavily one night.

    At 6 weeks pregnant the clinic on island couldn't find the heartbeat. I live in the Virgin Islands. The facilities there are very limited so I've been going off island for all my gyno appointments etc.

    Flew back to Barbados. Scan showed I was pregnant with twins. One with a fetal pole the other nothing. Had a D&C the next morning at 7 weeks 5 days. The fibroid was getting all the blood hence why the embroys wasn't developing.

    Flew to the UK (that's where I'm originally from) on the 5th July 2009 to have my Fibroid removed. Put on prostap injections for two months to reduce the size of the large fibroid. Had a myomectomy on 5th September. Removed one large fibroid and 3 smaller ones. Two weeks post-op resting and getting better each day. My consultant seems to think the very large fibroid which he removed was probably blocking my tubes and I may get pregnant naturally.

    We have 5 frozen Blastocyst eggs awaiting for us. I plan on having my FET in January 2010 if I don't get pregnant naturally before.

    It would be happy to cycle with you.


  3. I think I fit more with the Dec/Jan cyclers than the Nov/Dec. I will be starting BCPs in November but doing 4 or 5 weeks of them to try to avoid ER/ET at Christmas, so I am guessing that ER/ET will likely happen the very beginning of January....maybe the end of December, but doubt it. We are actually doing IVF to concieve #2. It took us 3 years, 3 IUIs and 2 IVFs to have our DD who will be 3 in December. We are dealing with stage IV endo and mild MFI (we'll see if that has changed with DH's upcoming sample testing).

  4. HI, I really can't believe I am thinking about cycling again. I am so nervous even thinking about doing another IVF cycle. Well, here my story! I am 35 fixing to be 36 in January and my DH is 52 fixing to be 53 in January. We did our first cycle in March 09 with a BFP but at 8wk5days miscarried. Horrible! I do have blocked tubes but my DH does have some issues that are small(low mobility and abnormal sperm). DR told us that DH has enough good sperm that it is not an issue. The only problem I have with my DR is that we paid for ICIS but they didn't do it and I think that if they would have done the procedure I may not have to be doing another cycle. I will mention that to him in my first apt if I get up enough nervous to call for one... I wish all the best of luck.

  5. Nursun- Good Luck and let us know what the Dr tells you. The thread that everyone is on cycle buddies Jan 2010 (Dec/Jan)we would love for you to join right on in.

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