CVS/Amnio with twins? Any additional risks with smaller mommies?

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am very new to the twin board. Currently I am 7w PG with fraternal twins. I am only around 100 lb. I am also a carrier of the condition that would require CVS or Amneo test done.

    Have anyone done CVS or Amnio with twins? What are the pros and cons of doing CVS v. Amnio with twins? Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    Are their any smaller mommies with twins? How does/did you PG go? How long did your PG last?

    Thank you so much for the input

  2. I can relate with you! I am bigger though (124 lbs). I am 8 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and have to get an amnio done as well. My husband and I had to do IVF b/c we did PGD. We are both carriers of a very bad disease called Alpers! Because we did PGD, my Drs. do not want us to do CVS b/c they say it is very risky to the babies so we are waiting for the amnio! CVS is usually done around 13 weeks and amnio is done between 18 weeks & 20 weeks. The amnio is suppose to be a much safer procedure. Did you do PGD? Good Luck! Jen

  3. Our doctor did not recommend CVS, so we went ahead with Amnio. I recommend looking into the risk of miscarriage rates at the hospital or doctor where you will have the procedure done vs. just looking at the national average - the risk was much, much lower at our hospital which helped us to make the decision.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you Ladies,

    Yes, I did PGD for reciprocal BT. I prefer to do the amnio as well. Considering that my last RE appointment will be at 9weeks, I thought that appointment with OBG at 11 weeks would be appropriate to discuss amnio. RE wants me to change the appointment with OBG to 9w instead.
    What was the time between the last RE appointment and the first OBG appointment?

    Good Luck,

  5. If you don't mind me asking what is reciprocal BT? Where was the testing done for the PGD? Ours was done by a Dr. Hughes in Detroit. What is your margin of error? They told us that ours was less than 1% but, of course we still are so nervous. They are so confident that is why they said don't take the chance with CVS. My last RE visit is suppose to be next Mon (9 weeeks), but I am going to ask them to keep me one more week. My RE wants me to follow up with my OB the following week.

  6. Hi- congrats on your twins. I don't share the same situation but I thought I could share what my peri told us.

    First- since I cycled out of town, I did my 6w scan with my OB and was sent for my first peri visit at 8w.

    At my 10w visit we met with a genetic counselor to discuss the CVS and amnio. She said to forget the CVS since the risks of miscarriage were higher (though still relatively low). We did not do an amnio (based on the results of the quad screen), but the peri said that the only difference is they have to do the test twice- once for each sac. They inject a dye into the first sac so when they go for the second sac, they can be sure they didn't end up in the same sac twice. So the different risk is that they have to insert the needle a third time if that happens. But he said it is rare because they use the u/s to guide the needle.

    I know there are lots of small twin mamas here and on other sites. Many of them make it to 36w and even more. I think it will affect your comfort more than the ability to carry.

    Wishes for a long and healthy pregnancy!

  7. Congratulations on your twins.
    I started this twin pg at 105 pounds and so far so good. I am 23w5d with boy/girl twins. At their last growth scan, a few days ago both babies were measuring right around the 50th percentile.
    Good luck.

  8. Hi there,

    Before IVF, I weighed 125 lb. at 5'5\" (I'm muscular, so I tend to weigh more than I look). IVF put 5 lb. on me. With my triplet pregnancy, I gained a whopping 70 lb. (yep, tipped the scale at 200 lb!), and I made it to 36 wks. with a scheduled C-section. Everyone said I looked too tiny to carry triplets, but I made it, and you'll see there are a lot of twin mommies out there who carried their babies a long time who are really small. I'd worry more about height than weight, since people with longer torsos tend to be able to carry longer due to more room for the uterus to stretch.

    I did an amnio at 35 wks. to check for lung maturity (trying to decide if the babies were ready to be delivered yet), so it is a different situation than yours, but I had no leakage or issues with it.

    Good luck and congrats!

  9. I weighed about 98 lbs pre-pregnancy. I am currently 35 weeks with mono-di twins. I am 36 and chose to do an amnio due to my age. Since my twins share a placenta, it added to the amnio risk. The MD who did my amnio is affiliated with a major Harvard teaching hospital and has excellent success with amnios. It was an easy procedure for me with no complications.

  10. Thanks a lot for your input. I really appreciate it.

    Congratulation to All. Hope everything goes well.

    Reciprocal BT is reciprocal balance translocation. Reciprocal translocations are an exchange of material between 2 chromosomes. Problem is that sometimes it causes chromosomes that are not involved in BT to be abnormal as well. So, I would need CVS or Amnio done.

    Good Luck,

  11. The only thing I will add to this, and sorry it's not a pleasant issue, is if you plan on reducing if you get an abnormal result. If so, it's very dangerous to do it later in the pg, which would be more likely after the Amnio instead of the CVS. It's risky even early on but more so later.

    I also asked my Doctor about this, Amnio vs CVS and all the risk. CVS is 1/2% more risky per baby. However if you plan to reduce it is safer to do for you and the remaining baby with a CVS. In fact, my doctor said if it is done later, they may NOT be able to get to the baby that is affect and can't do anything. And if you do reduce later, it increases the risk for the surviving baby.

    Just wanted to point that out as no one mentioned it. Not pushing one over the other. Just another fact to add to this tough decision.

    If you do not plan on reducing no matter what - Amnio is safer with lower odds. But only by 1/2%. At least at my doctors.

    It's all so scary. I'm facing the same decision and I'm 4' 11' and 115lbs. Good luck with whatever you choose.

    Good luck to all of us.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your input. I really have to think about the risks if 1 baby is abnormal.
    Although I am just over 5' and about 100lb at 8ww, I will not reduce if both twins are normal. It might be only the chance for me to have 2 kids. Unfortunately if 1 baby is abnormal most likely I will miscarry the baby. It can happen as late as at 20ww. Miscarriage can harm the normal child. I think I will do u/s at 11 weeks that concentrates on abnormalities and can detect abnormal conditions. If u/s shows that both babies are normal I will do amnio, if at list one baby shows abnormal development at 11 weeks I may do CVS instead.

    Thanks again for your input. I really appreciate it.

  13. I was less than 100 pounds before getting pregnant and carried my twins to a few days shy of 37 weeks. I had preeclampsia and did a c-section right away. My twins were born very healthy and scored high on the apgar scale. They didn't have any NICU stay at all and went home with me.

    I had a CVS done vs Amnio b/c I wanted to know ASAP. I had it done at 12 weeks and found out the result before 14 weeks.

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